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Stephanie Vetne

Oh my gosh, Karen, you have no idea how much I needed to hear this today. Just do. And make. it.stick. Thank you!!!!


You are an amazing mother! I love this post! Thank you for sharing your stories, Karen. As a struggling single mom to a great 6yo girl, it's posts like these that help me through the day sometimes!


Thank you so much for sharing this today. It is something that will certainly stick with me. I made a few notes of the words I needed to hear. Bless you all as you get to the end of your separation!


Thanks for the message it was really encouraging and so many useful tips I can use with my children. Now, I've just got to make it stick as well!

jamie z.

Thank you for sharing this. I really (REALLY) needed to read this today.


LOVE it! Love that Cole told Grandma he could do what ever he wanted after!
I once saw a homeless man with a puppy in the park. He didn't have a leash, and the law says you have to have a leash so as we were leaving I gave him ours. (Heck, I wanted a new one anyways.) Another man saw me do it and asked the homeless guy if he knew me, and he said he didn't. The other guy looked at me like I was from Mars and asked "Why did you just do that?" and I said "Why not?" He was so surprised it almost ruined my moment.

Casey S

Thank you for this. It's something I think we all struggle with on a daily basis. I sure needed to hear this today, so thank you again.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Beautiful Karen! I really needed this today. And tomorrow ;)


Oh sent me a message I needed to hear today Karen. Here's to making it stick. I really, really need to make it stick. Thank you.


thanks! i totally needed that reminder/kick in the rump today! i forget so easily!


This is wonderful! Recently I've read a couple of articles that have stuck with me much longer than I anticipated. I know this will join that list. Thanks!

A Facebook User

Wow! Thank you for sharing this. I've been struggling to convince my 8 year old and his dad this same thing. I am going to share this with both of them. Hopefully we can all make it stick. Love your blog! <3


love this post.

Donna Anderson

Excellent post! Such a good reminder for us all. Thank you.

kristen ohran

I have my hand raised along with everyone else commenting ... I definitely needed to hear this today! Love it!!! I'm raising my children with similiar goals, and have also done the "Love and Logic" parenting series. It's just the daily putting it into practice that can be a challenge. Thanks for sharing your struggles because it encouraged me to keep on keepin' on.


Thank you!


Ditto for me too, Karen...this is what I needed to read today. Thanks for sharing your story with us.


Awesome post Karen. And as always, you have a great photo to go along with the story. But this time it is the story that shines.


I am a single married other words, I am married but my husband works such horrible hours that we very rarely see him for more than a few hours a week...I have really been feeling sorry for myself lately about how much more I have to do by myself...this was just the story I needed today...Thank you. More importantly, I want to share it with my teaching staff. I am an administrator in a very poor urban elementary school, and my staff is feeling burned out about all that they do everyday. This will help. Thank you again!!!

Bernice J

Thanks so much, Karen!


Loved this blog post! This is exactly where I'm at right now, I've been trying so hard to 'make it stick' with routines and organisation with both myself and my son (who sounds just like Cole in so many ways). So far it's working wonders, for my sanity and for my sons sense of responsibility. He's also become super sweet and helpful (and gets rewarded in return :-) )


I should have read this BEFORE dinner. I allowed myself shamelessly to reach the highest pitch and to say some not so nice words. Thank you for the reminder; because I really needed it tonight!

Be blessed,


Nancy Boothe

This one does it. You are going to have to put out a book. Or book up your blogs. I want to be able to go back and read your posts, and while you're at it, please include the photos with the blogs.

Accept my pre-order of about 50 so I can give them to all my friends.

Praying for safe returns from far travels, and can hardly wait along with you so you all can be together in one room again.



Thank you so much for sharing this. We're going through a rough patch with our 18 year old son and your words were so encouraging to me. Reading this tonight was a divine appointment. God bless you and your family, Karen.

Mandy B

Love this!


Thank you.


Thank you...your words and insight are such a blessing to all of us lucky readers. Your honesty is so beautiful and so to go take care of my munchkins with your wonderful words of wisdom leading me. :)


you just humbled me... its something i needed to read today. thank you for sharing!!

Nikki M

Life just seems to suck lately!! And coming and reading your struggles just puts me at ease and your approach is what i too am trying to find. Think about you and the kiddos everyday and that you are in the home stretch!!! miss ya!

tammy t

I'm with Nancy. We need a book. This post and your other explaining praise to your kids both may be forwarded on to my Pastor. You just explain things in the best way...both for me to explain to my kids, and for me to understand them better myself.

