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Oh that bike is gorgeous!


These shots are all so beautiful but that series of Annie being surprised with her new blue bike took my breath away. Your framing is incredible!!!


OMG!! Karen that doll with the wedding dress is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

young nanny

I nearly squealed out loud when I saw that bike! Awesomeness!!!!!

Desiree Chandler

awwwww I LOVE that she used her wedding dress for the doll!!!! SOOOO sweet and SPECIAL!!!!! :) :) :)


Wonderful pictures. Love the Big Sister and Little Sister necklaces.


Couldn't be more adorable! Each and every one. Great shots...and especially love looking at A. through the bicycle AND the open mouth shot! Just the BEST!!!!


No picture of Ross? Haven't seen him in a while!


My favorite of all of these is the one with the Beautiful Blue Bike on the table and Annie looking underneath it-- wow -- so awesome!!!

Lori Todd

I just love you. You are such an inspiration to me. Your not looking for credit,your not showing off,you are just so real and I can totally relate. Your post put a tear in my eye today. Thanks for the inspirtaion to be "great" from a past editing student who is inspired by you in ways you don't even begin to know. Keep up the "great" work even thou you don't want to take credit for it.


Tell Jo she is beautiful and should let you take more pictures of her!! Always love your birthday photos. Happy Birthday girls!

Heather M

Love it! I am laughing about the picture of Coley on the bike, with your comment about his uvula! Growing up, my mom used to call it the "hangy-downy ball" and it's been a source of laughter for years! And now to see you post about it on a photo, in normal "conversation", makes me giggle at the memory! :) Beautiful pics/writing as always! Thank you for being you!!

Chanel Wallet

Brilliant! Dies ist eine wirklich wunderbare Sachen für mich. Muss zustimmen, dass du einer der coolsten Blogger sind. Ich war neugierig, um eine solche Sachen zu sehen. Fabulous Beitrag!

girls dresses

Great post! I love the photos. You must be a great photographer to capture these photographs with such great lighting. You captured the happiness in the room with these shots. The bicycle shots are my favorite by far. Keep up the great work!

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