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Katie Johnson

Can I just say, Karen Russell, that you are a pretty darn amazing. I don't even know you, but I swear you come along with these profound messages EVERY time I really need them.

Today, your post has me in tears. I just can't even put into words how much I needed to hear what you wrote. And YES I am in on that pact. I am just starting to get back into exercising after a 2 year absence. I've never ever been a runner, but between your triathalon post and today's post, I am bound and determined to get off my butt and MOVE. And by golly, I WILL run a 5k this year. I can't wait to see my picture next January!

Thank you Karen!


Loved your post! I blogged about my own goals this year with health and fitness which include running a 5k, 10k, & a 1/2 marathon next December w/my hubby for our 15th wedding anniversary. So, I am in!!

Thanks for the continued inspiration!


I've wanted to complete the couch to 5K program fo a while now. This is gonna be the year. Of course, today all of my kids were supposed to be back at school and the littlest one turned up puny, so I'm at home. But there's always tomorrow!


I'm in! I want to train for a 1/2 marathon this year.


You described me to a 'T' with my hatred for running. Which is why I will sign up and run my first 5k this year.

Marilyn Johnson

Karen, I really miss being the athlete I once was when I was younger. I was a runner, track though, not long distance. I so badly want to run again but have multiple excuses why I don't. I will make a pack, not necessarily that I will be able to do a 5K but that I will take up running again. Thanks for the inspiration!


*gulp*....I'm in. I'm gonna raise my hand REALLY high and aim for a 10K. What the h*** am I thinking??!!

Theresa S.

I'm in for a 5k--Going to participate in the "Women Running Wild" 5k at the end of March--training now and I am NOT a runner at all. I'm in the "I hate it/I tolerate it" category right now. Hoping to learn to love it. So I'm with you and I'm putting my hands up high . . . Theresa Colby Smith is going to run a 5k in 2012.

Brandi Talmadge

Your posts are consistently inspiring and I thank you for sharing your inner most thoughts, emotions and daily living with all of us in the outside world where it can sometimes be raw and uninviting. You're a breath of fresh air girl!

I too hate running, have tried it several times and have zero interest and did I say that I hate it? I do however love to exercise and am normally consistent however the last year and half of my life it's been thrown to the back seat for many different reasons. As a result it has affected my my health, my self confidence, and my relationships. I know one thing and that is at the end of the day I have complete control over this matter and must make exercise my priority again. My goal for 2012 is to go back to my regular work-out schedule which entails being able to complete a 1-hour spin class (without being unable to walk for 3 days - I haven't done this part of my routine in 5+ years) and getting my body back to a point where I personally feel & look healthy.

Thank you for inviting us all to join the 2012 Exercise Journey. I'm so excited to be a part of this and for us all to reap the benefits of hard committed exercise.

Julie Pilch

I'm with you! I did my first run of the year yesterday with a friend and it hurt but we are determined to egg each other on and do it. I'm going to do The Race for Life (a 5k run in aid of womens cancer) in the summer. Hands up Hiiiiggghhh.

Liz Butler

I'm doing a project 52 this year, with my health being a top priority. I want to lose 40lbs by the time my 40th birthday rolls around (June) and I want to sign up for a 5K. I know a 5K doesn't sound like much, but I am NOT active today, so that seems like a realistic goal.

BTW, one of my other priorities is improving my photography skills, which is why I'm enrolled in your current session of Photographer's Workshop... YIPEE!!!

So, thank you for inspiring me with two of my big priorities this year! :-)

Ann Poole

To be honest, I HATE the idea of running... I don't even like going for walks. I am for sure the most inactive person to read this BLOG. But I do want to get active... I know I could enjoy it if I just get started. Thanks for the inviting each of us to join in doing a 5K. Yes, count me in... changing my comfort zone from computer chair sitter to runner! I think I am going to be doing a lot of walking before I ever get to any running!


I'm putting my hands up hiiiiiiiigh! I will run a 5K this year. No excuses! In 2011 I actually learned to love running, too, and I am NOT a runner. But then we moved across the country and that took over my life for several months, and once I fall out of the habit it's all over. Just like you said. Best of luck to you in your 2nd triathlon.


I did a 9 mile walk/run alternating trail Saturday & that was the first time I have been active since August & I LOVED IT!!!!!! so my goal is a half marathon in October.

