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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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I joined straight away...been meaning to do this for a while :)
Thanks Miss Russell.


Clickinmoms is very useful to me.
And that photo is stinkin cute!

Corrine A.

I guess I had previously missed the memo about clickinmoms. :)Honestly, I tend to pay very little attention to advertising and loss this time it seems. Checking it out now I can't wait to join and dig into happy that your giveaway led me there. Thanks for always looking out for your readers!

Katie J

I'm already a Clickin Moms member, but DANG that picture is adorable!


I signed up too!!


Is it weird I've never heard of Clickin Moms before? I joined, how exciting.


I'm already a member of CM (signed up 2 years ago when you posted about it)
Just wanted to chime in & say it's a GREAT place to be & join! If it weren't for you posting about it 2 years ago, I probably never would have known about it:-)


Count me in!
And LOVE the picture.

Cathi Wyatt

I took a class but never joined from clicking moms. I always wanted to try it so I'm going to now! Thanks Karen.

Juli P

I have been a member ever since you did this a few years ago (but didn't win any camera gear....darn!) It is a really great site. I started out with Karen's class and have been participating on CM since then. There are some really great members there!
CM also offers some amazing classes, I'm taking a Lightroom class that has been absolutely amazing!!! and am taking an advanced shooting class next month, I can't wait! I highly recommend everyone to join, it is a great place!


Girls with attitude-love it!!


Love Love LOVE that picture, the attitudes are priceless!!! Definitely looking into Clicking Moms, thanks Karen.


Did it! I'm a mom and I click a lot. This will be awesome. Thank you.

Courtney Breul

I have signed up! Thanks. This will be a great adventure.

Suzi Walton

Thanks! So excited. Just signed up.

young nanny

Thank you for your generosity! I live in Australia and was just wondering if I would be eligible for the prizes? Because it's a long way to send the Canon 5D Mark III!!!! LOL :D


I signed up yesterday! So excited.

Lisa Adair

I signed up back for clickin moms back in December, love the site! I just had to say your generosity makes my heart smile! Love this photo!!

Cathy Grider

I have been wanting to join clickin moms so this gives me just one more reason! If we use the 10% off code "FRIEND" do you still get all the credits?


This is great, Karen! Thank you so much for supporting Clickin Moms in this way!


I joined, can't wait to check out all they have to offer!


I have joined too Karen. I absolutely loved doing your class last year and have been curious about clickin Moms for a while now. Hopefully it helps continue the wonderful learning process.


I just joined. I have been on the fence for a long time, but this seems like a great time to take the plunge! : )


Ha, just now I came to your blog to look for the Clickin Mom's-information. I signed up for one year and keep my fingers crossed that good things will come my way. :-)

Marie O

I'm thinking about signing my hubs up for this. Is it not Clickin' Dad's friendly?


I joined, have been thinking about it for ages.

Michele Duckett

I am all signed up!!! Yay been wanting to join too!!

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Just signed up last night. Sorry it took so long. Had to wait for a client to make an order. :)

Mandy :)


Off to join! Needing something to boost my creativity. =)

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