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Kathy C.

Glad you two got away...albeit P-Town was nuts on Sunday due to the Shamrock Run...So happy for you guys!!!! :)


smiling, smiling, smiling! So happy for you!

kristy b

Hi. I have never posted a comment on your blog but I have followed for some time now and it makes me giggle, laugh, and cry..... and I love reading it!! I love your honesty and that even a word? You tell it like it is, the good, bad and the ugly and never try to sugarcoat anything. People like that are few and far between these days. So, I just wanted you to know that your blog lifts me up on a bummer of a day, give me hope when things seem hopeless, give me a good laugh when I need one, and keeps me smiling when things are going great. Thank you for sharing your life!


Awesome! :)


Sounds like a great little vacation! I'm happy seeing pics of the two of you again!

Amanda @ Click. The Good News

Sounds like a blast- glad you two were able to sneak away :)

mandy friend

um, house hunters on hgtv is the main reason i like hotels;) {we don't have tv} pathetic, yes.

i'm glad you two got away for some much needed time<3


So happy you had a good time :)
My husband and I are off this coming weekend to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary so I am excited to be getting away from real life for just a bit as well.

♥ Debbie

So glad you had a nice mini vacay weekend!! Crazy I was in McMinnville on Friday shopping at Boresma's which is just a few blocks from McMenamins!! And on Sunday I did the Shamrock Run!!



Stacey Clinton

Hey girlfriend! Those "sausage legs" are looking pretty good! Forest Gump was right... all that running is good! ;) Congrats on looking so great and so glad you two got away for a while. it's good to reconnect, even with marital disagreements.

Jen B

Bananas. Bananas will help with hangovers :)

laura plunk davis

welcome back....


You sound like yourself. And you're saturday night sounds hilariously fun. :)


Real life is L-I-F-E real, but so much better than being away from each other or a few drinks or cigs. Hugs...that's all that was needed. That and snuggling, which was the main reason for the adults only getaway...right? How come when adults only nights are planned do they end up "not as we planned?" Smiling because you two are in each others arms again!!


And you couldn't have captured it with a better photo!

Shannon L

So happy to see you two together and smiling. It seems like anytime hubby and I have a night to ourselves we end up with a martial disagreement that sometimes ruins the whole night. Sigh, it's real life and I wouldn't trade him for anyone else. So glad you and your little family are back together!


your list of Friday nights activities sounds like the script for the 3rd Hangover movie! LOL I loved the post. So happy to see Josh home. Glad you had a nice mini vacay. :)

Colleen Barron

So glad you have your hubby back home. So thankful for his service and sacrifice for our country. So glad to see your beaming face!

Dawn Wheeler (Go Beavs)

So happy you two are back in the same country/state/house. "I wish real life were as fun as vacation life too. But then I wonder......what would vacation be like?

Aimee B. in Oregon

happy to hear that you had a vacation. You drove right by my house!!! If I'd only known Id made a welcome home sign and stood out on the hwy near Peavey Arboretum!


Nice! Love that shot of the two of you. What did you prop your camera on?


Jealous. :)


First off, great pic of you two and secondly, you two ROCK!!


oh...way to much fun...blueberries hey...will have to try that xxx


That sounds like the best time ever! Except the drinking and smoking!
Love the photo!
And I want to try spinach au gratin!


The only way to cure a hangover is to prevent it. To do that you have to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated from the alcohol. A full quart of fruit juice before turning in for the night.


I've been in line at Voodoo at midnight... Crazy place isn't it? Hard to believe they've maintained their popularity for so many years! Glad to hear you guys are having fun!

Vail Village rental

Champion on looking so excellent and so grateful you two got away for a while. it's excellent to get in touch, even with marriage arguments.

Daphne Michaels

Susan, that lampshade is so pretty! It looks so simple yet classy! BTW, your blog designs in black and white that somehow resembles to an old school gothic style, but it is so majestic to see! I hope your new blog will have many visitors, too. :)

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