Thanks for being so REAL!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I used to be a runner, then a messed up knee ended that - but I will commit to a lot more walking - does that count? I do miss the times when no matter how wrecked your body felt from it, my mind felt freer and clearer. And now I am off to starve some pathways, and feed some others. a good message Karen - just when I needed it too!


I've got bad knees so I'm not running much these days.
But I swim and there's a new contest with prizes at my pool for every 25 miles you swim.
So I'm going for 25 miles/month.
Six down, 19 more to go for January:)


FYI Ann Poole - you might have some competition in the dept of most inactive person to read this blog!! I'm thinkin that would be me. And as much as I don't even like to go for walks, I have wanted to be a runner for a long time. I'm putting my hands up hiiiiiiiiiggghhhh for the couch to 5k. I started it about a year ago, then got really sick about a week or two into it and never picked it back up. I have very loud, strong voices like yours in my head. But no more, I'll take a b4 pic and then another one next yr for you to post! YAAAY! I can't wait! You are the best Karen. I thought of you when I read about some National Guardsmen coming home in the paper. Thought I can't wait til Karen and the kids get to be there when Josh Downs comes home;) Wish I could make it to one of those ceremonies - sound so wonderfully patriotic!

kristen ohran

Love this post, Karen. You are an inspiration. I am one of those that loves to run (always have), but I haven't always been as dedicated to stick with it faithfully over the years. So .. Yes! I'm "in" too! I am training for my first 10k race (in May) and then my goal for the year is a 1/2 marathon in September.


:) Right after you blogged about your Triathlon, I had sent my sister an email about doing this triathlon

I had did a half in Oct 2010...33 years old..and feeling old but I did it.. !! It ispired me in so many ways in life just not running ....I will do this...

You inspire me and thank you for sharing your life on this crazy computer !! Enjoy life always...It passes way to fast !!


My hands are hiiiiiiigh! I've been trying to lose weight and establish a consistent workout routine for years. 2012 will be the year. My goals for the year are to reach my goal weight (which I've been pursuing for over 3 years now), to workout 5 times per week consistently, and to finally kick smoking for good (I'm 8 days strong now.) Thanks so much for the motivation! You are an inspiration.


Love this idea! Ironically, I just signed up for a 5k yesterday afternoon!! I am not a runner, but I've always been envious of those who do enjoy running. To be honest it is a 5k run/walk and I am doing with with a group of friends and some are runners and others are not, so we plan to alternate between running & walking. But I do want to work towards running a full 5k or more?! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation I'm in too :)


I was just checking blogs to avoid running in the rain. Guess I will go put on my shoes after this comment. Thanks!

Heather S. in VT

Both my hands up hiiiigh! I'm in for a 5k and maybe two in 2012. I had already decided to do the Shoreham Apple Blossom run in May and I'd like to plan on the Turkey Trot in Nov and then I saw your post today and I thought YES!! I'm gonna put my hands up high and commit to training and achieving my goal! Thanks so much Karen! I really appreciate the inspiration I find on your blog!

mandy friend

crap karen. i'm not sure i like you anymore. i'm pretty sure i hate running more than you ever did. okay, fine. i'll commit to walking a1/2 hour 5 days a week. that's all your getting out of me girly.;)

tara pollard pakosta

I'm IN! My goal by December 31st is to have run/walked/elliptical 1,000 miles (in the year) and to have completed a 10k.


i am raising my hands high!! i am in...planning on doing 3 half-marathons this year...crazy, huh? i have already registered, so, there is no turning back. i love your post!


Hey Karen, I too really enjoy your posts! This is what i'm aiming for this year!

Looks like fun and we all need a little more fun in our lives! Keep runnin and keep those hands high!


Me. I'm in. Half Marathon #2 this year - this time "just finishing" can't be good enough.

;) Leigh

I'm in! It'll be a 5k for me, at least one if not more. As the prolific LL Cool J might say, "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years."


I am also in. Want to complete the 5k run in May and perhaps something more in July :)


I am so IN! I loathe running. It's the worst part of my day, but I love having finished a run.

I am running the Cowtown 5k in Fort Worth next month. I'll be sure to send you a picture!




I hate the mother loving heck out of running. My gym closed, and we don't have money to go to another one (we'd paid for a year in advance...). Running is *almost* free. I got some real running shoes. I downloaded the "Couch to 5k" podcasts, and I went once last week for my very first "Hey! I'm going for a run!" I hated it.

But I loved it, too.

I've always envied runners, but figured I'd never be one. Then I'd read somewhere (maybe here?) that being a runner doesn't mean you have to run the entire time. Its okay to go at your own pace, even if your own pace is walking.

