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Theresa S.

What a memory and picture to go along with it. Congrats on getting all of that exercise in--you are an inspiration to me.


Annie looks just like you! And you and your sister's socks are the same length, which I find hilarious! You need some of those for your runs now!


OMG!!! I thought that was little Miss Annie!

Good for you exercising while visiting with family. Things DO change....


Kim S.

well, now we know that Annie looks just like her mom when she was a little girl!


You hate your legs, why? So cute!!! And you still stand like that, btw. So adorable!!!

Patricia Ellis

Miss Annie is you from Head to Toe!! Genetics are amazing:) And great for you getting all that kick-boxing in. You must have loved it!


You girls were "rockin" the socks....Glad that you are keeping in such good shape so that when J. gets home, you can give him a run for the money! Love seeing how much Annie looks like her mommy.


Yeah, Valentine you look wonderful in tube-socks!


I thought that was Annie!


I "see" annie in that picture..and so cute, the response from Josh..and no I do not read all of the comments...just saw the "Valentine" cute!!!

Shannon Laux

I instantly saw Annie, from the swoop in the hair to the cute smile! Josh's comment is adorable and I love your...if you are reading this Josh cousin and his wife both just got back from Afghanistan and Iraq respectively..they have two lil boys and both my cousin and his wife were gone a little over year..I got to see a glimpse of their reunion and I can't wait to see you and Josh and your family reunite in the physical sense. You already are united as one in spirit! So proud of you for working out..I so need to get there.


Oh my look just like Annie!!! Gotta love the good ol' pictures!

Jona Panesa

you look like Annie here!!! try letting Annie wear socks like that!


I love that there really is a place called Bonanza.


oh Annie!

love it!

Lori Craig

Um, you look like Annie in tube socks. LOL.

Nancy Wyatt

And me too, you sure that isn't Annie ;) Love the tube socks!

Kickboxing Classes in Johnston

Perhaps those kick-boxing boot-camp days are the fondest of all memories you got.

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