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Gorgeous photos! You capture life so well!

So happy for you that your husband is home safe and that you have the whole family together again. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy reading (and seeing the pictures from) your posts.

Blessings to you and your family! ♥


The photos are beautiful! Hope everyone enjoyed the road trip!

Jenny Schimak

I've been busy and haven't kept up with your blog. I'm so pleased that your husband is home safe and sound. Your photos of the trip are beautiful. I love the ones where the kids are almost ready for sleep. They look so relaxed, contended and tired. Just what you want on a holiday.


So glad your family had a beautiful day together with equally as beautiful shots. You deserve a million more days just like that one! (Cute little dirty feet on the table and all...) Sweet.


Pure. Joy. "In your element".....together! I could give a running comment about favorite photos and shots, but each one is every way. Together!


Amazing pictures as usual. Looks like you had the beach all for yourself!


Awesome photos! When I was younger, my family would go beach camping at San Clemente (near Camp Pendleton, kind of). That's what these photos reminded me of! Hope you had the best time ever!

Karin  Canazzi

So happy for you all and God bless you for taking the time off to reconnect. Looks like you are all doing great.


Love these shots! They make me homesick for San Diego. We were stationed at MCAS Miramar in San Diego for 6 years. We spent nearly every weekend at Del Mar visiting with friends that lived at Pendleton. I hope to get back there after recruiting duty is over. So wonderful for all of you to have a nice family vacation. It looks like you are really soaking it in!

tammy t

Love that you in a simple time. And thank you for sharing your time together. It is so awesome to see you all together again!


Julie in Aust.

Looking like the days are pretty much perfect Karen, I look at the beach photos and I can hear the sound of the waves and the gentle breezes. Beautiful shot of Annie and her reflection in the wet sand, amazing one of her balancing over the sand buckets, very funny one of Coles face when that beachball is clearly headed for you and the camera...but the one that says it all is the sleepy headed Annie ready to nod off after a perfect memory filled day with her family. Blessings...all of them.


Literally LOL when I saw Annie's feet on the table. You can just read contentment and peace in all of your faces in these photos. He's back and that just suits everyone so well!


Just like most moms we get ONE pic of you :) But love them all. So nice for the family down time to get you all adjusted to one another again. Have to go google Camp P. Was confused yesterday about a vacation at a military location :)

teresa b

Great photos Karen!!


Fist off, I am so happy to see your posts. Even though I completely know why you weren't posting my addictive side was going through withdrawls! Thanks for the fix. Second, these photos are fab. There are several that take my breath away. Just yummy. Lastly, thank you again for letting us view your exif info. It's a beautiful thing.


So happy you are all together again! Awesome pictures. I love the one of Annie jumping in the air in the sand. It looks like a really fun trip!

Kim P

I didn't see the black feet until you pointed them out. Hilarious! I'm glad you are having some good family time together. I like your last comment about life feeling so complicated sometimes and then so simple other times. So true. And I'm wondering... where is Josh's orange? I was shocked to see him wearing blue! :-)


I live in Orange County and of course have driven past Camp Pendleton on the 5 freeway but have never been inside. What a great setup on the beach! And how great that you guys could rent a bungalow there also!

Most of all though, glad your hubby made it home safe and sound.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

great photos ! loved seeing all these shots of your adorable family!


Right on. :)
My brother is a Marine and just left CP after 6 months there. It's a beautiful place (San Diego) to visit. :) So happy for your family to be enjoying some much deserved time together.
God bless!


Love the action shots!

Patty N.

It's good to see you all together again- happy homecoming to Josh Downs. This looks like the perfect way to reconnect as a family- great pictures!


beautiful shots Karen!


It's intriguing to see that the beaches at Camp Pendleton are empty and resort-like and look nothing like the beaches just a few miles south in Oceanside (where I live). Also quite surreal to see that your vacation took you so close to my home. My suspicion tells me that the choice of Camp Pendleton may have been strategic and the upcoming days might have some mouse ears, shamu splashes, or perhaps giant legos?

Le Anne

Welcome to my neck of the woods! So glad that the weather was nice for you!!! We are expecting rain this weekend! I love the picture of Annie jumping in the air! So excited to see Josh home! Enjoy!!!!


So glad to see Josh Downs in photos again...I can imagine that your family feels complete again!


So glad to see Josh in the photos again!! The one with the crab on his nose cracked me up!! SO SO GOOD! Just what I needed, THANKS a whole lot for sharing! I LOVE travelling with you!


So happy and thankful for your family! Josh is home and on a vacay too... nice!
I really love how Courtney always has her nose in a book. That is a good thing.

Heather thomason

So fun, coming from a dad who was in the air force for over 35 years I spent half my summer days at cam Pendleton, no crowds, easy parking. It's a hidden gem. I'm so glad you got to all go, looks relaxing


Love, love the birds in that first shot--it took me a minute to realize it was a flock of followers rather than just one bird.
Nice to see you all back together again.


What a sweet getaway! These photos are priceless...

Gretchen C

Looks like fun was had by all :D

I have a question about using the Expo Disk...Do you shoot it directly at the light source (ex. the sky, window, lamp), or do you shoot it directly at your subject and meter for a correct exposure?? For some reason I am not having great results with mine :( Your pictures always have awesome white balance!!

Anna Pierce

Wonderful reconnection for you all. Thanks for sharing. My fav is the drink in foreground with kids in back. Totally speaks to the relaxing you all did! I have to ask... Did you bring your dslr onto the beach!? Way brave.


I know that Josh is not Coley's biological father, but man oh man do they look alike! I guess love does that.


It is SO good to see your family back together!

Christa P.

We were at Camp Pendleton for 3 years and both my girls were born there. These photos really make me miss that beach-lots of good memories and looks like you will have lots of them too!


I LOVE that area. used to camp there as a kid... looks like you all had fun! camp pendleton hotels

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