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Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

OOH people make me mad! You should definitely contact Facebook to shut the page down.

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

Seriously?? That's messed up.(And yeah, Stephanie is right -- you should report it to FB.) But I like your attitude about it! :-)


What the.....?!?! That's just wrong. But I like the way you addressed it :)

Moriah Bettencourt

OMG what a loser that person is :/-


I'm going to unfriend you on fb right now!:)

Barbara Simmons

What?!?! You just gave me another reason to avoid the whole social networking world. Not doing it!


That is SO creepy! The imposter definately needs to get a life! Thanks for the heads-up!!

mandy friend

creepy! report it!


What the heck is wrong with people. I'm so sorry to hear about this Karen.


Wow. This person NEEDS to get a life.


Nice... and I am saying that with total sarcasm in my fingers. You were just saying the other day that you don't have time for any of those places... Well, God Bless You! Just another chance for me to add that for you.


Yep, you don't strike me as the Twilight type! And is Jill one of her friends? (Is Jill even on there?) THAT would be the first clue she is not YOU!!! :)

Theresa S.

Yes notify Facebook that someone else is posing as you. They should handle it for you. Ultra creepy.


What would possess someone to want to do that? Well, to try to look on the bright side, she must really want to be you, or be like you. Pajamas and all.


Wow, you are handling that miraculously well. I would be freaked out. On one hand its the sincerest form of flattery, because you are a rock star inspiration to so many of us. But on the other, it is flat out wrong. I have seen other imposter pages on facebook removed because enough people click the little link on the page and reported it to facebook.

Nicole Reid

I just sent her a nasty message on Facebook letting her know what a creep she is. You are indeed a rock star but it's just wrong for someone to be pretending to be you. Copying your haircut is one thing, photos of your family crosses waaaaaay over the line.

Beth B.

wow that is really creepy and bizarre and... why?! Wow.


OMG that is soooo ridiculous!!! People are just out of hand! Unbelievable. I would be pissed if I were you. Way to deal with it in a mature manner!


Who does those things? Obviously someone with WAY too much time on their hands. I find it BEYOND creepy - and very unsettling.

Melinda T

LOL! You are way cooler than cool, but the other "Karen"...what a loser!


Report it to Facebook Karen. This is unsafe.

Paola Norman

Sorry to hear this Karen, I'm glad you pointed it out. I would so report this. I hope this person has the good sense to remove the profile and apologize to you.


That is unreal, I can not believe people are like that in the world. Thanks for the heads up.


That person DID get a life. Karen's. At least put them in time out real Karen.


WHY??? Seriously??? I'm so sorry to hear this Karen but love your attitude about it. :)

Karen P.

I don't get it!!!! Why? What kind of person thinks to do this type of thing?? Like those that steal images and post them as their own! How do they sleep at night? I'm sorry that this happened to you!


I was so excited when 'you' friended me! I think it's disgusting!


Ok, so it's a bit creepy that someone posed as you, but love your attitude and am so with you on being irritated that they would post twilight as your favorite book! Hang in there with your great attitude!! ljh


oh good grief! that is crazy or rather that person is crazy


seriously? wow......

Kirsten J

Yeah....I'm not such a Facebook fan. Imitation may be sincere flattery, but stealing your identity is something more. As my friend says, maybe she has all 6 cans, but she's missing that plastic thingie that holds them together :)


This world is full of total whackos! This is proof positive. I can't even fathom why in the world some nut would do that. I would totally report it and get FB to delete it. BTW I am sure you are WAY cooler. Even without using your highlight reel. LOL


Karen you crack me up! Love your attitude. That person is obviously jealous of how great you are.
Who has the spare time to create a false account with pictures and everything? Rediculous.

Chris from VA Beach

OMG, my friend just posted today on FB that someone else has set up an account in HER name. That is so wrong. Sorry it happened to you, too.


what a creep!

I reported it to facebook, I hope they take it down.


SO NOT COOL! You have to wonder...what is wrong with someone that they stoop to this level for attention. Love ya Karen! Anyone that knows you, would most likely be shocked that you had joined Facebook, Twitter...etc!


I just don't get why someone would do something like that... It's sick! So sorry you have to deal with this!

Amy Z

what is wrong with people? definitely notify facebook.


I was excited for a minute cause I thought you joined facebook. That is freaky creepy. Bleech.


Eew, so, so weird. Do you have a FB page for Snapshots of a good life? Cuz when you go to your website their is a link at the bottom to like it. Just wanted to be sure. Your twighlight comment was hilarious ;)

teresa b

WOW!! Unreal!!!


creepy... so sorry karen..


that is so wildly creepy. Clearly you got FB to shut this down!!???


okay..that is crazy weird...or is it wierd...whatever it is, is it!


Just another reason why I DON'T DO facebook! I seriously hate it. This person needs a life and facebook needs to make some changes. UNREAL!!!!


You are one cool Sista to be so calm about this! If someone took pics of my kids they'd be living face off not facebook! That is seriously twisted, report it & quickly.


Seriously...that is so weird!!!

Carol D. Graham

I am on facebook and tried to report it but they stated that you will have to report it yourself. Please do, this is totally NOT right. Take care,


Jenn A.

Wow, that is just wrong! I am so sorry this is happening. I wonder what kind of person would do such a thing...

Jen Davis

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! Life just is too crazy these days, and wacked! This just leaves me with a bad feeling.

t emmons

J says "ewe!! that is just creepy", and I say you're a doll for handling it the way you have online. love your code word. everyone should have one. ;o) continue to be blessed.

tara pollard pakosta

seriously that's NUTS!

Anita G.

I agree with everyone...definitely report it. Hopefully FB will shut it down. :( So sorry you have to deal with this.

Elizabeth C,

That's creepy. Ick.


That is SO weird! I don't even know what else to say. But I did want to point out that you are one of the most witty, talented, amazing, beautiful women I've ever met (and yes, we met, briefly a VERY long time ago). But you are crazy good at what you do and I've often wished to be you when I grew up (even though I am older than you). In any case, I am sometimes baffled that you don't always see in yourself the incredible person we (your fans) do see... I mean really, nobody is out on FB trying to be me ;)


That is the second time you have mentioned that someone has done this to you. I can't remember the other site. Way too creepy!! I hope you get facebook to remove the page that does not belong to you. I guess you can look at as a compliment but the individual giving the compliment isn't going about it in the right way.

 ♥ Debbie

Sorry this happened to you (again)! That is scary and way creepy! I would report it and hopefully FB will shut them down!


Ugh! Waaaay creepy and twisted.


WHY????!! I just don't get it! :-S


What? Wow...that is just bizarre behavior. I remember there was something with Annie a few years ago, too. Clearly you have something that people like! Sorry, though; I really just don't get what the purpose of that is (impersonating). Anyway, hope all is well.....oh and LOVE the notes from Josh!


wow that sucks!!! and this imposter was on my friends list....she is now blocked & reported


That is crazy!

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