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Adorable! And you can go right from your iPhone to YouTube, if video is small enough. Go to Photos on your phone, and navigate to the video. Click the Arrow button at the bottom of the screen (on the left) and choose "send to youtube". Then follow the prompts.

Let me know if you have any questions. I don't want to deny anyone a video of their child reading. That's the important stuff!


p.s. Once you get in on youtube you can "embed" it into your blog.

Jennifer Hewitt

I use the (free) Vimeo app to upload from my iPhone camera roll. Also, you can download the iPhone user guide in iBooks and then search for anything you're trying to figure out.

Did you know that you can take pictures and start/stop video recording using the up volume button? Handy when you want to use just one hand. Apparently you can even use the up volume button on a pair of headphones like a remote shutter trigger, but I haven't tried that. Also, if you tap and hold on your camera screen, it will lock focus and exposure. Fun tricks!


I love, love, love these pics!! Congratulations to Annie!!

Jessica W

I got a video off my iphone by plugging it in with the usb and then loading it onto photobucket. Then, photobucket gives you a link that you can either embed or share.


I love seeing a child read their first books. So much fun!
You should be able to download your photos/videos automatically through you iMac or macbook. Link the iPhone to the computer and the photos should download automatically to iPhotos or to what ever photo program you use. I know use iCloud so it actually does this in some magical way.
Then you should be able to embed the video directly to your blog. Or at least that is what I do. But then again, I think I know more than I actually do when it comes to technology!!


Karen, I have issues getting video off my iPhone and onto my PC laptop. For some reason, it doesn't automatically do the "cloud" thing. I'm sure I just need to adjust my settings. However, I just plug my phone into my USB port on my laptop, wait for the icon to appear under Computer as another external hard drive. Then, I navigate through the files (Computer>iPhone>Internal Storage>DCIM>the file folder (weird name). This will open up to all of the photos and videos. Then, I just right click, cut, and paste onto my Video folder on my PC's hard drive. It's not too hard once you do it a couple of times.

As a HUGE lover of books and reading, I was always so excited when each of our children read their first book - each one was a Dr. Seuss book. Such sweet memories!


I love it when kids can read to themselves and others! It's a whole new world for them!
I'm still trying to figure out how to get an iphone, let alone put videos from it on to the blog.


when you take pictures like that - who cares!
But I hope Josh Downs gets to hear his sweet girl read. It is an exciting moment, the whole world comes to life!


Amazing - reading is such a blessing! I get teary just thinking about Annie reading to Josh for the first time. :)

 ♥ Debbie

I love it when kids start reading and develop an appreciation for books! I use iPhoto to open, download and store my videos. From there I can simple insert it into an email or send it as an attachment. I'm not using iCloud yet so clueless how that works.

tara pollard pakosta

how super precious!!



It amazes me how children go from sounding out words to reading. Truly amazing!!! Go Yannie!!! :)


As a Kdg. teacher.....this makes it even more special for me to see her reading. It truly is magic...and I have actually cried watching kiddos have it all come together and 'READ'. Just LOVE it!

Gayle Shrader

yeah! Go Annie!!!
And I love these pictures!!!


It sure it! Can't wait to see the pics of dad's expression when his baby reads to HIM! Hooray, Annie!

Jen S

That is fabulous news! GO ANNIE! :)

Rebecca Frame

So exciting. It's amazing when they catch on, isn't it.

Id like her jammies in my size. Yellow polka dots....happiness.

Jen Davis

This is so very exciting! That book is the first one that we use in our Montessori series for reading with my preschoolers! It's so fun to see it pictured here on your blog for some reason. :) So happy for Annie! May her love of reading only continue to blossom.

Elizabeth Peltier

You can email yourself the video to get it on your computer. I am very happy that you've decided to keep going with your blog. I started reading it at least 3 years ago, when I started to get into photography. I didn't visit for at least a year (my computer deleted all of my bookmarks) and just recently started reading it again. I was so happy to see your son and his girlfriend still together!

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Ya, got a little choked up my self when I saw this picture, as family is everything. So happy for you and your family that you made it back to them safe and sound Josh. May God continue to bless you all. Big hug coming to you all from Canada, enjoy each other always.

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