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Plastic card

What a fun day lovely shots.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls! thanks for sharing with us Karen!


Two things I love about this post: 1) that a 6 year old would wait a month to celebrate her birthday with her dad and 2) that Courtney Lee would choose a coconut cream pie.

Mary Ann Jenkins

Love the pics as always!! Happy Birthday girls!

Gina f.

Happy Birthday girls!! Such pretty pictures! The paper you used for the paper chain is so pretty too!


Happy Birthday Courtney & Annie!!!! Karen, the light in these images is so pretty! I wish I had light like that coming into the dark cave I call my house. :-)


I can't believe how fast they are growing up!


I love your pictures of your big family events. Sorry about the previous post (back to life. . .back to reality :)


lucky ladies...lucky family! Lucky us to be able to see your wonderful photos. Oh, happy day!


Happy Birthday girls! And I have to say that I love seeing Cole reading so much in these pics! I wish my Gabe loved reading as much as I did at age 10!


Happy Birthday sweet girlies!!!! Love the colorful paper chain and Karen where did you get your table? or did you just have the top covered? Love it!

mandy friend

i'm irritated with ya. you KNOW you can't post cute things without the source! annie's dress? let me know!

and happy birthdya to your pretty girls!

Judy Webb

I get your blog in a reader that makes it harder to send comment... But wanted to comment today for the Birthday girls!! They looker so charming, happy and well. So glad Josh Downs is home!! Happy Spring to you and your family. We miss you!!


I'm not sure how you can even look at these pictures. They make me cry. The absolute love and devotion to each other? The adorableness of these children makes my heart ache. In a good way.

You're a good Mom, and I'm so glad Josh Downs is home.

p.s. Can I have please have a slice of the cake with strawberries?


Happiest of birthdays to the girls. We have two March birthdays in our house too.


Just have to say, as a past audit student, love your horizontal lines in the pictures!


Happy birthday the pic's Karen. xxx Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

♥ Debbie

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to two very special girls!!!

I ♥ that crystal chandelier you have hanging in the other room!!!


Your pictures always carry & transfer the emotions captured so perfectly! But that last picture of your 2 girls & their cakes... Sweet, hopeful, joy, love! I feel it through your picture.

Rachel Chaney

Happy Birthday, Courtney Lee and Annie!
Karen, I especially love the reading and "hanging out" pictures. I always appreciate the emotional honesty in your images.


YOU, girl are SO lucky! To HAVE the FAMILY you have... is but a dream for me and others! LOVE you Karen! And all you write! Thanks for the YEARS of laughter and good thoughts! And... of course, the incredible pictures! If I EVER saw you... I'd surely run and give you a big HUG!


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