My goal is to be able to run a 5k without stopping (whether it be an "official" one or a unofficial one around my neighborhood.

Between your triathlon inspiration, and reading the book "The Happiness Project," this year is going to be DIFFERENT. I know what I want 12 months from now and I know it isn't just going to happen. I have to MAKE it happen!

Thanks for all of your inspiration. It is a joy to come to your blog! :)


Okay, I'll do it. I will walk/run in the 5K that my company sponsors next October.


I've been having those same conversations with myself lately.
I love running, but this is always the time of year that I start slacking and lose motivation in all areas of life.

I'm planning to run a 1/2 in June and a marathon in October. Thanks for the motivation to get signed up and make it official.

Shelby Palmer

I'm in! I ran my first 5k last July, then another in October and Novemeber, but I haven't been running since. I am ready to get back into it and train for a 1/2 marathon! So with hands held high, today is day 1 of getting back into it :) Thanks for the motivation!


Oh Karen... you always get to me...
I may not run a marathon this year but have been out walking since November, with all the aches and pains gonna keep it up.
My goal is to get fit and loose weight.
Thanks and here goes my hand...HIGH !!!!

Jamie Stahl

I was having the debate in my head over whether or not I was going to go to the gym tonight (as I have had for the past hour or so) and then thought "hey, go check out to see what Karen Russell has to say today".

Creepy. I'll now be going to the gym tonight. I wrote down a couple of days ago that one of my goals for this year is to run a 5k. Not much, for the non-runner that I am, I have to start somewhere.

Thanks for the encouragement.


You can do it Karen. Resolve to do it every day until you don't have to make the
resolve anymore. When you wake up and NEED to do it you know you are a runner.
I cannot live without running, to me it's like breathing, I need it and crave it
and it makes my day better. The day when I cannot do it anymore will indeed be
a very very sad day for me. I'm only just 50 and running my next marathon in 6
days. So hopefully the day when I cannot run won't be for a long time.


loving your post today!! I ran my first 5k last summer and was so proud of myself! I had planned to run 1 5k this year, but now, I will raise my hands hiigghh and will run 2 this year! I am not sure a 10k is in me yet, but I know i can do 2 5k's. Thanks for the motivation! Here's to a healthier me in 2012!!


In In for a 5K in 2012!


Karen you are awesome! I'm IN! I'm not sure what my goal exactly will be (currently trying to recover from an IT band injury) but I WILL do something!!!

Patricia Ellis

Karen you ROCK!!! I've been back at the gym since the start of the New Year and my hands are hiiiiiggggghhhhh to keep making positive changes in my life and to my body. I turn 50 this spring and what better time to keep going in this direction. Right? I want to keep living life large and full:)!!

Louise Fortune

Hmm, not sure what I can commit to, I avoid exercise, because I am lazy and I hate it. However I am unfit, overweight and only 3 years from being 50.
So I have started swimming this year, up and down the pool, lengths, not just standing around in the water for half an hour supervising my kids and notching that up as a "swim"

I was aiming for 20 lengths in half an hour (whilst my kids have swimming lessons) I haven't done any real swimming in over three years, but I managed 25, so I am committing to swimming twice a week and continuing to up that length count !

Linda Lynch

My name is Linda Lynch and by January 2013 I will RUN a 5K instead of walking it. Like you I think I hate to run. I love to walk. Thank you for this challenge - it's inspiring.


I'm raising my hand HIGH and commiting to running the dirty dash on July 14th. 3 miles of tough obstacles all covered in lots and lots and LOTS of thick mud. In fact I'm going to register and pay my $40.00 right now so I can't back out. You're so awesome Karen, so so awesome. Thanks. : )


OK Karen...I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm in! For the past 2 years I've started Couch to 5K, but only get as far as week 5 before I stop (too busy, bad weather, yada yada yada) I started it again (for the 3rd time) and have gotten to week 4...but this time I WILL keep going!
This is the year I will run a 5K.

If anyone needs some inspiration I have a board on Pinterest called "You Can Do It!":

Thanks Karen for the push! I wish we had a forum where we could all encourage each other :)


Awesome post! I'm with you...hands goal is to run my first 5K in November! I had walked our Turkey Trot in 2010, walked & ran (just a bit this year) of the 5K, BUT want to run the whole thing last year. That was supposed to be my goal this past Thanksgiving, but excuses got in the way. This November...I AM GOING TO RUN THAT 5K! Or maybe, just maybe, I will be ready before then and find another local one to run!

