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cheryl o

fantastic photos karen! happy birthday to annie. so excited that you will all be together again soon! hooray!


oh my! Fabulous, fabulous photos! Love the balloons! And the buttons on the coat mimic the balloons brilliantly! That sweet little 6-y-o face!

 ♥ Debbie

These are Fun-tastic!! I love how the buttons on Annie's coat match the balloon colors! Happy Birthday Annie!! My son has finally landed on U.S. soil and should be home within the next two weeks! Yay!!! Hope Josh will be home any day now!! :)

Stacey Coffman

Gosh Karen - I can't believe how grown up your baby girl is. She is ADORABLE and what a personality! I lurk at your blog every now and again - good to see that life is treating you well. Hope Josh makes it home safe and sound. Stacey (from the old Scrapbook King in Medford.)

Mary Ann Jenkins

lol about how many days until Josh is back home. You're right, you never know who reads your blog ;)
Love these pics of Annie. She is so darn cute!!


Can I just say the 5D did remarkably well in those Nikon hands of yours!lol


Seeing as you shoot beautifully with both brands and there appear to be subtle colour differences? need I say more?


Even if you shot with a p & s cam, it'd be wonderful pictures.
Annie is adorable, and so are you! She is a Look-alike of you :).

Hugs from across the pond,

Kim S.

so any day now we'll see homecoming pictures!? can't wait. I'm sure you're all so excited you can't even stand it!

Sherry G

Love that the coat buttons are like the balloon colors. The 6 balloons are a great way to mark the birthay. Have you done that with previous years?

Debbi G.

Always love your photos...wish mine looked like that! haha..let me ask you, how many balloon photos did you take overall? compared to how many you're were happy with?

I hope the comment about your husband means he really is coming home soon :)

Julie in Aust.

These are the best balloon shots I've ever seen've really raised the bar there!
Inspirational as usual...thankyou!
Looking forward to seeing Josh in a few family photos...will bring a few more tears to the eye I feel.
Hoping its soon Karen...


Happy Happy Birthday Annie - you are a lucky and beautiful little girl! (err -big girl I guess now!!) So excited for you and your family Karen - hope you have a beautiful family reunion really, really soon ....{{{hugs}}}

Nancy Boothe

OK, it's a requirement now that you have someone do a video for you of you doing a shoot. In all these pictures I can just imagine what you are saying to Annie, and what you are doing to get these funny, adorable shots. Ya know, Jasmine did one recently, and it was a simple, short thing and it helped me understand more how to direct people. I would LOVE to see you doing one. Since you have so much spare time. :-0

Every day waiting to see the news of JD arriving home, and praying for it all to work perfectly, without a hitch.

Have a great weekend!



Gina f.

Those are some precious shots of your pretty girl!!


you're so funny. annie's so adorable. blessings to ya'll this weekend!! smooch!!

Diane W.

These are so great, Karen, just adorable. Love Annie's haircut! My youngest turned 6 in December, would be fun to get them together for a playdate! Have a great weekend!

Donna Carter

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful 6 year old girl! Love how her personality shows in EVERY picture!

And of course, the al-Qauda reads your website, doesnt everybody?!!!!!!

Tell your handsome man thank you for his service!

Theresa S.

Love the photos you are so talented.


She's so cute! Love her outfit and her hair!

Gayle S

These are sooooo cute! Each one is more adorable then the one before!
Love them!!!


Hi Karen,
Even in FRANCE people are awaiting Josh Downs' homecoming!!! This morning, four army planes "rushed in" (a plane was flying towards a nuclear plant) and all I was able to think about was "Hmm, I wonder if Josh Downs is finally home?" :)


I love that the balloons match the coat buttons!

Great Birthday photos!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Annie!!!!!!!!!!


Aren't you so thankful for a willing subject? She's adorable as usual!

And can't wait for you to post the homecoming pics of Josh Downs. We will all be so surprised and so relieved for y'all when he's back home and safe on American soil!!!

Get your booty home, Josh Downs!!! :)



I am sure you get this all of the time, but how on earth do you get your kids to give you real smiles? I love the silly faces, and they do that well too, but the genuine smiles are to die for. Do you offer a class for this???


I'm sure it's no coincidence that the balloon colors perfectly coordinate with the buttons on Annie's coat? Gorgeous shots, Karen. That little one (quickly becoming not so little!) is so adorable. Happy Birthday to Annie. :-)


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! THese are soooo cute!!
Love her new hair cut!
Happy Birthday (a little late) Annie


Oh Miss Annie...I love your faces!!! Great shots! Love those balloons with Annie's coat!

Charlotte H

Way to keep the OPSEC up Karen! You guys are in my prayers.... HURRY HOME JOSH!


OMGosh...we have a wall like that in the new house we will be moving too soon ... gotta get me some gallons asap :)


oh should always buy balloons for her - these are amazing and priceless!


WOW! Simply stunning photos! I love so many from this set!


You're photos are always my have a gift of really telling the story through your photos. I can hardly believe Yannie is 6, I started reading your blog about 4 years ago...when she called herself Yannie!

Praying for Josh Down's safe return to his family. When I saw that he sent Annie flowers I got tears in my eyes...he is such a sweetie!!!

carole R

Super photos - and the birthday girl is such a perfect model - plus being ridiculously cute! Happy countdown to your guy's homecoming!!


Great pics of Annie! Happy 6th birthday!!!! I fell over laughing at your little note to Josh...LOVE the google reader part! That was great!!!! :)


still the cutest little minx in town!


love the picture of her with the (barely) 6 balloons showing and the 6 buttons on her coat. yep...i'm a scrapbooker ;)

Cathy Swandal

Love, love this impromtu shoot with Annie and her balloons!

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