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Just darling! That photo of you....SO darn cute...Coley sure knows about focus points, and wonderful lighting! :) What great memories together. I am sure Josh Downs is smiling and waiting!


Love this so much! The questionnaire is awesome!!


I'm going to comment on a few of your posts...
please don't quit your blog. You are such a fantastic writer and I love reading your blog and looking at your awesome photos....(but please note that I am NOT your phantom facebook person).
I am a stay at home Mom that struggles with many of the same things that you do, so it's nice to relate.
I printed out the same story about the Chronos/Kairos mom that you were talking about...before you posted it on here, and my favorite part was the 'peeing over there in the corner' one also, except I loved that she said "She's my favorite one" because for some reason, in that split second, I had pictured a boy peeing in the corner. Makes me smile everytime I read/get that visual that it was a girl peeing in the corner.
That article is hanging on my fridge for me to keep life in perspective, because even though I love all FIVE of my kids dearly and most of the time feel that I am doing a good job, but we all have those days. Sometimes it's a countdown to bedtime!
I know that we all have behind the scenes days. I often get told in public that I am very patient with my kids and people love hearing me interact with them, but man, when they get out of bed for the tenth time after a long day, when all I need is me time, look out!
So, you are doing great! And I have to say that everytime you have a family get together and Cali is not there, I start worrying that she and Ross have broken up. Big sigh of relief when I read further down and see them together:) I think that they are just so cute!
(As are you and Josh Downs)


Whilst trying not to compare my behind-the-scenes self with your highlight reel I just have to say that your kids are lucky you are their mum:)


You are a great mama!!! I'm stealing this idea and getting started ASAP! ;)


I'm taking a Brave Girls Club Body Restoration on-line class and yesterday the lesson included a line similar to the one you mentioned a few posts ago...Stop comparing the worst in yourself with the best in others.
That being said...You are so darn cute in that coat and scarf combo!


You are one mom that really ROCKS!! Your children will never forget their lunch dates. Fun!

Anita G.

Love you in that pic! You look fabulous! And as usual Cole is just sooo stinking cute!! What a wonderful boy you are raising! :) You are soo lucky that all of your kids are sooo tolerant of the camera... :)


Ah I wish my mom had one on one time with me and wanted to get to know me better. Love the pictures.

My husband and I had a good time using this little questionairre and I found out his dad teased him that he would change his name from Matt to Farqwar (?). Too funny. AND Matt's brother and sister confirmed! (gotta love texting)
I'll have to scrap about that.


I still remember a lunch date with my dad when I was in grade school. I remember what I ate, where we went and it's been 45 years! I only wish we'd taken a picture of that date! It meant so much then and means so much more now that he is in Heaven and I cannot have another lunch date with him!

Love your blog, your family and you - don't stop blogging, please!

and if you are reading this Josh Downs, cannot wait to see photos of your reunion with your wonderful family - they'll be priceless! All of us who read Karen's blog anxiously await your safe return!

Ingrid from the Netherlands

I love your idea of the questionnaire. I'll probably gonna use it for my children too. And a one-to-one-lunch, I think, is just what my son and I need right now. I hope he will look on the photos just as cute as Coley does ;-)

heather garl

Love your questionaire idea...I wonder if my 8 year old could complete that? We'll try!
I do enjoy visiting your blog, You update a lot more than I do and I think your photos are very creative. I'm in awe but how full of light they are. I love that! I find it very challenging to get a good photo inside.


Way to go '10' Mom--- I would probably be a 2 if I'm lucky.
Love the comment about Ross---that is too cool!

Alissa H.

You look beautiful in that picture of you. You should send Josh Downs a print of that one.

Heather Casper

Karen Russell please don't ever stop what you are doing!!! You give me confidence and vision for the mama I strive to be every day ... I, too, will be "stealing" your lunch date idea and your short little questionaire. Our world can be viscious and you so don't deserve that ... each time I seek out your blog to get caught up I learn something from it. Your love of our God, your love of our family and of course, your photography. We all have obstacles in our lives and I think those that truly follow you for who you are know your life isn't perfect and that you face struggles everyday as well. Please don't let those who are negative bring you down. I think I can vouch for a lot of us that you mean so very much to the majority that follow you. God bless you and your family and I will continue to pray for a safe return to your loving arms for Josh Downs.

Jona Panesa

you really are such a cool mom!!!

A Facebook User

You so Rock!

A Facebook User

That was me who said that....... I didn't realise if you logged in under facebook it called you facebook user!
I'm Fran and You so Rock! Love reading your blog.


The photo of the 2 of you at the table is priceless!

Account Deleted

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