Shannon Brouwer

I'm in!!!! I'm gong to do 2 halfs this year and run over 1,000 miles ( not counting my walking on this one)

Carolyn Cease

Hey Karen! I have never been a runner, but I know the power and freedom exercise can give you. Exercise has been a catharsis for me, since I was very young. In the 1980's I started Jazzercising, as ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary dance had been a part of my life since I was about 4 years old. Running on pavement was not an option for me, because my knees were somewhat fragile from the years of dance, but Jazzercising I can do! I have Jazzercised on and off since I took my first class in the 80's. I just recently returned, and thank our good Lord, I have been able to go 4 times a week. My goal for 2012 is to go to Jazzercise at least 150 times this year so I can earn my special Jazzercise Club Member T-shirt. In other words, Karen, count me in!


Yes, please, count me in! This will help keep me on track for the half marathon I'm planning to do in November! My goal for January is to make it to the gym at least 3x a week...starting tomorrow since I haven't set foot in there since Jan. 1st! Thanks for the additional motivation...I'm also doing CZ's Move More Eat Well class this year so it all ties together, including my OLW!

Tanya Anguita

Thank you for this post...and all of your other ones. I'm a dancer with an injury that has kept me from doing what I love for over a year and I'm tired of not dancing/not doing yoga/not MOVING. It is my goal to be well enough to dance with my cancan troupe again by the end of this year...barring that I'd like to be dancing lindy hop at least every other week again and doing yoga 3 days a week. Thank you for this inspiration! Truly!


Oh, and I will also be doing the Race for the Cure 5k this spring...and maybe some others along the way to the half!


yikes...ok I commit to an hour on the treadmill five days a week....


I'm in too! Started running last year at age 54 and it's still a love/hate relationship, but the love is slowly goal is to run at least 6 5Ks this year. Signed up for one this month already.


I'm in, I'm in, I'm in! And I'm going to be cursing until that pathway shows up!! Not sure which one, but definitely thinking half marathon before the end of the year. Please be sure to keep these posts coming throughout the year though Karen so we don't lose our momentum!

Betsy addy

Going to run a 5k.

Jen Spain

I'm in, but there's no way you're getting me to run. I'm going to do the Mt. Baker Hill Climb (on my bike) and aim for a better time this year. We're also planning to do the Tour de Whatcom as a family to get the kids into goal-setting and fitness too. And I have big plans to put a map on the wall and track each of our rides this year to see how far we can make it across North America.


I'm in :) I'm registered for a 5K in May and need to get my butt in gear...

Jennifer Mulherin

I'm in! One of my twelve goals is to re-train using the Couch to 5K. (I did it two years ago). My next goal is to actually run in a real race. (I've never done it before). One of my other goals is to "retake" your class :-) Thanks for the inspiration. You are awesome and I am praying for you. A former student and military wife.

Aimee B. in Oregon

When I saw the above linked video the other day I TOTALLY thought of you! In a good way. And funny that you have no idea who I am and that I would at all see something and be reminded of you... but anyway...

I have walked a couple of 1/2 Marathons and a girl friend of mine asked me to do another one in April with her "No way." Done that twice and the first time I had that crazy idea it wasnt even on my Bucket List. HOWEVER, running a 5k has been. {I've walked in a couple of 5ks too but never actually ran} So, I will put my hand up and RUN a 5k this year. All because of you.

Aimee in Or.


One of my New Year's Resolutions is to COMPLETE the Loveland Lake to Lake Oly tri. I've set the goal the past 2 years and excused my way out both times. Not this year. I'm in. I've done several sprint length tris and I'm ready for something a bit more challenging. I'm so impressed you did an OLY for your first tri. Hive five. :)


OK - I'm in! I will run a 10K this year! I know the one I'm running - it's in mid-October and my then-senior son will be running, too. He'll be way ahead of me but I love the idea of the two of us having a common experience. Thanks, Karen, for being the inspiration I needed to put this into writing!

Patty B.

I'm totally in! I'm looking forward to my first 5k later this spring, and have already begun working on it. Can't wait to cross it off my list!

Amy Z

with you!!!!! Tufts 10K for Women in October in 1:15 or less is my goal!


Karen - I'm IN as well! My goal is to run a full marathon by the end of the year. Crap. And I have a mileage goal. Now I've needed that for a few years now. This is my year, why wait?!?! *grin* Now I'm OUT - as in, I better get out of here and go get a run in tonight instead of getting sucked up by blog land :) :) THANKS. You just talked me back into it. Put your hands HIIIIIIIIIIGH.


