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Hilarious!!!!! Love It

tania willis

:) love the everday YOU portrait!


Hysterical perfection. I LOVE it.


That is funny!


Absolutely LOVE that photo! :-) Sassy kids for attempting to pull one over on momma . . . .

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. :)

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A new broom sweeps clean. :(


love it!


Awesome family portrait!


You forgot to add ....and Josh Downs in his Beaver's sweatshirt.... such a precious memory of a typical moment. (and YOU even made it in the photo, way to go!)


That's TOO funny! I love that Cole's just reading away! :)


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I hadn't been checking blogs for a while....this post has reminded me why I love checking yours! And I am so glad I finally heard some April Fools husband and I stole our 29 year old daughter's car...just took it home and she didn't even notice till my husband picked her up for church that morning... her face turned black from her eye makeup....she laughed so hard she cryed! Thanks for the laughs and inspiring pictures!!


Ever since I started wearing this shoe, I loved it!


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Hi Karen I have just finished readin The Soldier's Wife by Joanna Trollope which is about British troops returning from Afganistan. I was thinking about your writing when I was reading it and it made me realise that the troopd do not return to normal life immediately they are home. As always, thank you for feeling able to share the not so good times in your life with us.


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Oh mylanta... A little Annie! Adorable.

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