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More goose bumps thinking of J. reading the story to the kids. Enjoy your time away. Thinking of you. BTW...your Making the Shot was a REAL gift....AWESOME!

Julie in Aust.

Much love from Oz....


go on an rest... abide.


That image is...beautiful. In every sense of the word.


So funny, I did a similar thing with some hankies over the holidays. Mine is for a curtain to hang in a window though. You can see it here:
Love your table runner! P.S. I made a quilt out of vintage hankies too, about 3 yrs ago for my daughter. Love hankies!
Hope you have a good few days off. Happy New Year!

Mary Ann Jenkins

That photo just takes my breath away Karen. Perfect in every sense of the word. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart.

tania willis

such a cool, cool way for them to connect from so many miles and miles away. :) you have such a sweet way about your family karen.


That is rather wonderful. The picture and the table runner and the phone call.



That is AWESOME!!!!!! Love to see pics of your table runner :)

Laura C.

Holy cow.. I just love your blog. What a beautiful family! I'll keep your husband {and all the servicemen} in my prayers. God Bless y'all!


How amazing is it that he can call them and read to them from as far away as he is! I love that!

Janet K

Love the photo, the phonecall & the table runner!! I have a bunch of vintage hankies & was debating what to make with the table runner idea!!

Sarah K

Wow, that just brought a tear to my eye. I hope the rest of your time apart goes quickly for you and you find that you've grown much closer to God during your time apart from Josh. I can imagine how much you've need to lean on His strenght to get through this time. God Bless!

Sandra in GP

I'm so glad that I popped on here for a few minutes. My second husband just left the driveway with a trailer full of his things. He's gone. The reason is a good one really but there is a huge hole in my heart and I've spent my whole life working on how "I" could fix things instead of letting God do it for me. I have given it to God this time and I'm not taking it back. I rest in his promises. I am going to be still.

Elizabeth C,

How sweet that he called to read that to them! I love that. What a great way to include him.

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