I'm goal is to run my second 1/2 marathon (first one was two years ago and 39) in May. My neighbor and I start our official training tomorrow morning at 5:45 am. Your post today was fabulous. I appreciate your posts so much.


I'm totally in for a half Marathon! Already signed up for 8K in March and Soldier Field 10 Mile over Memorial Day weekend. Let's do this!


Thank you for the encouragement! I'm in!


Count me in!

I could never run, I've tried it for 4 years now but I just couldn't do it.

What I will commit to this one year goal is to complete the Tracy Anderson Method. I started really good last June and did it until September but now I've fallen off the wagon.

I've started to start all over again, I'm on Day 4 tomorrow and we'll see where I will be in 2013.

Thank you for the inspiration Karen!

Nancy McPeak

I am IN Karen! i have that conversation all the time. I can't run on these 55 year old nurse's knees but I can walk fast! So, I will do that this year and lovingly accept your challenge. I hope someone has recently told you that you are awesome - because you are. Wait until you see a photo of a few of us Jan 2011 women - we are all meeting in Miami this weekend and we are toasting you and Josh Downs. When does the man come home?? Please tell me it is soon. Love you!!


im in!! i signed up last night to do the mud run in northern california in april and the see jane run 5k in june. i start training tomorrow. i hate running like you used to. wish me luck!!

Barb P

I'm in! I'm walking 6 days a week. I just my be a runner yet. I'm excited to see what this year brings. Thanks for the inspiration!


After reading your triathalon post I think of you ever time the little "give up" devil shows up on my shoulder when I'm running. Thank you, girl, for that (and this awesome post!)

Brenda Weaver

yes! Count me in! my husband and I both want to run a 5k this year. neither of us have run any kind of marathon before. This morning was the first I went out to run this year so far and it felt really good! I'm excited about it!


I am in. My BFF runs marathons and I am not in format, bit I would do a half.

Janet K

I will do a 5k this year....and maybe more because I Will be a runner in 2012!


I will do something this year. Running and swimming are out. So I will do a 50 mile bike ride. Thank you so much Karen you are so inspirational.

Katherine Moorehead

Don't "they" say if you make your intentions public, you're more likely to carry through? Well then...I'm in for a 5K as well!!

Truth be told, I am a runner, but I've been on a MAJOR hiatus (like a year-long hiatus), and my body (and thighs) are paying the price! There's also a pretty good chance the past year of non-discretionary eating and drinking may have also contributed to my physical demise...but hey, it's a NEW YEAR, so I'm moving up and moving on!

Personally, I totally feel like I'm wussing out by "only" committing to a 5K, especially given the fact I have run one marathon and a handful of half-marathons. My excuse? A prior commitment I made for 2012, which is: to start a family with my new hubby!! Unfortunately, a 3-6 month training schedule is not something I can commit to at such an "advanced maternal age" (39) ;) Anyway, I digress...

THANK YOU for this post (and all the others prior), as well as this FANTASTIC call to public action, inspire many, and don't you forget it! I'm off to update my iPod with the iTunes gift card that has been burning a hole in my pocket since Christmas! There's nothing like motivational lyrics to move the body, mind and spirit...Thought I told y'all that we won't stop, we won't stop, we won't stop!


I did my first 5K on New Year's, I was terrible, ran the first mile in about 14 minutes, ran/walked the rest of the way. I enjoyed training more than the actual race, but I'm already signed up for a quarter marathon in May and Warrior Dash in September. I'll send a pic!


I'm in! Training for the 2012 St. Jude Memphis 1/2 Marathon!!

Heather Moll

Karen, you are so inspiring! Look how many people have commented on this one post! That is so awesome.

I used to be an avid runner for years, did lots of 5k and 10k races and have completed 3 half marathons but then a few years ago I injured myself and haven't been able to run since. It's been very hard. So for over a year, I was lazy and depressed and didn't do a thing. Then at the beginning of 2010, I decided enough was enough and bought myself a Jillian Michaels DVD. I was dedicated (still am) to doing it for the entire year and just at Christmas time I finally weighed myself and after 5 years have finally reached my pre-baby weight. I was THRILLED but the best part is that I have the strongest body I've ever had in my life. It's been awesome. Anyway, my goal for this year is just to maintain and do a bit more toning and to continue dismissing those negative voices in my head. Thanks for the inspiration! One day I hope to be running again...


