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Happy Birthday Annie!! What a beautiful baby she was and a beautiful little girl she is today!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Happy Birthday to your sweet beautiful Annie! And happy "anniversary" to you!


Happy birthday Annie! And happy anniversary Josh & Karen!!


What a meaningful day! My hubby and I moved fast too and we will be celebrating 12 years of Marriage very soon. There is no right way to do it. Also, my soon to be 11 year old has that same blanky and sleeps with it every night still!

Shannon Laux

Happy Birthday Annie!!! Crazy how fast time goes! My oldest baby turned 9 on Saturday! Hope Josh is there to celebrate very soon!


Happy birthday Annie! It's amazing how I've seen her grow and bloom into a little lady through your blog.
And I never tire of hearing about how you and Josh met. :And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)


Ah.....pure LOVE! Pure joy seeing these beautiful photos of A. Blessings on every front!


Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!!

Kathy C.

Happy birthday Annie!!! :) What a blessed little girl and family!!! :) God is good and can't wait until you guys are all together again! :)


Happy Birthday to Annie! My daughter's birthday is today as well. It's a great day for a birthday, huh!!! :) She just turned 21 and I spent time yesterday going through her baby pictures. Amazing how fast time passes! Here's to the birthday girls.


Happy Birthday, Annie. It's my birthday as well, and my name is Anna. Ahh, the similarities! Enjoy your day.


Happy Birthday Annie! I can't believe how much she looked just like herself from the minute she was born! A lot of babies look like one parent when they are born then take on their own look as they get older. Annie as just Annie all along! BEAUTIFUL!

Kim S.

Happy Birthday, Yannie!! what a special day for all you!

Susan Ringler

Happy Birthday Miss Annie!!!! How is that countdown calendar looking? Did you take a picture? Annie, I so agree---- I don't recall seeing a baby that so much still looks like she did when born... a darling, sweet gorgeous girl. Mama Karen, you are blessed with four beauties!


She's been adorable from the very beginning!


Happy Birthday sweet 6 year old!! Hope your day includes strawberries!!
her baby pictures are utter sweetness. Makes me want to look thru baby pictures. What a great day to celebrate-for both reasons, happy anniversary of true love. That's what it is, I've done the math. ;)

Colleen Barron

Babies are a precious gift from God. Happy Birthday to your precious gift. She's beautiful!

Nancy Boothe

SO many people love Annie! She got the best parents, too.


Happy birthday to Annie! It seems like yesterday. And happy anniversary to you and Josh. Totally meant to be. :)

Gina f.

Happy, Happy Birthday Annie.... Hope you have a day full of fun, laughter, and surprises!!!

Jennifer M.

Very, very sweet. Happy birthday and anniversary.

Beth P

Happy Birthday Annie! Today is a great day to have been born. My oldest son turns 9 today!!!

Heather Topich

Happy birthday, Annie! Loved seeing those sweet pictures.


Congratulations on 7 years! And happy birthday to the adorable Annie.


Stop apologizing for the math! Your story unfolded exactly how it was supposed to!!! :)

mandy friend

happy birthday annie! happy anniversary you two, whne does he get home karen?!


Happy Birthday Annie!!!!!


6 years already? Happy Birthday Annie ... and happy anniversary to you two!

 ♥ Debbie

Happy Birthday wishes to Annie!! It's been wonderful watching her grown up through your blog! And how very wonderful it is for these two very special people to have met that day! Randomness? think it was part of a greater plan!! Enjoy your day!


Happy Birthday Annie!

Wendy Goodman

I was always good with math, but honestly there shouldn't be any math involved in true love. You have a beautiful family and the timing of it is perfect!


Hey....the best of us have those math issues :) Don't apologize...all in God's timing...He is in control. And I have to say...what a face...I just want to kiss those cheeks! Happy Birthday Annie!

teresa b

Such a sweet story! Happy Birthday Annie!!


She still looks like herself!


Happy Birthday, Annie! You will love being's the best!!! :)


Happy Birthday Annie! Karen, you don't look a day older than the day she was born.


p.s. Nellie Oleson could never be a Two-Bit Hussy!!! ;)

Gayle Shrader

Happy birthday to Annie! What a special day!!!
Hope you guys are having a blast today!


Hey what's that make me? My daughter was born April 28th and our one year anniversary was on May 6. Happy Birthday to Annie! I love her name!


She was a picture perfect baby for sure:) and just as beautiful today!


Happy birthday, Annie ... and anniversary to you and Josh! These photos are so precious!

Mary Ann Jenkins

Happy Birthday Annie! (Oh how I miss you talking about her calling herself Yannie) It's amazing how she has that same sweet little profile as she did on day one. I guess I've been reading your blog for over 6 years, because I remember you posting when she was born. Yes, it is funny how quick 6 years goes by.
Happy Anniversary Harriet and Valentine <3


beautiful post. happy birthday annie!!

Ellen Patton

You're so funny! And happy birthday to Annie!!

Moriah Bettencourt

Happy Birthday to Annie!! What a big girl!! Hey, math smath... Josh is a hottie no one questions your judgement. lol


beautiful...and not just the pictures:-)


You're so funny! Hussy? Hardly. You need to give yourself a break. Thanks for sharing this (and so many more!) special moments with us. I do hope that when he gets home you won't be photographing it, you'll be living it. Hang in there!


Life isn't about how you begin the race (or relationship) it's how you end it...and Karen and Josh Downs I am impressed at your commitment to your faith, the values you are instilling in your children, and the love you have for each other.

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