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And if you are on the fence registration will probably be closed before you make up your mind but I just have to say...This class is the best thing I have ever done for my photography. I owe who I am as a photographer to Karen. This is not some cranked out in bulk class. You will truly feel like you know Karen by the end of the class...and years afterwards. She is insanely dedicated to making you know your camera. Don't hesitate. I have said it before but I will say it again. What is the point of an expensive camera if you have no idea how to use it. I think the money I spent on this class was more important than my camera. Plus, I got a great friend out of it. :-)

Gayle S

This class is amazing! The best photography class I have ever taken (and I've taken quite a few!!!!) Karen is always available to her students and doesn't hold anything back! She makes sure you know everything you want to know about photography, your camera, everything! Plus she's pretty fun too!
I can't recommend this class enough! Definitely sign up!!!

Katie Johnson

Yay, yay, yay...I'm in!!! Well, just as an auditor, but still...I'm in!!!


me, too! :) wasn't expecting to get in - SO excited! Auditing here, as well! BUT was actually trying to "upgrade" with no success due to the fact that my email address is already in the system - Karen, is it full at this point for 'regular' students?
Excited either way!!

Kay Drenth

I am still kinda in shock that I made it in. I had set my alarm and slept right through it. My son woke me up about 9:45. I flew down the stairs thinking I had no chance. Something in my heart urged me to try. I got in. Had a tears ofjoy moment and then called up my hubby. Thank you Karen for giving us all the opportunity to learn from you!!!

Basketball Sneakers

I'd take the 57 Chev......looks like a great time together.

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