I've ran a few halfs, but got plantar facitis and bursitis this summer, so the running was sidelined for swimming. That said, I decided this was the year to try a tri. Sprint tri to start. I'm in!


In in!! :) Not a runner here - bad knees makes that hard...I want to get back to my pole dance classes (and get the pole back up at home so I can practice) and I want to start ballet in the fall. I am excited!! I started looking into studios for adult ballet the past few days and I am ready for sept when classes can begin!

sara sprecher

Love your posts on your blog. Always making me laugh AND cry at times. I think you are awesome!
Thanks for the inspiration......I am IN.

Jennifer S

You KNOW I am with you, Karen! I have not run a 5K since 2003, have not run much at ALL since 2003, therefore my goal this year is to love running again! My knees have taken a beating when i started back in the summer, so it will be slow, but I am so RUNNING the National Brain Tumor Society's Race for Hope - Philly 2012, instead of walking it! And I'm hoping to weight less in the process, but more importantly, I want to FEEL healthier and be HAPPIER, have more energy to LIVE my life! Its been a 3 month break from exercise, but I promise...TOMORROW, I'm walking on the treadmill! That's just the start :)

Anita Tymburski

Ok, ok. I've been dodging it long enough!! I got half way through the comments and then found our local Moonlight Run online and signed up. 6 k on March 10 through the coulees. Good grief!! I've never run in a race in my life, but I'm a die hard 'dreadmill/no elevation' runner - can't scare everyone by running outside! Here we go! Wheeeee! Thanks for the inspiration, Karen.


Count me in, my BFF and I live 3 hours apart and have planned a 5K as one of our girl's weekends. We are both choosing to make health a priority this year.


Oh my, this whole inner dialogue thing sounds SO familiar!
I hate any kind of sport with a passion, but desperately need to exercise to stay healthy and in any semblance of shape...
My neighbour and I promised each other that we would finish this town's corporate run in june - we both need a kick in the rear to exercise, so we will do the kicking for each other. I know I can do it, as I completed the run in 2010, but this year I want to stay under 30 minutes (it's 5 km, about 3 miles long). No more procrastinating!


I am in! I want to do a tri-athalon...I was thinking sprint but you may have inspired me to do an olympic:) I am commiting myself to the Kentucky Derby Mini-Marathon! I look forward to posting my picture next January!!!


I am with ya... I have set a 500 miles total run for this year 2012 and atleast one 10K race, which I hope to run before summer. Good luck to all of us who are making this pact...


I am committed to a 10K and MAYBE a ten miler if the stars align! This will help keep me motivated.


I am so in. I have no idea what I am in for yet...I will let you know. But boy am I in. However, I was probably in after your triathlon post. That was so inspiring.


HANDS UP HIIIIIIIIIIIGH!!! I'm in......not sure what I'll be able to do being as I haven't come close to running in the past 3 years......but I vow to train for and complete a 5K SOMETIME in 2012. I also vow to BodyRock (with Zuzana only) 6 days a week starting today. I will take a photo of myself today and then one on January 1st 2013 to post for you all.


and thank you karen


You are so stinking inspiratational! Your blog about the Triathalon had me in tears and laughter :) You are such a gift to all who read your blog!!!After having twins and not exercising for the last 9 months, I am going to make a pact to run two 5Ks (it's nothing compared to what I did prior to having kids, but it's a start, right? Heading back in the right direction!) Thanks for your inspiration!!!


I want to be a runner and will hold my hand and head high.

Lynna Demay

I love a challenge. I signed up for the 39 mile Avon Breast Cancer Walk. It's in NY in October.


I also hate running! But I have a milestone birthday this year and feel the need to finally do something about it... so I just registered for my first 5K. Thank you for being so honest and inspiring about your running! Count me in!


I'm holding my hands up high! I had the exercise conversation with myself just yesterday and I've already set up my *pathway* today! EGADS!!!
I'm with you!!!! Thanks for the encouragement!!!!

Susan Beth

I'm in. I'll do at least 5k run - like in public where people will see me. I've never run a race in public before. I run 3-4 miles 3-4 times a week on our country roads where nobody sees me, with step aerobics on the days in between. But those maple doughnut type things have made so many pathways into my brain that I'm still fat. Working on it. So getting out in public to do this will be a big deal.

Stacey H

I'm thinking your next career will be a motivational speaker!!! You are amazing! (in so many areas!!!)


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