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That's SO cool...!

Two of mine are out on their own and the little guy is 18! Love those moments shared together in the land of grown-ups...

Stay's cold out there today...18 degrees on our drive over from GP this morning. Brrrrr!


awww so sweet! love your relationship with the kids, especially ross!

Desiree Chandler

awwww very sweet! This post made me smile today. :) Thank you :) You are such an awesome mom!


LOVE this post, Karen! I'm so totally envious of your relationship with your son. I have a teenage son, age 16, and most of the time it seems we are like oil & water. Too much alike for our own good, actually. I dream of a day when we can have a better relationship. God help me through these teenage years! You are a lucky woman indeed!

Teresa Loop

Had to laugh about them having enough to pay - hehe! I don't get to catch up on your blog but a few times a month, but I always appreciate your honest posts. I get a lump in my throat reading them, because I could have written those very words!

P.s. No matter how they turned out, the pictures of your family doing things together always look very Norman Rockwell! Funny, that is always what I have envisioned too...... =)


Very cool!! Son's are very special :)


That's so sweet!


you are such a lucky mama, and he is such a lucky son!

libbi m.

what a super son you have. you are so very lucky to have one another.


That's really awesome & sweet!
When does Josh return?


I really hope I have this great of a relationship with my boys when they are Ross' age!

Corrine A.

This made my heart just melt into a puddle. I pray every day that my son still loves me like that when he is that age!!

Sheila Brame

Thanks for this! My oldest goes to college in 2 1/2 years and I am already feeling panic-y over how I'm not going to see her everyday.

teresa b

Karen!! I love that you share these gives me hope! Today is my son's 18th!! Birthday..I'm hoping to continue to grow our relationship together...

tara pollard pakosta

what a GREAT kid!
You should be VERY PROUD!
tell him he's awesome!


This made me cry today! My girls are in high school. One is getting to be a great person to talk with and the other is in the terrible 14 stage (you know the attitude, the "I know it all" attitude, the "you are the meanest parent ever" stage) Thanks for share the little things in life!

that is just so darn sweet!


I'm curious, what's a MIM sandwich??

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