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Highlight of my week as a kid was watching the 'Muppet Show'. I can't wait to see this movie!


I can't wait to see it! And I have to admit... I too cry at the Rainbow Connection song! Not to mention "It's Not Easy (Being Green)" Isn't it kinda nifty/weird to be sharing the same cultural characters & traditions with our kids that we enjoyed as kids ourselves? Ahh... the circle of life. LOVE it.

Aimee B. in Oregon

I too was so excited for the movie. When I think of my childhood The Muppets are such a happy part! I couldn't wait for the movie. The kids and I went this past Saturday -- I LOVED it! And, Karen, I am happy to hear that I am not the only girl (grown-up) that cried. Seriously, I was trying to be discrete wiping my tears....

mah nah mah nah do do dodo do!!

Aimee in Or.


I want to take Gabe this weekend! I loved the Muppets growing up! Have a great day!

Julie G

We loved the movie! We went to the theater in our small town on Tuesday night, and it was just the four of us watching the movie. :/ I don't know if that's a commentary on the movie, the day of the week we saw it, or the theater we went to...I'm hoping the theater!

Aimee B. in Oregon

PS: I was pleased with the change in Miss Piggy. Happy that she wasn't a bossy bully and grew into a confident woman with dreams, determination and get-it-done attitude. When my husband got home from being on call at work all weekend he actually asked about her. He was wondering if she had changed.... too funny.... they aren't real but he and I chatted as if they were old friends from childhood... I guess they were.

Aimee in OR.

Julie Pilch

I have to agree that I wonder why lots of these new cartoons are a bit grown up nowadays. What happened to good old fashioned fun for kids and letting kids be KIDS??? Can't wait to watch the movie with my three little miss piggys.


Ever since Jim Hinson passed away, I get weepy when I hear "The Rainbow Connection." My older son (now 22) was just a baby, and I learned that Jim Hinson had died on the way to pick him up from the baby sitter after work.

I, too, am bothered that the cartoons and children's TV programming is overly grown up. It does seem that children are no longer so carefree. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie!


Oh I love the Rainbow connection too! The lovers, the dreamers and me...

libbi m.

I just can't get enough of that song. I sooo love it. Will have to take my girl tribe to see it this weekend.


My husband and I loved it too! From the Rainbow Connection, to the silly jokes and beyond. In fact we have been belting out "....a very manly muppet" all week long around the house and in the car! We even had a long discussion about how even though Sesame Street has similar type puppets that bring back happy memories, what made the Muppets so special is that you sat down as a family and watched it together and laughed together while cuddling up with your parents. Talk about good, fun family time. How many TV shows can families do that with now a days?


I want to see this so bad!!
And side note.. today was the first day you didn't have a Josh Downs if your reading this......
It made me sad.. I look forward to it each day :)
much love to you and yours.


I can hardly wait to get out my Miss Piggy watch and wear it while watching the movie. Good times!


One more thing we have in common! I LOVE the Muppets. I have that same book.
Hubby and I went to the movie, without kids because they didn't grow up with them. One more than one occasion during the movie, I had teary eyes. Rainbow Connection, the Opening song...still great songs!


So fun to re-live the "good ole days"....and look forward to more "good ole days". You are the best in making every day a "good".

Tina G

I loved the movie too!! Went to see it with my kids who also loved it!! I also have that book from the Muppet Show...I'll have to find it!! Glad to know I wasn't the only one who had teared up during the Muppets!! :)

Tammy Mellish

I just better not watch it anytime soon then. I too, grew up watching the muppets (we're exactly the same age), and I was digging through the ol' VHS baskets the other day to find some of our old tapes for the kids who are only just now wondering just who these muppets are. Really?! I remember when Mikaela's class sang the the songs of the muppets during an All School Sing one year. Half the audience was in tears! Rainbow Connection and Moving Right Along.. favorites!! I just lost my dearest friend. I'm not sure I can handle something as simple and sweet as that Muppet movie right now. At least not in the company of a bunch of strangers.

Julie McD

We're going next week with my daughter's Daisies troop! I can't wait - in fact, I am as excited [if not more] than my kids...can so relate! Glad to hear it's great!


I saw The Muppets the day after Thanksgiving and when The Rainbow Connection started a bunch of adults who don't know each other softly sang along and it made me cry.

Jennifer M.

We went and saw it last weekend. I bawled like a baby when they sang Rainbow Connection. So sweet.

libbi m.

hello karen... this is my second comment. now i got my family addicted to that song and we are headed off to see the movie this evening. can't wait! have a wonderful day.


I saw this photo a few months ago and it brought tears to my eyes!!!

Be prepared. Have a tissue.

When I met my husband 28+ years ago, he had the Muppet Movie soundtrack on LP...We still have it!!! Love the Muppets!!!


First things first, WHERE did you get that book?!

I took my kids to see the Muppet Movie too! I was so excited. We have all the Muppet Christmas songs and my kids love singing to them. Rainbow Connection is my favorite. So glad the Muppets are here to stay! :)


I hate how brain dead most kids movies are today - The Muppets are clever and I think that counts for something. They are also wholesome. I think kids could get much more from something like The Muppets than most stupid "education shows" targeted toward them. I am glad this movie is doing well

teresa b

hahaha I doubt I'll get my teenagers to go with me.. so if I can't borrow a niece or nephew I may have to go alone!!


Living in Taiwan, I hadn't even heard there was a new Muppet Movie! I don't think it's here yet, but if it comes I will have to take the kids. They will be shocked, because I almost never go to movies.

Retro Jordan Shoes

did you get that book?!

I took my kids to see the Muppet Movie too! I was so excited. We have all the Muppet Christmas songs and my kids love singing to them. Rainbow Connection is my favorite. So glad

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