As usual your post has me crying and smiling at the same time. Love your blog.



I received some horrific news today that will alter my life completely. As I plan my future, I know I just have to do what is right, do what is good for me and give myself time to heal. Thank you! I vow to remember this!


Hit the nail on the head - I love this. And I wrote down "it doesn't matter what you feel, it only matters what you do" because that is so, so good. Thank you for this post!


What an awesome, awesome, awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing this post today. So true, and so encouraging. I'll be keeping this in mind the next time I'm nagging my kids or raising my voice. Thank you.

Libbi M.

oh karen... i so needed this today. thank you so very much for this beautiful well-written message. i'm going to do my best "to-make-it-stick!"


It may not matter what you feel but it does matter why you do what you do. You do it to bring glory to God and your savior Jesus ... and HE is the one that'll make it stick. :) And He will, Karen because he loves you and your kiddos. :) Hugs from a friend you've never met.


I had the hardest day today with my 2 kiddos, and lost my cool more than I should have.... You make me really think sometimes!!! It makes me feel normal. : ) Thank you!!

Shannon Laux

First of all, YAY..HOMESTRETCH! I can't wait to hear that Josh Downs is in the US and back with you.
Second, Sometimes Love and Logic goes out the window and I hate that and I try so hard but I obviously need to try harder. I need to make several things stick. I REALLY really really needed this today. I love how real you are and I love how Coley is. He reminds me of my oldest son. He's not my first born but has always had an old soul and reminds me of Coley. He's 7 1/2. Thanks for sharing!


Oh the kids are SO SO lucky!!! Stick together!!!


You honesty and openess about motherhood - the hard parts - are refreshing and inspiring.
Thanks. Now I need to go make something stick.


Great post! Thank you so much for being so open and honest lately. I've always loved your blog and you've always been pretty open and honest, but it seems like you're opening up in a new, big way. I truly appreciate it.

ana roat

Love that you mustered up enough courage to admit that you're not "that" person. Neither am I. But since we are a work in progress there is hope for tomorrow!

Lisa V.

That was awesome, Karen. Thanks for sharing it. I wouldn't be surprised if the man at the burrito-to-go place might have been silently teaching his own kids a lesson by quietly performing a random act of service. That was probably more important to him than any praise he would have received.


I agree with Nancy....I love this post!!

A Facebook User

This is just what I needed to hear to do. I wrote the "It doesn't matter what you feel, it only matters what you do" on a sticky note and put it up on the fridge. Just as a reminder not to loose myself in irrelevant emotions....

Thank you for your great words - thank you for sharing.

Linda / Seattle

What a good reminder.....thank you for writing this post.....this was very well needed in my life right now....


Love it! I am doing my own version of 52 Smiles and calling it 26 Smiles That I Can Stick Too! We are into Smile action number 2! This week is to take cookies to fireman + police men in our area! I have already bought all the cookie mixes, yesterday whenever we were outside I could hear the firetrucks and police cars going all over our neighborhood and around our area. We don't live in a bad area but I feel like it was God reminding me "Hey you said you were going to do this now get it done!" Thanks for helping me make it stick and reminding me to get off the damn computer and get my bake on!


What a strong and amazing message - thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. You are not only inspiring your kids, but us readers as well. :)

Beth P

I sooo needed to hear this! You have such a way with words that I might have a chance of making it stick!! Thanks

Melinda Anderson

Karen Russell, you inspired me this morning! I love your honesty- and your post today was wonderful. I am saving this one to my computer to read again. Words to live by!

Tina G

Thanks...I needed that!! <3


Such a great post - for all of us!! When I was pregnant (in the hot Phoenix summer) so many people would return my grocery cart for me after I had unloaded the contents into my car. Each time I was surprised and grateful... what an EASY gesture that I had never thought of in a million years. But I try to now...
Thanks, Karen!!


love your blog. love you. love your whole dang family. smooch!!


Love this post. Makes me think about how I want to raise my daughter. Thanks, Karen.


