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I totally love that first shot!!! You've convinced me to sell my d700 or D3 to get the D7000. I LOVE the idea of the continuous multiple self-timer shots!


I love that last shot. My oldest daughter is about the same age as Courtney Lee and I see so many of the same mannerisms, must be the age.


I peaked in math when I was in about third grade ... but I can spell really well ;P


isn't that the truth?! when my husband is gone i am in fear of 7th grade advanced math... ugh...

 ♥ Debbie

I love your annual lunch with mom idea! The questionnaires are great and I think your kiddos are pretty lucky to have such a cool mom! btw - I was a math whiz in Jr. I can't do a thing without a calculator!


I loved math, now I might be decent at grade 4 math, I usually say "ask your dad".
Deep fried cheesecake! I'll take that.


What does K.K stand for? Love the pictures and the idea of lunch dates, it makes a kid feel special!!

Denise in MN

Hmmmm is that the 7D I see in your hand in that shot!???? Do share


I never peaked in math... So glad my husband has an analytical brain.

Courtney Lee is such a a sweet girl--we can see it in all of her pics. (And she has perfect eyebrows!)

Lisa V.

8 1/2, lol - she's keeping you humble and not allowing you to peak out before she's a teen. Smart girl! Love that Courtney Lee!


I oddly enough have perfected the selectively deaf thing. Although I need to turn it off more often than not...It gets me in trouble!! How did she come up with KK...I think it's the first time that I've realized she called you that!


Those videos are just too funny!

I panicked myself when I saw that was closing and immediately printed 100+ scrapbook pages that I had uploaded there but never printed. I've since printed a big handful of pictures and scrapbook pages from Persnickety Prints and have been very pleased with their service and quality.

Oh, and I feel the need to tell you that I have FINALLY gotten the concept of lower contrast images. (I took your class this past fall.)

Cheryl Birkey

When I was growing up and my mom 'tried' my food I called it a 'mom bite'.


My hubby is better at Math, where I am better at the English related classes (Lit, spelling, etc). It works out well. I love the photos you get of the kids. They are just fantastic. I wish I could take your photo class to improve my skill. I have a Nikon D3000 and Nikon's 50mm 1.8. Slowly improving.. just alot of shooting. Love digital photos for that one. I think it is so wonderful that you both have blended your families so well. I wish my oldest's father and his now ex would have been like this when my daughter was little. It would have made life so much easier! She was so nasty.

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