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Oh sigh....thank you for the update and that picture melts my heart. I'm so thankful he's home. I'm thankful for that first big mooshy family hug. Yeah....enjoy. God Bless you guys.

♥ Debbie

Welcome home Josh Downs!


I'm from Panama, Central America, every day I read your blog and love it! Today I cried, I cried for your happiness .... still enjoying your happiness, your love, your family, congratulations

Jen S

That photo takes my breath away. Hug for days....don't let go.

Thank you, all of you, for such sacrifice. You are all heroes.

Welcome Home, Josh Downs!!!!


Welcome home, Josh Downs! Tears of happiness for all of you are streaming down my face... Enjoy each other. :-)


Welcome home Josh Downs! Tears of joy in Kansas for your family. . . . .


No profound words, just really happy for you all. And really happy to see this shot!!!


Welcome home! Best picture that I'll see all day :)

Amanda @ Click. The Good News

I seriously just got chills reading this. I'm so thrilled for you and your family. Have a fabulous week :)


Welcome home, and Thank you! this post is the reason I turned on my computer this morning.


Oh hooray! What a wonderful homecoming!!

kristina p

God bless your family. :)


Wecome home, Mr Downs!

Enjoy, Mrs Downs :DDDDD


Libbi M.

Words can't express how very, very, very happy I am for you and your family. God Bless you Karen, God Bless your children and God Bless you Josh Downs for serving and protecting all of us. I am so very proud of all of you. Welcome Home!


God is so faithful. And I am so thankful.

Welcome home!


WElcome Home and God Bless!!1

Juli P

Welcome home, Josh Downs!


So happy he's home - not nearly as happy as you all, but happy nonetheless!
Welcome home, Josh Downs, and thank you!

Kathy C.

wonderful!!!!! :) thank you for posting all have been in my prayers! :)

I have literally checked your blog 10x a day since you posted that Josh Downs was coming home, just waiting for a reunion picture. I was not disappointed when this popped up. Goosebumps, tears, and so much happiness!!!!

Cathy K

Thank you, God for bringing this family back together! Welcome home, Josh Downs!

mandy friend

yayayay!!!! welcome home josh! thank you for serving our country! God hears the prayers of His children and is faithful!




Yahoo!!!! I am so happy that Josh is home safe and sound.


Welcome home Josh! Got a little teary eyed seeing this! Have been thinking of you guys for days!!!! So HAPPY that your family is all together now! :)


I was sooooo hoping for this update!! So unbelievably happy!!

McKell S.

I'm so happy for you all! I don't really know you but I've been thinking of you and your sweet family!


Your picture "got me". Welcome home Josh Downs...."we've" missed you.


I have been checking and checking...I even googled to see if I could find something on your local news. OH HAPPY DAY!!! Now go and enjoy!!! Big welcome home hugs to each one of you.
Who took the photo? Just ADORE it.

Kim P

Love this. Welcome home Josh Downs.


I too have been thinking and praying for your family the last few days. Checking. Praying. Waiting. I am so happy that you are home with your family Josh Downs. Karen you did a fabulous job being a single mama. Thank you for your family sacrafice for our nation.

Aimee B. in Oregon

WELCOME HOME! I love that in the picture you see Josh breathing you in. And also that Cole got a haircut - he was wanting to look good for his dad.

Karen, Thank you for this post. I am so happy that you let us know that he is for real at home.

Heather Moll

Oh Karen, so happy that you are all together again!

Melinda Anderson

I am so delighted to see this photo this morning! Welcome Home, Josh Downs! Tears of joy!


The internet friendship is so weird. I saw this long awaited photo and started crying. So glad you family is back together again.

And, thank you, Josh Downs and your family for what you have done.


I did it all...closed my eyes...turned it up loud...listened to the whole thing...bawled like a baby! So happy to see Josh Downs home where he belongs!


Wow, that picture makes me tear up!! So happy for your family!!


I'll have to come back when I know I won't ruin my makeup!! Holding back tears now!!
SOOOOOOO happy for you guys!!! Thank you Josh for serving our country.
Praise God!


im crying like a baby !! i have waited for this picture for you for the last seven months and am so happy for you and your family. thank you for sharing your life with us and you are such an inspiration in so many ways you will never ever know...and to your loverpie thank you for serving this country ...

Kathy C.



I've been waiting for this post! So happy for your family. Welcome home, Josh Downs. Thank you for your service.


So grateful for his safe return.

Nancy Boothe

Thank you Josh, for leaving everything to go serve our country.

Thank you Karen, Ross, Coley, Courtney, and Annie for living life without him for all these months. You sacrificed a lot.

I will try to be the best citizen I can be because of what you have done.


OH GEEZ I cried over that photo. So happy he is home! Welcome home Josh!!! ;)


Welcome Home! God bless you Josh Downs! Relax, enjoy your family, your home and your country. You deserve a good rest. Prayers were answered.

teresa b


Sandra A

*Exhale* Let it out; your family is finally together. Welcome home, Josh Downs. So glad you made it back safely. God bless your whole family.


Welcome home Josh Downs.... enjoy resting in the embrace of your family - and they in yours.


A huge thank you to Josh Downs for his service to our country and to you and the entire family for your sacrifice in living without him while he was gone. So happy to see your joyeous homecoming shot. Please take time and enjoy some much deserved family time.


so happy for you all! welcome home josh!

