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Elizabeth C,

That is a precious idea!! I really love it, and I've never heard of anyone doing anything like that before with a deployment. The directions to go do something are really fun, too. It could be tricky if it says to go to a movie and it's a Tuesday night or something, though. :)

I had wondered about your last name (as silly as that sounds!)


Oh have the nicest..most romantic husband ever...but you know that! Oh and now I'm am gonna go dig out my Grandmas (she is 95 years young) hankies and make myself a table inspire me! As for the pony...maybe you should hire pony for her next rides and photo ops...just saying it would be pretty cute!
Oh and if you are reading this Josh safe and know that you and the rest of your team are in our prayers. God Bless


I found this song about joining the circus. It's pretty cute. Thought about your previous post when I heard it!


What a sweet idea! I am excited about the fact you can see the bottom of the jar!


No way! I count in THREES!!! I thought I was the only one who did that :D

amy farrell

OMG I have counted in 4's since I was little...esp when stressed. I have never met another who does this!


There are not very many left in that jar!!!! Oh, Karen. I love that the end is in sight. Even more, I love that your last name is Downs:-) KD should be your new nickname! I can't wait to see operation "home coming" I think that is what you called it. GO DOWNS!!!

Donna N.

Love the notes and LOVE the tablerunner! Awesome Downs!


So happy that you can see the bottom of the jar!


The notes are so sweet, but what really strikes me is the beautiful light in that room!


Wow. So, so sweet. What a beautiful thing to do for the children (and you!). I love that some of them are kinda deep, and some of them are kinda silly ("I feel like a fortune cookie writer") but they all are full of love and make an instant connection.


What a man you got there! I've been praying for him (and his safe return) and I too am glad (although I didn't know it until just now) that you are beginning to see the bottom of that jar!


Mrs. R

Do you know this offer?

We made one for my older sister who is bobbing up and down in the ocean. And the word bobbing reminds me of this video. (I dare you to watch it and not laugh!)


Sorry video didn't show.


sweet baby, sweet baby, sweet baby squirrel

carole R

Such a delightful idea - what a clever man you have!
And its good to see you getting to the bottom of your cookie jar!
State fairs - pony rides? Just an idea. Love the table runner made of old hankies.


Love that Jar!!!
Can you share a pic of the whole hankie runner???

tara pollard pakosta

He's a GREAT daddy!
I love that he did this for you and for them....

my daughter counts EVERYTHING, she has OCD though, and I forget what
she has to come out either odd or even, she likes one better than the other and
I can't remember which....drives me crazy!

can't wait for your guy to be HOME where he belongs.
but please tell him THANK YOU for serving, it means so much to me to know
that these men + women are keeping us safe here in the states & I so appreciate that.
Thank you Josh Downs!


What an unbelieveable husband and father. I am so impressed. It makes me so happy for you that you are starting to see the bottom of the jar. God bless you all.


Nancy McPeak

Karen Downs, I think you should buy the pony! LOL Love this. Love you.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I absolutely loved this! I think you are the cutest couple and loveliest family.


Nevermind on the hankie pic...
I found it at the strawberry chili dinner pics a few days ago....

Gina f.

Love this post, love your hankie table runner! I would love to find some hankies like yours! You know what I would do with your little fortune cookie love notes.... I would get some felt to make pages and stitch 1 or both sides of notes then make a fabric book. If you search needle book tutorials you can find something that looks doable for you as far as the construction part goes and then adjust the size to fit your needs. Have a fun day!!


I also was going to say that jar is looking kind of empty. So glad he will be home soon!! Stay Safe, Josh!! And how nice to have those to help get you through the long deployment. Poor Annie... I saw a big stuffed pony at the store not too long ago... ;-) A heck of a lot cheaper and easier to care for! :)

 ♥ Debbie

What a sweet & thoughtful man Josh Downs is!!


Hallelujiah!!! :D


Hallelujiah x 4!!! :D


You've got to have THE most thoughtful husband ever! Thank you for sharing this.


your family tape are those sweet notes of chicken scratch! Its stuck you guys together through this long long haul. I'm so glad your almost at the end of that jar.
And your vintage fabrics are sweetness. I love them. Your walls look freshly painted, I think I need an PS action that does that...!


What a great thing to it!! ( especially the fortune cookie one!! ) as well as your vintage hankie table runner. And good for you saving them will scrapbook again some day.


I love that he did this for you all and I am so glad you're getting close to the bottom of the jar!

Shauna M
a friend of mine posted this the other day on fb- she didn't write it... I think its great- and kind of goes with your blog the other day about just being overwhelmed and that kind of thing.. I would love to hear what you thought of it- I thought it was so fitting to the life of an every day mom!


Love this post,and your table runner---and your sweet Annie. I love all your posts though, so I'm actually commenting because I have a question. Do you think watermarking photos online is unnecessary? I love photography and blogging, and don't want to add that extra step to posting. And my photos aren't even close to the level of yours, so I didn't worry. But I keep hearing about people lifting photos and know you recently dealt with a fake FB page. I'm curious to hear your thoughts.



He has flowers sent every Friday AND he left notes in a jar...seriously Girl, you've got it good. I do too, but my sweet hubby isn't that creative!

Alissa H.

I love Josh Downs. I'm glad to see he has someone who appreciates how awesome he is! And I'm glad to see he appreciates *my* Karen Russell.


I am so glad you & Josh Downs found each other. Seriously. You're meant to be together. And I can't wait for him to get home to all of you! (And 4 has been my favorite number since I was a very little girl!)

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