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mandy friend

i love this! we've never been! may need to be visiting ashland soon. and swoony jacket you have. and i'm glad i'm not your sister, the poor girl. you manage to always get her at her best;)


Wow, an outdoor rink! wonderful group shots, Karen. GREAT that you're in them too.


Love, love, love these pics! You did a great job capturing the day...and so nice to see you in some of the shots as well!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Looks like another fun outing - you guys are too cute! And please don't tell me Annie is turning 6 soon! I can't believe it!! Wow. Where does the time go?


You're missing a kid!

I love Lithia Park. They didn't build the ice rink until I moved away from the Rogue Valley and although we are back there pretty frequently, I've never been! Could be that I have no coordination and a fondness for staying off of my butt. But it looks like fun!

Kirsten J

Am I the only one who is surprised at how much Cole looks like Annie??? That picture in the middle, where he is smiling with his mouth closed and the hat on - wow!!! Y'all do so many fun activities - I really should get out with my family a little more often :P


Love the colour Annie is wearing! And you are so darn cute!
I'm another that is a little jealous by all you and your family do with extended family.

 ♥ Debbie

This looks like so much fun!!! I love Annie's coat and her adorable crocheted hat....the colors match your branding perfectly!!


Hi Karen - love the shots.
Unrelated to your post, I have just now found out that has closed. Do you have a comparable site for
photo storage?? My heart is breaking... Uggg.


Can he bring the whole military with him when he comes home? lol. (wish)


I love your closeness with your family. Where did you get your coat and scarf-they are adorable!!


These photos look different. I wonder if you tried a new lens or a different way of processing than normal...hmmm. They are wonderful! I love them btw. I am going to have to use that thing you sent us(shooting info) and see what I can figure out!

Michelle Last

I le it when you are in front of the camera as well. As behind it xx

Shenandoah Bed and Breakfast

Very nice and unusual pics of you and your other family members. It is crystal clear all of your family members really enjoyed this trip and we can see the happiness and freshness on all of your faces.


How fun! Keeping busy, hanging with family, togetherness. Love.

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