Denise~Paper Ponderings

Praise God!!! So, so, so happy for you!!!

cariena basson

wow. i am so happy for you and your family. i look forward to "your life" weekly, all the way here from South Africa!! enjoy each other!!

elizabeth @ chronic venture

so glad he's home safe!


Tears of relief. So happy your family is back together. Also glad you were able to document his homecoming. What a wonderful photo! (Our little group wasn't going to let you miss this moment, thanks to Marilou!)

carol stoler

Welcome Home and Thank you. Tears from Texas.

Linda Lynch

Such a precious moment for your family. And thank you Josh Downs for serving our country and keeping us safe :}

laura j

thank you so much for posting the photo happy for all of you!


Welcome home Josh!!! I am sitting in my office with tears running down my face. I am SO happy you are all together again and am SO thankful for Josh and all the others who serve our country. God bless you all!!

Nicole Campbell

Beautiful Picture!!!! Welcome home!!!!!!

Theresa Grdina

I cannot tell you how happy I am for you and your family. I have been praying for his safe keeping and am so relieved and glad that he is safely home. Enjoy your time together.

Shannon Laux

Wow! That picture says a MILLION words and emotions! Welcome home Josh Downs! Thank you for your service! So happy for your family! ENJOY!!!


Answered Prayer!!! Awesome picture and so Happy he is home safe and sound!!!


What a wonderful picture...welcome home Josh, welcome home!! And thank you for serving our beautiful country. God Bless you and God Bless America!! Great song, can't wait for my hubby to be happy for all of you!!!!!

Desiree Chandler

that has got to be THE.BEST.PICTURE EVER!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! So happy for you guys!!!!!!!


Saying a fervent prayer of thanksgiving for you all. As happy as I am for you all, I can't even imagine the joy you must be feeling.


Thank God!!! I am crying with joy for a family that I will never meet, but crying non the less. You have been blessed.


It doesn't get any better than this. Welcome home, Josh Downs!!


soooo happy for you. enjoy

Lori Craig

Best blog post ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie Donovan

This is the best picture on your blog!! Welcome home Josh!

Patty Hetrick

I know you must have been crying your eyes out! I have tears just from seeing the picture. I'm so happy for you and your family:) <3

Suezi Gurzi

RIGHT ON! Welcome Home Josh Downs and THANK YOU from my family to the Downs Family!!! Enjoy soaking your husband and Daddy in!

Carolyn Hall

The picture is breathtaking. It holds so much emotion and relief. I am so glad Josh is home safe and your family is once again whole!!! Thank you for all you do for this country Josh and thank you Karen for having to hold it together why he was away!!! So happy for all of you!!!!


Welcome home, Josh Downs! Thank you for your service. Thank you to the whole family for your sacrifice. SO happy he made it home safe. (and now to pretend I'm not getting all teary at work...)


Tears of JOY and RELIEF!


amen! gracias a dios!!!

Debbie G

God is good - all the time! Soooo thankful that He brought Josh Downs home to you and your family! I've been checking your blog several times each day in the hopes of "hearing" something or seeing a picture. Glad you got someone to take a picture of all of you. Welcome home Josh Downs!!! Enjoy your family time.


So, so happy for all of you. Welcome home Josh Downs (and thank you)!


Silent admirer of yours here, and I've been anticipating this post as much as I would the post about a new baby. Job well done Josh, Karen, and kids!


Yay!!! I am SO happy for all of you! The picture made me cry. Everybody looks SO happy!!!


Wow... what a homecoming! Welcome back to the USA Josh Downs and THANKS for your service!

Sally Davidson

I'm so happy for y'all!

Moriah Bettencourt

Thank God he is home safe & home with all of you. Thank you Josh Downs for your service. Enjoy your time. If your road trip happens to include the Bay Area, please drop me an email... I'd love to hook you up with fresh crabs for dinner :)


Welcome home Josh downs! Thank you for all you have done for our country!


God Bless your family & thank you Josh Downs for your service!


So wonderful!

karen eyink


Kate Bogucki

What a beautiful site!!!!!! Welcome home Josh and thank you all again for your service and sacrafice to protect us on the homefront. From a grateful American,


Whew....have been waiting for that post! Welcome home Josh! Have been praying and waiting for your safe return and for you to be reunited with your adorable family. Hugs (and tears) from Texas.

Alice Golden

The picture is worth a thousand words! brought tears to my eyes... SO thrilled for you all! Welcome home!


Yippee!!! How beautiful! Welcome home Josh Downs :)

Alison Brehmer

I've been obsessively checking your blog waiting for this post. There are some misty eyes in Alaska today for you. So happy for your family! Welcome home Josh Downs and from the bottom of my heart thank you for your service.

young nanny

Welcome home ... God bless


Welcome Home Josh Downs!! :) Welcome. HOME!

Cathy Marianne

Boy, you sure know how to make us cry. Welcome home! The music put it over the top. A sincere thanks for serving and for your family allowing us to share.

Marilyn Wallace

Welcome home, Josh Downs. I thank you for your service to our country.


Welcome home Josh Downs!!! So happy for all of you!


this is the best news. that pictures says a million things. enjoy your time together!


I just spent the last week reading your blog from the very beginning Karen. You have such a beautiful family and life and I am so overjoyed for you that Josh is home safe and in your arms. This is by far the best photo on your blog...I just keep looking at it with tears in my eyes. Wishing you a restful road trip filled with wonderful memories.


I don't even know you and yet this makes me so happy - can't even imagine how you feel :)

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