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carole R

What a handsome boy!! I love the photo where he is on the chair looking over his shoulder - brilliant!

Heather Casper

What an awesome kid you have there ... gorgeous (ok strike that) handsome pictures of a handsome son! Thanks for sharing!


The catch lights in his eyes.....oh my!
You are workin' that Canon girlie!

t emmons

throwing digits is always a favorite boy shot of mine; usually i get a 'shaka'. and how unfortunate is it for those un-believers?? Ours had a discussion with friends over not believing in such personas. i'm not sure who i am more sad for; the un-believer in my house, or myself because he is growing up too fast.

be blessed,



This post is a perfect example of "it is the photographer that makes the shot".....not the camera. Your posts are always wonderful, but just LOVE love, these shots focused on cute Coley! Wonderful.

Robin N

I give--where did you send your Nikon? My lenses look like I opened my camera and poured sand into them. COuld be the last 2 summers on the beach in Rhode Island, but, I would LOVE to know where to send them to be cleaned and serviced. Please tell!!


Okay, you have to tell us where you got that chair! Coley is looking very grown-up these days! Good for you for getting him to sit still for a little while!


Gorgeous, gorgeous Cole!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

he is such a cutie! And I love photos where you can see how much that kiddo loves his mom - it just shines out from his whole face.


Love him, love that chair, and I just saw your face on the "I Am a Photographer" project from Clickin Moms and yelled out loud, "KAREN!" Awesome work!!


That chair is awesome! And so is Cole for co-operating!


as always beautiful photos; and i really love that chair (is it a one of a kind or can anyone buy one)


Great shots...Cole you are such an awesome kid!!!! Thanks for the info Karen!


I love my 7D! I am still a Canon girl. . . . And the photos of Cole are great!

Lisa Valente

Cole takes amazing pictures - I love 'em. He looks like he's very patient. He's getting quite grown up and very handsome!

Thank you for the info. on camera maintenance. Just opening my manual makes my eyes water, my heart rate go off the chart, I break out in hot flashes and I'm pretty sure the sky starts to fall when I touch that manual. I wonder if they have audio manuals for those of us that have to read each sentence 20 times and google every other word? Or I'm just a freak. yeah, I'm probably just a freak, lol.

Mr. Josh Downs seems like a very inspirational kinda guy who is always thinking down the road. Quite the prize you have there, Mrs. Downs.

Rae Clevett

So how's the 7d working for you? I've never shot with Nikon so have no frame of reference but do love my 5dmII and 7d. I'll be waiting to hear what you think of the 7d.


Love your "go to guy" - he's adorable and your photos are beautiful as always.

Elizabeth C,

Karen, I'd be curious to know which lenses you rented with the 70D. I'm assuming a 50mm, of course, but wondered if you picked out a few more, too. Does it feel funny to be using a crop sensor again?


You always manage to take fantastic photos no matter what camera--- LOVE the color of that chair Cole is in. WOW!


Looks like you are fully functional!

Great pictures I am analyzing thier composition.......

; )

One happy student.

Cindy Welch

I love my Canon 7D. WAs cheaper than switching to Nikon. Looking forward to what you think. Took it to NYC recently with some fantastic shots, but then again my iphone took a few amazing shots too!!! lol. I just sent another box to josh and the boys. Got a nice thankyou note from him after xmas. Think of you often. Crazy life for all of us. Stick to it Girl!!!! I bought the car behind me at starbucks their coffee after reading your post!!!!

Corina Turner

Ten teeth? Wow that's a huge number! What happened to those teeth? His teeth look okay on the upper part though. How often does he visit his dentist? He seems to be a bit mature for his age to not believe in the tooth fairy.

Williams Schermer

Lost teeth are like a warning. I'm very sorry for that. I suggest you heed what to your eyes have seen. Have you brought him to the dentist? That would be the best thing to do in this case.

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