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That has got to be the. sweetest. thing. EVER.


that is one of the most priceless things I have seen :) very sweet

Ute L.

Oh so cute!

Theresa S.

I don't think that is a strange request at all. I love the smell of my husband's clothes. I would make the same request if he were away.


I sniff my husbands pillows sometimes... (can't believe I just said that on here!). Hope your fine smelling hero is back safe and sound soon!

Katie J

Oh that is just the most precious picture ever! Praying for you all and that Josh makes it home real soon!


not an odd/unusual request at all ;) I wear/sleep in my husbands sweatshirt when he's gone. Great cute...i love it!

Libbi M.

so very precious.

Kim S.

I can't wait til Josh comes home! (is that a little weird?) I'll be so happy for ALL of you!!

Shannon R

I love the smell of my husband's clothes too. I always smell them before I throw them in the laundry. That picture is adorable!


sweetest... that picture will be a story told for her grandkids.. how special..

Denise M

Awwwww so sweet! Not a weird or odd request at all! The mflac for our unit suggested that my husband leave a bag with shirt/sweatshirt that smelled like him so that if our 5yo missed her daddy she could just go to the bag and put on a little bit of him. That sweatshirt was well loved over that year! Hope that countdown is closer than ever now!!

Kate Bogucki

Annie is soooooooo cute Happy Birthday sweetie! I hope your extra 9 days are almost over and the jar of messages are gone.
God bless you and your family. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Come home safely Josh.

Denise Armbruster

Karen, this is a strange request but could you email me. I have a question about I'm pretty sure if memory serves me right (no guarantee) that I read on your blog a long time ago that you use them for storage. They have gone off line and closed up shop but said they were working on finding a site to transfer pictures. I'm freaking out a bit about it because their website isn't coming up for me today. Have you heard anything, do you know how I can get in contact with them. I've sent Doug an email but haven't heard from him. Bit of a panic. Thanks a bunch Karen.


My husband works 24 hours shifts. When our kids were smaller, if they were having trouble sleeping, I would give the a worn dad shirt! Worked every time!

So I guess we are all crazy in our own way!

Sandra A

How very precious. It's not strange at all; and Annie let her nose provide her the comfort she needed.


Awwww, Josh Downs come soon!!! :(


p.s. Love your bedding! ;)


I hope very soon she will get to sniff her real life daddy!


Oh Karen, I bet this photo meant the world to Josh. How beautiful. Josh sure picked the right girl:-)


THAT is precious!!! I hope Josh is home safe and sound SOON!

Kimberly Johansen

What a tender photo! Make me a little teary eyed! Not too much longer!! :)


Your request is not strange at all. When my husband and I were dating and in the early part of our engagement, we were in a somewhat long-distance relationship. Not long-distance like you're dealing with, but long enough for two hearts in love. I always kept one of his t-shirts in my bed and would snuggle with it at night. There's just something about the way my man smells that feels so comforting.


that is absolutely precious...i hope josh downs comes home soon and comes home safely to you all. happy birthday annie! :)


Oh good Lord, this made me sob like a baby. xoxox

Brandi are such a great mom...taking the time to record this difficult time in your lives that will ultimately make your love even stronger. God Bless

Account Deleted

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