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I just am SO happy that you all are back together! This is such a powerful, lovely, tender image!


Yay! We are also a military family, though my husband retired a few years ago. I remember those first hugs and kisses when he first returned after being gone for so many months. It feels so good. :-) Welcome home, Josh. Glad you're all back together.




Welcome Home, Josh Downs! And God Bless you for your service. I'm sitting here in a puddle of tears. Enjoy your homecoming!

Mary Lib

Great Day !!!! Looks like some pretty happy smiling faces there. Enjoy every minute.Thanks Josh for serving our country, and welcome home.!


Thankful to God for bringing Josh safely home to all of you. Thanks for sharing this beautiful, beautiful moment.


Now I can sleep tonight... SO VERY HAPPY Josh Downs is home! :)

jennifer Camplin

Welcome home, J! Enjoy family time!!!

Family together!!!

Colleen Barron

Welcome back home Josh Downs. And thanks to you and those like you.....the land of the free and home of the brave. Much gratitude!!!!!

Nicky from Canada

So happy he is home to you all - safe and sound.
God Bless

Sarah K

Thank you Josh Downs for your service, hard-work and sacrificing time away from your beautiful family for us. God Bless You! Thank you Karen and family for sharing the strength and smarts of this wonderful guy with us. I know he is precious to you. Thank you God for bringing him home safely. I hope you all go make some wonderful memories together.


It feels like home. Beautiful. So glad to know you are all together again. xoxox


I am glad to read that he made it home safely and your family is complete! Thank you for sharing your soldier with our nation! God bless you all!


I have tears in my eyes, tears of joy!
Welcome home Josh Downs!


Welcome home Josh Downs! I'm so glad to hear this great news! Thank you again for your service!


Cheers here that your family is TOGETHER again...FINALLY :) I'm pretty sure your days just got a lot brighter in OR, and not just because the 'days are getting longer' :) Heidi

Lisa Gunn

Karen you still simply amaze me!!!! Thanks so much for taking us on this awesome journey of your life. What a great family you have, and yes welcome home Josh Downs!!!!!

Sarah Crawford

Welcome home Josh Downs!
Also, that picture? Absolute perfection. I teared up just seeing it.


Welcome Home Josh Downs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess Slingerland

So glad that Josh is home safe and sound and that you're family is back together!! Welcome home, Josh!


Your photo gives me the chills and brings tears to my eyes! I'm so glad he's home safe! Thank you for your service Josh!!!


Welcome home, Mr Downs

Jo E

So happy for you all to have Josh home. That picture tells a story of great love and relief. X


Oh! Yea for you!!! I'm happy for your family to be complete again.


Welcome home, Josh Downs. I'm confident the hugging will not stop for some time! I hope you all are enjoying some much deserved time together. Thank you to all of you for your sacrifice!! The photo says it all!!

laura plunk davis

thank you Josh Downs... and welcome home......


Welcome home, Josh. Thank you for your service!! May you and your family revel in the joy of togetherness!!


This makes me so happy!!!


I keep coming to the blog to see if you've updated (knowing that it's probably going to be a while), but it's just so nice to see that photo every time. :D


Oh Karen, I'm so relieved and happy for you and the kiddos!
Welcome Home Josh Downs - We all missed you!!!


Out of all the perfect photos you posted - this is the most perfect photo. As I've said before, from across the seas, hope you're going ok. I think this photo indicates that you're at this point, going ok.

Courtney Sheridan

Yeah!!!! Welcome home! I'm so happy for your family!!!

Laura Goode

What an answer to prayer. Thankful that your family is together. Thankful for the sacrifice you all have made for our freedom. Thankful that I got to go on this journey with you all.


Praise God!

Monica Laabs

My happiness for you all is overflowing.


Yipiee! Welcome home, so happy for you all!!


Welcome home Josh Downs! Thank you for your service to our country. So glad your family is together again.


Welcome home to your hubby and congratulations to all of you for making it through.

Laura M

Welcome Home Josh Downs!!! I'm so happy for you and your family...I've been thinking and praying for you!


Welcome home, Josh. We cannot ever thank you enough.

Denise Wallace

So happy for all of you! Thanks, Josh, for your service to our country and thanks to you and the kids for the sacrifice you made while he was gone.


So excited that your family is all together... miss your posts too. BUT that is okay! Then I won't take your thoughts and words for granted when you come back.

Lisa Damrosch

I've taken a break from blog reading lately...and today when I clicked on my reader and saw the word "home" next to your name my heart skipped a beat. Could it be? I held my breath and clicked, and now I sit here with tears in my eyes for a family I've never met. Thank you for sharing. This image is So beautiful...enjoy each other...and thank you Josh Downs.

Teresa Loop

Thank you for your service to our country Josh! But, I am so, so glad you are home!!!!! Many thanks to the person who took this awesome pic of you all!

Abby R

This picture gives me chills. I can't even begin to think what that emotion must feel like. So happy for your family!

Ember S.


Jennifer Fike

Welcome home Josh! I'm so excited your all of you! God Bless

Alissa H.

Welcome Home! I'm so glad you are back where you belong.

stefie Tidwell




I'm now off to repair my make up after crying like a baby.

God is good!


Welcome home Josh! Thank you for your dedication to this country and your service! And thank you to Karen and your family for yours as well! I appreciate all that you do from the bottom of my heart. I have the utmost respect and admiration for all of you!


what joy! love this pic so much. Thank you, Josh Downs!

Linda Schaaf

Ya, got a little choked up my self when I saw this picture, as family is everything. So happy for you and your family that you made it back to them safe and sound Josh. May God continue to bless you all. Big hug coming to you all from Canada, enjoy each other always.


so very happy for y'all. welcome home thankful for your service and sacrifice!


This warms my heart like no other. I'm sooo happy your family is whole again!!!

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

I know you aren't going to be blogging while Josh is newly home (WELCOME HOME, JOSH! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!), but I keep checking anyway (don't want to miss anything!), and wanted you to know that I smile each time I see the "Home" picture and post pop up. And tear up a bit, because it is just such a sweet, sweet moment captured. And then I re-listen to/watch the video, because I love it and our radio station doesn't play it nearly often enough. Thank you all for your service and sacrifices, and enjoy your time together!


grateful for happy homecomings!!!


Haven't been to your blog in a long time but thought about you this morning and the awesome time I had in your class and all you taught me. With that in mind I went to visit your blog this evening and saw this post. I got teary eyed, cause I'm so happy for you and your kids. Thanks for inspiring my life Karen!

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