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Love it! I am hoping for the day when my kids will clean the house.....and I will let them rot their brains out in front of the TV.
Happy V Day, yesterday!

libbi m.

Awww... Priceless!


Karen, these are things that memories are made of! I love that they thought to do this on their own and spend some quality time together so mom could rest! Happy belated birthday to little Miss Annie as well. Big hugs!

tara pollard pakosta

how funny!
they are so CUTE!

karen eyink

Cole's epiphany just cracks me up.


I am in awe of the wonderful activity your kids decided to do for themselves while they let you rest. It is hard to imagine that something like that could happen in my house one day (I have a 4.5 and 1.5 year old). Great bathtub pics!


Oh my! What precious children you have! Those pics perfectly capture how wonderful they are. Not many children would think of something so fun & innocent to do. Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Aimee B. in Oregon

Coley is such a great big brother!

Maggie H.

10th picture down, Cole looks just like Ross. I've never noticed it before, but it is definitely there. What a super fun moment to catch!


Such wonderful kiddos you have! And what a great friend to lend you a camera, too!

Kim S.

funny, I was also going to comment on the 10th picture down. Coley looks so much like Ross in that one. Great photos. As usual you have perfectly captured a wonderful memory :)


So in our workshop do you think you can teach us how to get our kids to clean the house????? Great pics!!! :)


i love it when your kids surprise you and it makes you feel like some where along the way you did something right... you are an amazing mom and tv marathons just teach them balance :)

Sam F

That is so cute! Love that they just decided to go "swimming" in the tub with bubbles!


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If they didn't know you were going to take pictures, why were they in swimsuits? If they were simulating a trip to the pool or beach, why bubble bath?

I ask because I developed a foaming formula (see link) that doesn't cause urinary or genital irritation even in those most sensitive, but that might not apply if they wear clothes & don't remove them immediately after use, and the solution dries & concentrates in contact with their bodies. (I did demonstrate it in kiddie pools years ago but not with subjects with sensitive skin or genitals.)

What I'm getting at is, is it becoming common in families to wear swimsuits in the bathtub? I'm inferring it's not in yours, or you wouldn't've remarked about them, but I'm also wondering if you fibbed about its being the children's idea.

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