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Libbi Moore

oh karen... i'm so happy you posted these pics. i absolutely love jacksonville. i kept thinking... if i were karen what would i shoot. i got a pic so similar of the one where annie is looking at you thru the window and a pic of our reflections in an ornament. thank you so very much for sharing these beautiful photos. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

Julie Pilch

Wonderful pictures as usual, can't believe how big your kiddies are getting. That Santa looks like the real deal compared to some I've seen this year!!!


Annie is looking so grown up!!


Wonderful capture of this fleeting time. I love all of Cole's expressions. Merry merry Christmas.

marianne b

Just catching up on these last few posts and wanted to say, "Amen, sista!"
Merry Christmas =)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I love love love how you are keeping all the traditions for the kiddos even with your husband away. You are so much more than an amazing photographer Karen, you are an amazing mom and person too. Thinking of you all and saying an extra prayer for you all this Christmas. This time of year, your sacrifice is even more appreciated.


How cute are Annie's tights! Oh my goodness!

Tasha H

Karen, I've been reading your blog for some time - maybe about a year. I love your stories (your insights as a wife and as a mom) and I aspire to take wonderful photos like you do. Thank you for sharing your life journey and allowing strangers to revel in your challenges and blessings. May your Christmas be bright (is it ok to send hugs from a stranger?) hugs to you, your family, and Josh Downs!
From a Coloradan (wife and mom of 3 munchkins) - Tasha


"If you don't believe, you don't receive" that's our rule in our house. I'm going to forward a note to you, so be on the look out... You might wanna check your email before Valentine's Day! :o) I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, making the best of what IS.


Karen the photos are wonderful...what a cool restaurant with the wrinkle glass and the beautiful tree lights in the background. When you see photos year upon year of the same thing at the same time, you do see that the kids are growing up but from day to day they are just the same. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy return of Josh to your family in 2012. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia xxxx


My favourite is the photo of all of you in the ornament reflection.

Kim S.

love the one with Courtney's head tilted sideways, like she's checking out Santa's beard/face. Maybe she is a believer?!?! you are such a good mom! oh, the memories those kiddos will have. So happy you got to talk to Josh!! A little pick-me-up goes a long way.


What a special day! Looks like you all had a great time. Love the shot with your reflection in the cool!


awwww!! great day!! we used to do a drive thru nativity at a church i went to a long time ago. i used to be a roman soldier, cuz i'm tall and had short hair then. they'd put make up on me to look like a beard and everything!! good thing i'm flat chested too!! wink!! merry christmas Karen Russell (same name as my sister!) smooch and hugz to you, the kidlets and Josh Downs!!

kristine cline

If you don't get UNDERWEAR for CHristmas! Love the photos...prayers and thanks to you and yours this Christmas...


love seeing the pictures from year to year. i can tell by them that i began reading your blog in 2008. love seeing you family grow and how you hold on to good old fashioned values. hope your holiday season brings joy to all.

Dana K

I always love your pictures and I find you so funny and inspiring...but I also happen to think that having the SAME SANTA for 5 years is pretty freakin awesome!!!

Debbie Smith

Greetings! How do you think what does your average reader look like?

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