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Your uncles are the best! I love it when they're in the pics!!! Fun times!!!


These all made me smile! And realize how boring my family is!:)

Terry D.

Like I said before - I love that your family has so much fun together & you LOVE being together. Please adopt me?


your Christmas pictures are better than anyone elses. Gosh darn it. It looks so fun!
and your look REALLY slim in that last dancing picture, guess the voice in your head that gets you to run has been talking loud. Good for you!


I have to tell have inspired me...we had Jeff's family over on New Years Eve and I had everyone dancing in my kitchen...SO MUCH FUN!!! Sad to say I don't have a lot of pics because I was having too much fun DANCING!!!!!


Had to comment on Ross and his OBEY shirt. My son, who is one year younger than Ross, has two of those tees. On a recent trip to Chicago we found an entire wall with 6 different OBEY graffiti paintings. We took MANY pics there. Ross would love it! Sorry I'm way too scared to share the pics with ya, it was a very fun wall if you are ever in downtown Chicago near Navy Pier. :)
P.S. Love the family shots!


What kind of pine trees do you have?? As a lifelong east coast and mid-west gal I'm not familiar with the kind you and your family have. And I love how skinny the trunk is and how far apart the branches are. So cute!


Sounds like a plan to me!


*cooch*... nearly wet myself! You're always good for a laugh, K!! Lord knows I needed one this morning!

Corrine A.

I want to join your family...they look so fun! Why is it that Annie looks like such an angel in every pic? Must be that adorable face and your mad photography skills!

ana roat

We use to dress up to the nines for christmas but now we play it casual. Love that your family feels so comfortable in a fun and casual way too. Makes it all the more personal. Great photos!

oh and Kelly...I'm sure that your OBEY pictures are great too--don't be afraid to share them. I bet Karen would love to see them as well. Don't have to be a great photographer to make great memories....


Looks like a great time!
I forgot to tell you that on New Year's eve, our hostess's brother had a beaver's jersey on.


Looked like an entertaining dance filled afternoon - some beautiful shots as always.

teresa b

hhaha Looks like a great time!! Cracks me up!! hahahaha

Mary Claire

Such fun! I too am in love with the tree. Nothing like that in the midwest. I'd buy an artifical tree like that if I could find one!


cool familie!! can I be part of it!! mine is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not fun!

kim-todays creative blog

Karen, Loved your Mom post and just wanted you to know that I totally read COOCH and thought "what an awkward name", then reading what your sister thought had me in giggles, like almost all your posts do at some point.

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