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I wish your dream would come true.


We all wish your dream would hurry and come true. I can't wait for you to blog about the first few days and weeks when he returns home.

Julie in Aust.'re killing me girl! Why oh why do I do this to myself everyday...come over here and look for something new to have a good cry about!
Then I remember that you need a hug...and not only from me...from all of us who are right here with you in blogland, all over the world, sending a virtual hug and loving that we are sharing in yours and Josh's story.
You are doing such a fabulous job of coping Karen...keep it up sweetie.

Amy Z

My husband has used the same backpack since college! amazing!

and I totally know the feeling about not wanting to wake up when having such an awesome dream! So sorry it wasn't real.


I didn't comment the other day on your 'Love Notes' post, but I wanted you to know something...I have been reading your blog for about 3 years now. At first I came to see your photographs but it soon became a draw to read about your family. Now, I come to know you better and hear of your love story. Thank you for being real.


Oh how I wish that dream would come true for you. Hang in are doing such an amazing job of keeping the home fires burning.

teresa b

awh Karen..tears again!! Hope your dream still comes true and he comes home sooner then expected!!


I love that your posts celebrate marriage and commitment and love. Clearly your dream is a little Christmas miracle! Love this photo too - strong and soft all at the same time.


I love those kind of dreams!!! They are SO real...whoever says you don't dream in color or scent, is completely WRONG!!!

I'm missing my middle son, Kyle, this holiday season too...not in the same way you miss a husband, but So. Korea is far, far away too...and it's the FIRST Christmas we will be missing one of the boys. A great BIG THANK YOU to both you and Josh for your sacrifices...



I like to think that dreams like that are God's little gift to us, as a way to be with the ones we love for just a little while, when we cannot be physically with them.

Hoping your dream comes true very soon!

stephanie p.

oh man- I was SO hopeful for you that this was a reality! I thought that just maybe you logged on & he had sent you this picture of himself waiting at the airport to come home! I SO wish this could be true- cause I would certainly be one of those blog readers that would be SO excited for you & your family!


rip my heart out. seriously, this blog is like a good book. maybe I will tell Ellen about you and she will surprise you! wouldn't that be lovely.


One of my key verses is Phillipians 4:5-7
"Be anxious about nothing, but with prayer and petition, present your requests to God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus"

Karen, I how you talk openly about God and honestly about how you're feeling. He asks us to have a relationship with him and I pray that He will give you strength to start each day. He will be faithful to you.


I had a tear in my eye by the time I was done reading the post... hope it ends soon and 'one day' + many more are here for you :-)


I can't imagine that we, your loyal and faithful blog readers, feel any less anticipation as we await each blog post as the loyal and faithful readers of Harry Potter or the Twilight books! Seriously, have you thought about a book or even a movie adaption at some point? Yes, I have tears in my eyes, and yes, I'm reaching out with a big 'ole iHug. You are so real, and that's why we, your loyal and faithful blogettes, love you so dearly. Oh - and way to go Annie!!!!

Libbi Moore

oh karen... i just finished washing the tears off of my glasses. i love your posts. you keep them so real and so very beautiful. i can't wait for him to come home so you can all be the beautiful family that you are and always will be. i do hope you will still continue your trip to jacksonville this year. i took my family last saturday and looked for you. it's so very beautiful and the same Father Christmas is back. i just love that guy. Merry Christmas Karen and Family.


What an awesome dream Karen!! And it will come true but he'll be home for good!! My thought and prayers are with you.


Am I the only one who quickly scans the comments to see if Josh has replied yet? It's like reading instalments in a wonderful romantic love story

Thank you for your honesty in your blog


Awww, that post about made me bawl, Nellie....:( I was really hoping it wasn't a dream and you were going to tell us he got to come home for a few days.

I just saw one of my patients who got leave at Thanksgiving. He's a Sargent in the Army over in Afghan and says they need to come home....for a number of reasons. Keeping them in my prayers.

Hang in there Josh Downs! :)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

At first I thought this was so very sweet. It really is. And then I thought THIS is why I always cry when I hear "I'll be Home for Christmas" (and have ever since my high school chorus teacher explained the back story) And then I thought - geez! My son goes through two back packs a year! (though I swear they give them 80 pounds of books)

Rhonda P litlfrogy

Beautiful dream. Great story. Nice backpack.


Just when you needed it. A most wonderful dream, to be sure. It won't be long till it's real and all will be right side up again. Think about you and yours everyday-wishing you the best always.


I love your blog - always have. I know it must be hard to have your hubby gone. I can't imagine what that would be like. I can feel the love you have for him through your blog posts... I always have been able to feel that, but now more than ever. You are so lucky to have each other and all those cute kiddos of yours. Keep blogging...its good stuff. All of it. :) I hope that Josh Downs comes home real soon.

Elizabeth C,

What a beautiful dream. I know what you mean about a husband smelling good. When mine has been gone (a day, a week, or deployed, like last year), I just want to hug him and soak it in. It's so comforting. Just think about how much time has passed already, which means you are even closer to being together again! (I've got my fingers crossed for you that Josh gets a mid-tour leave. Not sure how the Air Force deployments work since my experience is with the Army.)

anne leglise

i just enjoy going to your blog every day... reading whatever you've written. you are great Karen!


By waking just means you are one day closer to him! Hang in there and keep on keeping on. You are doing one wonderful job as a mother and wife. Just think how excited you will be the day he arrives. Gives me goose bumps. Have a good day!

Tree surgeons London

Such a shame that it wasn't real for you but then again wonderful that you had such a lovely dream


Oh I love those types of is much better t han the dreams I was having last night...I am hopped up on cold medicine and was dreaming about the Kardashians......(don't even ask)


know the feeling of it all; the dreams of him coming home early (although he did that once - in time for my daughters 18th birthday (literally to the day); and he'd missed the last three because of deployments); and the still-usable backpack, and jacket that was his dads that is still in good condition, and that shirt his mom made him in college (or was it high school) - and he's 47 years old now...i love that about my man too!


Those dreams are the best, vivid dreams about real love - though it always hurts to wake up... nevertheless (is that the right use of this difficult word!?)- it`s worth it!!
And you know, one day this dream WILL come true!!

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