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This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Wonderful post...still hoping you are thinking of an in person workshop in your area for Making the Shot alums....we WOULD come and we WOULD LOVE you! I have to say, I adore that library card catalog in the photos...I have wanted one of those since I was a little girl. Again...great post....time is passing and you all will be all together SOON. Thanks for your talent and your ability to share it.


can you do a workshop on how to use skype now?? wink!!

Gayle Shrader

I recommend Karen's workshop to anyone who wants to learn how to use their camera to its potential! It's awesome!!! Best workshop I've seen yet!!!


I was so happy to read this...You will be so incredibly glad that you arranged to take the summer off with the kiddos!!


Seriously made my day to hear you say that it takes a few months to get used to a different camera focusing system. I thought I was the worst photographer in the world when I switched to the D7000. I am getting the hang of it now. How long does it take if you send your camera in to be calibrated with lenses? How often should it be done?


HEY! i thought that was MY bed ;)


Do you scrapbook anymore? Or just print your photos and enjoy them in photo albums?


I owned a Nikon and now a is the focusing different?


Phew........I have a 7D and am glad you didn't hate it :)
and.....oh gosh....... I SO need one of those beds too!!!! my office is cold though so I settle for the couch!


I think that's so sweet that Cole is making a puppet for his sister!

 ♥ Debbie

ROFLMAO........Laughing so hard I have tears STREAMING down my face from those videos!! Glad you had an opportunity to check out the 7D!
I ♥ the 'Q' button, it's one of my favorite features!!


When does Josh get home???


Focus, can it ever be too sharp??? I toiled with my D7000 from March to December but alas, the lovely focus I've seen here, eluded me. During my Christmas visit to family I carried my camera +50mm cross-country, straight in to Nikon's suberb new HQ in PTA and after 20 minutes they called me to say there was "nothing wrong" bar my high ISO/low SS. Suffice to say, it's doing exactly what I'd hoped for now! I loved the whole experience, drooled over their high-end equipment and with their tweaking, learning from Karen's class last year + 9 months practising I now have some photo's I'll be happy for Karen to critique. On skype. For sure. Also, I'm in line to get my sister into the next class - she's gonna love the boost for her photography and as for finding out which cake to eat and which to leave, that's Karen's built in bonus!!!

Holly Preslar

And thank you SO much, Karen, for answering the question about what you will do since our favorite has gone away! As one of the "bazillions",we appreciate that you care enough to answer our questions! You are totally awesome! :-)

Jen CT

Hi Karen! I've got a question for you about how you did those amazing hearts that hung from the ceiling. My mom and I think you had some sort of grid to hang them all from, but we can't figure it out - do tell. Thanks!

diane herman

see you in April :)

Nancy Wyatt

Hi Karen! I use out of Orem UT and they are wonderful! They are a small shop so they give a lot of attention to detail. I first heard of them through Rhonna Farrer then saw their work at an event i attended. I have ordered prints from them with great satisfaction! Might be worth looking into them :) Hugs from Conroe, TX

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