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It will be a good time for Josh & kids to have some moments with each other as it has been awhile. It's nice to have some alone time to yourself to get things done so that way you can kick back with them when they get back home.


I was so hoping you would open up some more seats. Going to register as soon as I get home from work.

Carrie T

Jeez Annie does not look happy at all! lol

Susan McGrann

Hi Karen,
I'm interested in your class but I have a Canon G11. Would that be good enough?


Funny, I miss the little messages to Josh Downs at the end of your posts (But am very glad they don't need to be there any more!)


HAHAHA!! Annie's face is hilarious in this! Not happy at all about leaving her mommy behind!


Hard to watch them go off with out you that's for sure....however you'll have lots of love from your students!!! You always do. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Yay. I just signed up. So excited.


one week till class...yipee!!!

Cathy B

What is the cheapest good digital SLR I could purchase with which value for money lens to do the class? I want a camera that will last me for not much money! Not asking for much am I!!


Cathy B

Sorry, one more question - what about the Nikon 1? Does that do what I would need? Thankyou again

marque maillot de bain

Blog Muy bien, estaba feliz de aprender mucho aquĆ­, espero que a menudo puede ver, muchas gracias!

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