This is such a common theme amongst women and mothers. It certainly resonates with me. I love with your "do it" idea -- I just hope we all remember to look at the things they are already "doing", and not be overly critical of ourselves. Just the act of being a mother is selfless and requires a million acts of kindness and service each day. For every time you've raised your decibels too high, I bet there are 20 times you gave your kids a hug or fixed them a sandwich or told them they were wonderful. So give yourself a pat on the back while you're motivating yourself to do more. :)


The whole time I was reading this, I was thinking about my husband, how he groans and rolls his eyes when I remind him of his chores.

Parenting applies to husbands too.

Sandra A

Wow! There's a reason why yours is the first blog I go to. Thanks for being so open about sharing your reality.


Love this post! I struggle with the same things with my kids. I need to be a better "leader by example".


Karen, thanks for the lesson. I needed this and I too have to work on You make me smile :)

Kim P

Thanks for continuing to write on your blog. Posts like these are what a lot of us need. I was exhuasted from nagging my 3 kids way too much yesterday when I should have been practicing Love & Logic. It's always so much easier to look back and think about what we should've done - I do it more than I wish to admit! It's those emotions that you're talking about. They get in the way too much! When we are calm and cooled down, that's when we can think "logically" and have that beautiful image of how the "lesson" should've gone (which is part of what L&L is all about). I'll try to remember to make what I DO matter and not what I FEEL matter. I really like that. Now, how to make it stick....


Good stuff Karen. And it just screams of the book of James... Faith without deeds is worthless (paraphrasing here)!

Tying to make that stick right now too:)

young nanny

Your words are so true and they resonated with me today as well. Especially the part about not feeling like exercise, or not feeling like following a healthy eating plan. They're just feelings and sometimes, they're not good for me. Thanks for sharing Karen, you don't know how many of us connect with what you say. Blessings for a safe return for Josh and his buddies.

kristina p

love your blog Karen.

i sent this to my hubby because i have learned another lesson today. and somehow, i can relate as this is also my struggle.

thanks you for sharing this. you greatly influenced me (in a good way) through your blog.

God bless!

Michelle Last

You are my chruch and my preacher Mrs Downs, i too will work on making it stick


I love this post and read it 2 days ago and have thought about it several times since. The part about doing things for the better of the entire family really spoke to me. Thanks for your insight Karen :)

LaVonne Bateman

Wow, Karen....You seriously should be mentoring or something.
This is an awesome message, and one, sadly to say, isn't taught at most churches any more, and even more sadly, isn't taught at home. So glad to know that you guys are among the few to start them young and keep teaching all the way through adulthood. You do teach more by doing than by saying. What a great example!
Love you! Love the message in this post!


your ringing in my head for last 2 days. looks like we all need to be more sticky.


You're a good mom Karen Downs, don't ever doubt it....


great post... joyce meyers has a book on this exact topic ... thank you for sharing things close to your heart.. He speaks through you to reach many of us ...

janet k

Thanks so much for this post....I needed to hear it for myself today....and now I am going to go do some things that I really don't feel like doing, but that need to be done!

Lisa tell her too, she has been soo brave and it is only fair to have as many little crying spells as she needs. My girls who are much older cry when they think their dad is going to be gone for a day or twoo.


I think all the other comments are exaclty like mine, BUT- thanks for sharing! This is exactly what I needed to hear today!

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Love, love, love, love, LOVE this post. I'm working on some of the same things (with myself and with my kiddos) and I definitely needed to hear this. I'll be thinking of the burrito-man and remembering that "it's not what I feel, it's what I do" this week. Thank you for sharing!


Beautiful. Thanks for the gentle just DO IT already.


I think God sent you to me today. This is just the message I needed told in the way I needed it be told. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Janna Buckmaster

this is just what i needed today and i know i am a few days behind but thank you so very much for this and for your blog God works threw you in so many ways and i just want you to know how much of a blessing you are!!!

Denise~Paper Ponderings

Keep it up!! You have the most inspiring real life ideas, chats, etc....I am so blessed when I read your blog! Thanks for posting something that hits home!

Cathy Swandal

Thanks for the great post! I'm always looking for ways to relay this thinking without saying the same thing over and over. I try to be that guy bussing the table and I so want my kids to be that person as well. Can't wait for some Josh Downs homecoming pics...he really is a keeper, what a great Dad, husband and selfless soldier he is. Those are things that I also want my son to be.:)

Tammy O

It doesn't matter what you feel, it only matters what you now on a sticky note attached to my office computer. Thank you so for sharing such deep inspiration today. Like everyone else...its just what I am needing today (and everyday!)


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