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her room is amazing!! i'm not sure if they do white, but i know does foam core. and i know that you are in seattle once in awhile. here is a listing for a place that sells vintage type letters. great stuff for reasonable prices..

Brenda Weaver

Karen, I LOVE this!! I've been saving up ideas for my daughter's room and this one will definitely get pinned for future reference. I love all your unique junk shop finds, the bed you made yourself, the wall color, the photos on the wall, and your great decor ideas. Thanks so much for sharing! I hope you'll share Courtney's room too when you're done.

Ellen Patton

coolest room, EVER!

Juli P

Love it Karen! I love that you've made old things new again!
What do you have on the windows? I'm always looking for ideas for my daughters room that don't involve $100 cellular shades!

Elizabeth Bunney

Hey Karen,
I'm not sure if you've found Annie Sloan Chalk Paint yet but I have and I instantly thought of you!
It's amazing. I'm antiquing a tonne of old furniture now because of it. No sanding, no priming, just gorgeous!
they have the best color combos too.
Great job on Annie's room. It makes me wish I had little girls!

carole m.

the lovliest!
not sure if you like this one but restoration hardware baby has a metal scallop letter that is too cute.

Sandra A

Amazing job. Annie must just love it. When Josh sees what you come up with, he must be so proud of your finds. Or maybe he groans because now you've made room for MORE BUYS!


Awesome! Love all the "junk." ;) Everything is so great!


love the room, it is amazing! would love to get my hands on some of your "junk"!

Vera Matson

Oh my, if this photography gig doesn't work out, you should open up a shop to sell all of your junk finds! You've got a great eye!

The books at the end of the bed? Brilliant!

By the way, would you ever consider selling your digital designs? You've said in the past that you're not a great photoshopper, but you've designed amazing scrap products! Just sayin'....

: )


Can you offer a junking/photowalk girls day out?! :)
I would love to come down from Portland.

Abby Ronnebeck

Please PLEASE Come decorate my house!


Check out this posting for a metal letter A!


I would kill for the light in your house!!!

Cate O'Malley

Totally wish we had your junk shops! Instead, counting down for garage sale season to begin! Love the hearts!
You asked about printing on foam core - I have a bunch of those in my kids' rooms too and I get them done at Costco. Depending on the size, they are either 9.99 or 14.99. I think the 14.99 is 11x14, if I'm not mistaken. They do a great job, and it's certainly affordable. Thanks for the peek!

gina f.

what a beautiful, happy room!!!!

Tricia Ellis

Love these Karen!! Problem with these that you might not like, they stick out about 3/4 of an inch.
Annie's room is just so precious and great bargain finds too:)

Cindy Welch

check out anthropologie for knobs. I bought cute vintage knobs there.


Annie's room is adorable.....and so clean?!?! LOL


amazing.. so much love went into that room.. Nice job Karen..



So eclectic. So wonderful. How did you adhere the 10x10 prints to the wall?


What an awesome room!


What a charming, cozy room. What girl (or grown woman) wouldn't love that space? Lucky girl!

Nicky from Canada

I so love this - we are always digging and finding treasures in unique places and giving them new life. I love the look!! Love the old quilt - they are hard to find!!


First of all...totally adorable room. Might even make me wish I had a girl. Secondly, Mpix prints on white foam board and their prices are pretty reasonable. Lastly....does Annie keep her room that clean all the time? Please say no. Please! If so, then that means I'm a terrible mom for not making my boys keep their room so tidy.

Greta S.

I want that room for ME and I'm 35 yrs old!
You are SO inspiring! Now I want to make-over both my daughter's plain rooms!

jen r.

can we have a picture of the closet??? :)


Costco does foam board prints with white foam board.


WHCC prints on foamboard or mattboard, maybe both

Nicole Prather

Karen: love the room !! And I use white house custom color ( love them !! But I use styrene I heard it last longer to preserve the photo ? Don't know if thats true !!! Love your blog :)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

It came out soo soo cute! Great job!

jen r.

can we have a picture of Annie's closet??? :)


Oh MY GOODNESS!!! Can I move in ????? It is precious== and I absolutely love love love the pix you did in those 10x10s. Wonderful== what a lucky little lady!


Love her room....makes me want a girl!

So sad to hear that has gone out of business. I was just getting ready to put an order in with them.


Scrapbook pictures out of business? I haven't even been on my account in 6 months because of family stuff.....I guess I will grieve the loss of my pictures and do my best to move on.


Couldn't be cuter. I recognized those frames immediately....a favorite of mine. I was so disappointed about Scrapbook Pics.....!!! Looks like I may have to try Mpix. Wonderful wonderful post..and love the light!


Love it! Would love to have 10x10 photos in my boys room. How did you hang them?


It's so pretty! I love all the neat finds!


This is the cutest room ever! amazing how you turned 'junk' into treasure!


Love the room!
my favorite is the book holder on the bed!
and LOVE the shoes from Afganistan!!!!!!


Beautiful room, thanks so much for sharing...


Holy cow... that is absolutly adorable!


Ah! Happy Day!! thanks for posting. I LOVEEEEE it. Super job, as usual.


Aaaah. This is just so amazing!! So jealous of your junk shops. Mine are full of junk.


I was just on pinterest and pinned one of these pictures, and then I come here and it's Annie's room!


Just stopping by to say I am in love with these pictures, from your new follower from NY, via "And So I Don't Forget".


Everything is really cool, I like that everything is so antique!
And, I still remember most of the photos - especially the one in the white frame on the white shelf on which Josh "highflys" Anni in the evening, blie sky.... I liked it then and I still do. Kind of magical somehow to me... *sigh*
Super cute all the photos, as always. Also the hearts :)
Very very well done! :-)))


Such cute "stuff" in this room. Want to borrow just a few of your brain cells from the creativity area. . .


BayPhoto has white foam mounting board. How did you hang your foam mounted photos?

Kristen G

In my shop to hide those pesky cords we tie fun fabrics around the cord... We get a lot of compliments on it too!


Such a beautiful room - it suits her! How did you attach the 10x10 prints to the wall?

Bernadette @b3hd

I love so much about this room. And that you had to do that heart piece the hard way...extra brownie points because I tend to "learn the hard way" too.


Kim Businelle

I use or, same company, wonderful site. Great products, nice quality and best of all great prices!


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The old books were an Ebay find, the frame was from Target, the shoes and the orange canister where sent by Josh from Afghanistan and all the other stuff is junk store finds.

Jennifer Hewitt

How do you hang your foam mounted photos on the wall? I've been exploring options for doing this, and I haven't found a solution that I'm convinced wont damage the print upon removal. I'd love to learn from your experience!

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adjustable bed

And, I still remember most of the photos - especially the one in the white frame on the white shelf on which Josh "highflys" Anni in the evening, blie sky.... I liked it then and I still do. Kind of magical somehow to me... *sigh*


what is the pink paint color? thanks!


Hello. very nice photos. what camera did you use? Thank you.

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