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That reminds me...I need to get my cameras cleaned and calibrated before the wedding season starts! I bet you get used to your 'new' camera in next to no time...but maybe not too used to it for the sake of your marriage! Have fun!


Have fun playing with that 7D! You will get the hang of it in no time :)

Kay Drenth

I love renting equipment! I think I might be getting addicted to it. lol Who do you rent though? I have been having great luck with Borrow Lenses. I am hoping to someday be quick enough to get a seat in your photography class! For right now I will just keep playing and reading my manual on my new D7000.


What are you talking about. That shot looks great. Oh and you're funny!

Bonnie garcia

Lol if you have a question pick up the phone and call I have read the Manuel and most of the time I can getbit figured out. Now if I could just nail focus! Love you Karen Russell


I don't mean to start a long debate about canon vs nikon, but I can't help but wonder if there are more green undertones in the canon images. I shoot with canon and I struggle so much with skin tones! It's driving me nuts! It seems to me that my favorite nikon shooters have much softwr and creamier skin tones. If you have time to weigh in on that, I would greatly appreciate it!


I love my Canon, and although it's not 'professional', it makes me happy when i am able to shoot. And thanks to you, I do that more and more!


I can't wait to ready your review. I'm still with my 50D, but I'm sure in the next few years I'll be needing a new camera. But then I guess by then there will be something new out.


I bought the Canon Rebel xsi, but after seeing and shooting Nikon that 2 of my friends have, I have complete camera envy. I think the Nikon focuses and shoots faster, plus the video option and the extreme ISO I've seen really makes me want to change... but it could lead to divorce in my house too. :) (well, not really, but at least counselling!)

Jen S

Karen, why did you feel the need to ship everything back for cleaning and calibration? Was the focus falling off from the focus point you had selected? Did you do any special tests? I do remember the D700 flying off the car story! Just curious...had mine for over 2 yrs now and wondering if the focus is a little off lately on mine too. Thanks!

Miz Boo

Thank you for sharing your amazing idea of renting when the main camera is in the shop.
Thank you for that!!


Karen, I think my canon needs the same TLC. Does canon offer those services as well or where is a good place to send it? I don't have a local camera shop near me. Thanks!!

Rachelle S

Interested to hear your thoughts on the 7D~ that's the camera on my wish list...


You make me laugh......go the 7D and 50mm f1.2 ... good to get skilled up for all those hungry Canon user students... Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I have the Canon was my 15th anniversary gift from my hubs. I love it, or I would if I had ANY CLUE how to use it to take a picture on any setting aside from automatic. I even took a basic photography class, but it wasn't basic enough for me! ;)


Hi Karen, I am considering the 7D since you have recommended it to your students, so I'm hoping you'll post some of the things you like about it.

Karen, Check out this blog for cute Valentine scripture cards-so fun for lunchboxes, etc-and the work is all done for you!!!

A Facebook User

If my fantastic photos could be 1 tenth of your all thumbs ones I'd be ever so grateful.
Me, Fran - 'a facebook user' lol

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