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Amanda @ Click. The Good News

And.....what did she get? I'm dying to know what got that reaction :)

Happy birthday to her! Looks like she had a special day filled with lots of love!


I read your blog allll the time and have never commented before, but I need to know what she got as well!! Happy Birthday to her :)


No fair not showing us what's in the bag!

Desiree Chandler

umm yeah... don't tease us!!! what did she get?? LOL I scrolled down for the answer and nuthin' :( LOL


The Scandinavians have a name for birthdays that end in 0.
They call it “having a round birthday”–and they think of round birthdays as useful occasions to reflect on where they have been and where they are going in life.
Round birthdays are a big thing in my Norwegian family. "Happy 10th Birthday Courtney Lee"

Mary Ann Jenkins

Happy Birthday Courntey Lee!!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Happy Birthday to Courtney Lee! She looks so grown up! And what a great present to have her dad back home... Hope this year is filled with magic and happiness.


beautiful pix and she looks just like her dad! Wonderful photos -- it's good to see Josh back in theM!!!

Happy Birthday Courtney Lee!!! 10 years old was one of my favorite years of life...I hope it's super special for you and I'm so glad your daddy came home in time to spend it with you.

it warms my heart to see blended families filled with and hugs to all of you!


I'm so glad Josh made it back for her birthday!
What was in the bag?

teresa b

What a great birthday!! Happy Birthday Courtney!!


Happy Happy Birthday Courtney from Savannah,GA!

Robyn :)

Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

What was in the bag?????


Happy Birthday to Courtney,what a special day!


Happy Birthday, Courtney Lee (mini me of Josh Downs), except with perfect eyebrows!!!

Hope age 10 is your best year yet, you sweet, beautiful girl!!!

Whoop!!! Whoop!!! :D


Happy birthday Courtney!!! I remember turning 10 and loved it so much, I hope your birthday wish comes true SOON!

Karen, I just noticed the girl behind the counter at the pastry shop, looking so dreamily at someone - - > Josh? :D


She's a beautiful girl, and so photogenic!

Julie in Aust.

Karen you have captured some precious Father/Daughter photos there...they are priceless.

And usual...very inspirational. Thanks.

Happy Birthday have a very lucky Daddy. But....

What was in your sack?


congrats on ten, C! fab exposure, tones & viewer, K. tfs.

Corrine A.

Great pics!! Happy Birthday C.!!!


And you are a super cool mommy and we love you like crazy too.
Happy birthday Courtney...the photo of C's face from above is just FabULOus! Love it.
What beautiful post. Have a wonderful weekend.


I agree with everyone else...WHAT WAS IN THE SACK!!!! Us fellow 10 year old parents have to know:-)

Emily Uchida


♥ Debbie

Happy Birthday Courtney Lee!!!

Katie J

She is sooooo adorable! LOVE that last picture...they're both relaxed and natural. Happy 10th Birthday Courtney Lee!

Kim S.

She will very much appreciate those special pics with her daddy when she's all grown up! What was is that bag that made her so happy? My littlest just turned 10. It's such a fun age!


I will just say: glad to see you back and to see total, complete family pictures with Josh Downs back in them :) (and what was in the sack :)


What was in the bag????


Happy Birthday, Courtney!! Owen turned "10" on monday and he's SO excited to be in the double digits too!! (<3 all the photos, K!!)


So happy to see Josh Downs home safe. Thank you Josh for your service to us all.


was on vacation and i missed your blog the most!!! so fun to see you all together again!!! smooch!!!

Suezi Gurzi

I don't know what it is about your little family but for some reason I am always a little weepy when I look at your pictures! I feel a bit weird admitting that for the main reason that I have not even met you! Courtney and Josh Downs look so HAPPY! Happy Birthday Courtney Lee!

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