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So awesome to see ALL of you in the post. Coley is quite the 2nd shooter for you. Wowzers!

♥ Debbie

I'm so happy Josh is finally home and your family is all together again!! Glad you had this special time together and looking forward to seeing more of your trip photos! ♥

Kim S.

Everbody looks so HAPPY! Especially Mrs. Downs. Soak it all up.


wonderful! that picture of you & josh is so beautiful! I love seeing you two together- enjoy your vacation!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Love these! So happy to see you all together and happy!

Juli P

Love the picture of the kids reading! (with the moon out the side window of the car).
Glad that Josh Downs is home and you can be a whole family again.

Corrine A.

So nice to see the family all back together again!! Thanks for sharing!


LOVE the one of you and Josh....looks like Cole is going to have your gift for photography! Love seeing his Cubs T too!


Love the photos and the trip......... lets face it a trip with 3 kiddo's aint ever perfect..... but that's life and being all back together is what it's all about. Cole did a great job on the photo of you and Josh.... he can be 2nd in charge of that camera any day. He has my vote. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I can read the happiness in your glad your family is complete again.

Julie in Aust. is nearly back to good to see you all so happy Karen. Love all the photos but the MacDonalds drive through one...the looks on the kids faces...priceless! Looking forward to sharing more adventures with you all...

Lisa Christenson

Yay! So excited for you and your family to be all under one roof again! I live in Sacramento and have been to the Fox and Goose...yum. Hope our town treated you well


OMG! Thank goodness you're back! I was having withdrawals. Every day I'd clickety click. Of course, it's all about me!
Just kidding (sort of) :) Glad ya'll got to spend that time together and welcome back to Josh!


Isn't is fantastic to see Josh Downs in your photos again? He's right back where he belongs!

Nicole Campbell

it's so nice to see Josh Downs back in your pics!!! And you weren't too far from me!!!!! I'm a Cali's only a couple hours away. Hope your visit was great. Our weather has been iffy, on again off again. never know! anyway, I'm so happy for ALL of you!! Love the pictures!


And if you're reading this, Josh Downs.......Welcome Home!

teresa b

Yeeeaaahhh!! I'm so excited for you all to be back together again!! Oh joy!! Love seeing the adventure!! Thank you for sharing!!

Carolyn Hall

So excited that your family unit is back together again. You can see the joy and love in each and everyone of your faces, especially the one of you and Josh!!!!


Love these photos of a family together again!!! Enjoy your vacation!


Seeing those pictures of you guys being reunited makes me SO happy for all of you!!!!! I love them all but the one of Josh Down and you and the pure happiness you both show makes me almost cry again.


It is so nice to see your family complete again! Everyone looks so happy it brings tears to my eyes. I can't wait to see the rest of your vacation photos to America's Finest City :) San Diego is great, of course I am biased since I've lived in SD for 15 years! We adopted our dog from the animal shelter on base in Camp Pendleton! I hope you had some of the sunny days while you were here. Ahhh it warms my heart to know you are all together now :)


I love it!


I am singing...."happy together". Been waiting a long time for this...and I cannot imagine how wonderful it is to be together again.
The 1st photo with the moon in the of my!!!
Enjoy every waking, sleeping, breathing minute!!


did you see the heart above the ketchup bottle in photo # 3? Serendipity!! Love always wins.

Debbi G.

So happy for you and your family!


i live in Sacramento - Fox & Goose is so good! Glad you had a nice pit stop through my town! :)

Mary Ann Jenkins

Love these pics with all of you together again!

Coley sure picked up the photo-taking gene from you, the one of you and Josh Downs is pefect :)
So glad you could enjoy some family time.

Mary Ann Jenkins

Ummm that should have said the one of you and Josh Downs is "perfect".


LOve it Karen...and seeing as we visited SD during our holiday it will cool to see your photos from there. Aren't we going to have the happiest instructor in the next Snapshots class xx :)


Love that shot of you and Josh.
So good to have him back in photos! (bet it's even better for you to have him back in person!)

Robyn :)

I think I have stopped at that rest stop, where it had the rattlesnake warning lol.

Great pictures!!


this just makes my heart happy!


So nice to see you and the whole family look over the moon happy and you definitely deserve it!!!!:)


Seeing Josh Downs in the mix of family pictures = priceless.

Hope y'all have a great vacation!!


oh my gosh, I used to live in Davis 20+ years ago, and we often drove to Sacramento for breakfast at the Fox and Goose. I had totally forgotten about it. Glad you found it. I remember that it was fabulous for breakfast.

Teresa Loop

So surprised to see that you were in my neck of the woods! I'm just outside Sacto. The drive to San Diego can be deadly, I've done it with 3 kids in tow as well. Looks like you all had a great time, love the pics!!


I'm so glad you are all together in one place again. :)

And you were in my town...I'm glad Sacramento had nice weather for you.


Thank you for sharing your return home vacation! :O) What fun!!!! Look forward to more photos and blessings to you all. Yeay Josh is home!!!


I love seeing all of you together in photos again! I think I was in San Diego at the same time as you all!


You were in my neck of the woods! So glad you are back together. xo

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