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woohoooooooooooo on the "come home" part!!!

cannot wait to read all about that homecoming. but I know that's nothing compared to the CANNOT WAIT feeling you're feeling.

thank you to josh downs, you, and your kids for the sacrifices you've made for all of us. you guys are all kinds of awesome.

Mary Ann Jenkins

Can't wait to read that Josh Downs is finally home!!


These are so fabulous! I love that you are doing this with your family- they are going to love their races.
So excited that it is almsot time for Josh to come home- I'm happy for you all!

Katie J

There you go again, making me want to get out and run (even though I most likely won't!). Cute pictures!

So excited to see that 'coming home' event!!


Looks like family and friends will be fit and ready for some extra cheering and loops when their hero arrives! Just LOVE every photo, but #7, when ALL their feet are off the ground is my favorite. Know your feet will be forever off the ground when homecoming day finally gets here. Cheering for you on ALL fronts! YEA!!!


You are a good and fun coach...wish I had one of those. I'm very impressed everyone is running at the event. Can't wait to see pictures.

We wish Josh Downs and safe and quick return to his wonderful family.


Julie in Aust.

OMG...mowed the lawn...fresh coffee beans...he's almost home? Karen you must be counting the minutes!

That was the greatest 'fun' stack of photos for a while...looks like a bunch of excited happy kids...looks like they have energy to 'waiting for Christmas' excited?

Holding my breath for you all Karen...every day when I check in I'm expecting a message from you to say Josh is home and you will be away for a few days...

Sending big hugs from Oz...

Colleen Barron

I agree with all the previous comments. I can't wait until I see that your husband is back home where he belongs. A BIG thanks goes out to him, you and your children for your continued sacrifice. Hugs!


Ahhhh! I love it! They look like they are having a blast! good for you keeping them motivated and distracted until Daddy gets back. Sounds like he will be returning any minute?! Cant wait for your homecoming post!!


I love it! What a great mom you are!
I am getting my box of kleenex ready for when Josh comes home. Just thinking about it makes me teary! Will he be home for good?

tammy t

Okay....big tears when I read that you have fresh coffee beans waiting! So happy for you and your family. And so thankful for Josh and men like him who do more for my family and my freedoms than I will ever know.

Tammy T


I suddenly feel that fresh coffee beans are the greatest thing in the whole world...for obvious reasons...and I don't even drink coffee!! :) So happy the day is near!!


I love this post! It's so great that you are training the kids - not sure how you manage to do that and shoot at the same time!

I think we should all get a tribute bag of coffee beans today!

Kim S. must be close to time for homecoming. Fresh coffee beans don't last too long! can't wait, can't wait! any day now....

Kirsten J

Excellent photo with them off the gound! You actually make running look fun...
And safe travels, Josh Downs, we're all waiting for you :)

Ellen Patton

I just read this post and thought of you:


Yipppee for Josh Downs coming home soon! Awesome job making exercise fun!

Mary Lib

Love these pictures. Great job Coach! Thinking about Ireland and thought I would check out your blog. (Remember me from Mykonos?) The kids are getting so grown and so cute, and such exciting news Josh is coming home. I know that will be a grand reunion. Looking forward to seeing you in October. (I will bring 2 sets of motion sickness bands...just in case :)....take care and enjoy your beautiful family.
~~Mary Lib


They are great photos and look like they are having fun while training....too cute.


Karen, you don't know me at all but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your blog and how willingly you share your family with us all. I've been telling my husband about your blog for some time now and just tonight he came home and the first thing he said was "Is Josh Downs home yet?". It's hard to be without a good man once you find him. I hope you'll be squeezing your good man very very soon. Thank him for all he's done for us!! And thank you for all you do you us!!


I hope that you are better at waiting than I am. I hate it. Not patient at all. Waiting on Josh must be like waiting for Christmas to the tenth power. I'm praying for you and your family. Thank you Josh Downs and all the guys and gals with you. You're all the best!


he must be hours and minutes from coming home...can't wait to see that post! What a happy day it will be! Thanks for all you and your man do for our country...brave man with a brave family behind him.


My brother left for Afghanistan this morning (with the Canadian military) for nine months. I was telling his wife about your blog and told her she should spend some time in the next couple of months reading everything you've written. You're definitely an inspiration!


yay, coffee beans don't stay fresh very long ;) Praying for you and your family and Josh's safe return.


I feel "homecoming" is in the air, WHOO HOOO!!!!!!! Speaking as a mom/MIL of military men (one of the currently deployed in Afghanistan) there is no better/scary feeling then the knowing/not knowing they are on their way home; whether for R&R or to stay. My SIL will be home on R&R in about 6 weeks and the countdown and excitement has already begun...I know that I am already excited for your "he's home" post. And subsequent, "we're going dark people" LOL! Here's to disappearing with your man for as long as you want. All of us will be waiting for you when you return.


sending you love today Karen & Josh Downs!!!


Karen I am just so so excited that Josh is going to be home soon. I really am on pins and needles for you!! It's going to be so amazing.

Melinda Anderson

Is he home yet? Is he home yet? I keep checking your blog to see if there is an update- but would expect not to see any posts for awhile when he gets back. Thank you, Josh Downs, for your service to our country- and thank you, Karen and family for the sacrifices you have made and for sharing this journey with us. I'm excited to see the homecoming photos- and to know that all is well.

Cathy B

What a great idea to keep the kids both active and occupied, all while waiting on Daddy to come home. I think of you often since taking your course, Karen. Pray daily for your family and for Josh's safe home coming really, really soon!

teresa b

hhahaha love the images.. you make working out look like a breeze!! Love it!! Sounds like he'll be home soon!! Safe journeys Josh Downs!!


Almost cried when I saw someone comment, "we are all waiting for him" so true

Jeni Machon

Great photographs! and a great reminders that we need to sign up for Race For Life soon.

Tina Schiefer

Can't wait to hear the screams of excitement coming from the airport and the streets of CP!!!


I'm waiting until this Summer when Kyle comes home from So. Korea for a transfer break. Hoping he gets stationed on the west coast...

Like everyone else... Keep refreshing the blog daily hoping for the homecoming...

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