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happy birthday Annie!

Lovely photos Karen. :D

Donna N.

What a great Birthday Day!!! You're such a great Mama!

Shari Barnes

GREAT images!! I love them all! What a wonderful birthday she had!!! Can I ask where you got her striped tights? Those would be PERFECT for an outfit my daughter has!!!

Shari Barnes

I forgot to also say how awesome I think it is that you capture such awesome images out in public places. I find myself not getting a shot I really want in a public location for fear of what people around will think or say. I REALLY need to get past this. The low shot of her at the table in the Roadhouse and the ones of her at Target are just wonderful.


You are an awesome mom, wish I had thought to do those kinds of things with my boys when they were growing up. :) Your kids will have such great memories.

Nicole Campbell

omg...Annie is growing up too fast! You cut her hair!!! She's soooo darn cute!!! I love all the pictures you took, as always, and you're so good. I would have bought her the Jesse doll!!!!! What a great idea about the option of them staying home on their birthdays!!!!! I wish I would have thought of that!!!! too late now! he's 15 this year. And as much as you'd think a teenager wants to miss school, not mine. that would mean he wouldn't get to see his girly friend for a day and she ranks above me right now. boo hoo! I wish he was young like Annie. I really MISS those days, but I know that you know what I'm talking about as I'm sure you went through it with Ross. And yeah, Josh, if you're reading this, Hurry home!!!!! I can see how much your family misses you and it breaks my heart!

Kim P

So dang cute! Looks like it was an awesome birthday for Yannie. Adorable hair!

Kathy C.

Love her haircut!!! And her first flowers, awe!!!


LOVE these pics!!! They are all so precious! Side note....totally ECSTATIC that I am auditing your next class!!! :)


So happy Annie had a fun day & will get to celebrate her bday again when her daddy gets home! So jealous you get awesome pics no matter where you are!


Happy Birthday wishes. And tell Josh Downs he picked the perfect sunny bouquet for a sunny little girl.

Mary Ann Jenkins

Love the pics of Annie with her flowers. That was so very sweet of Daddy. Oh, and I love Roadhouse too!! along with their all you can eat peanuts and I'm a happy girl ;)


How from her Daddy!! What a fun day...Annie, can I come and celebrate my birthday at your house?? :) Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!!!


perfection to the nth degree! Ahhhh! Happy happy day, and days ahead.


Will you adopt me? Your birthday traditions ROCK!

Julie in Aust.

I was doing just fine Karen...loving looking at your photos and reading your blurbs...until I got to Annie and Josh's flowers...and then you did it my keyboard is a bit drippy!
Josh will be home soon wont he?
Happy Birthday Annie...from all the way down here in Australia!


So sweet she looks so happy like it was the best birthday for her.

Kim Johns

I love the idea that the kids can opt out of school for their birthdays, I wish they did that in England. What a fantastic birthday Annie had and your pictures are just amazing :)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Love these pics and the sweet stories behind them! You're so amazing Karen! to anyone on the fence - definitely take Karens class - you'll love it!

teresa b

Oh man.. you got me again.. the flowers!! Josh Downs is rackin' up the points!! One of the sweetest thing ever!! aawwhhh Happy Birthday Annie!!

Juli P

I know cloning humans is illegal....but really, someone has got to clone Josh Downs. He's truly a gem! Happy birthday Annie.

Linda Schaaf

Hi Karen,
I read your blog everyday and enjoy it very much. Sometimes I smile and laugh out loud, other times I cry, I'm sorry your family isn't all together right now, but pray for your husband's safe return to you all. Annie I'm sure you had a wonderful Birthday as the pictures say it all. My wish for you is to have a wonderful year with many adventures, happy Birthday Annie from my family here in Canada. Karen it sure looks like your doing a great job while Josh is away, may you be together again soon.
Huggs from Canada,


Love Annie's haircut!!! The pics are gorgeous.


your parenting is so inspiring... from birthday muffins to mcd's pj drive thrus...

Jenn A.

What a lovely day! Annie is the cutest-that bob hairdo suits her perfectly. How sweet that she got flowers from her Daddy on her birthday!


Sounds like an awesome day! Her little flipped out hair is so cute! Reminds me of my own round-faced little girl (almost 9) who also LOVES to eat at Logan's because we can throw peanut shells on the floor. Happy happy birthday and many many more!!


You really do make a special day for the gang's birthdays. Good job mom!

Aimee B. in Oregon

so sweet! And I must say it again... Cole is the best big brother.... the way he plays with her is so sweet!


I got teary when she got Josh's call, but all out bawled when she got flowers! She's so adorable!
I hope like crazy that Josh is coming home very soon!


Happy Birthday Annie! These pictures are adorable!

Gayle S

What an amazing birthday you captured in pictures for her! I love them all! And her hair looks so cute with the little flip in the back!! Love it!!!

tara pollard pakosta

what awesome pictures, they are TOO PERFECT! I NEED to take your class girl, you are AMAZING!!!!!


Its very great that you could spend such a nice Birthday. Here in Germany its not allowed not to go to scool only because its your Birthday!!! Thats unthinkable.
Happy birthday Annaliesa!

Jona Panesa

happy birthday Annie!!! My she has grown such a beautiful girl!! looks like a lot of fun for her.

Robyn :)

Happy Birthday Annie!!

I must say, it is so nice to see a park with good old fashioned metal toy sets to play on! Most of my childhood parks have gotten rid of all the cool stuff and replaced it mass produced wood and plastic stuff. Boring.

And what a big girl Annie is getting her own bouquet of flowers!!

Kerri Powell

Okay, the pictures of her with the flowers had be bawling my eyes out! So sweet and I know you guys are so ready to have him back in your arms!


Love love love all the shots. What a wonderful way to spend her birthday! Happy Birthday Little Miss Annie!!

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