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dawn clement

all teary eyed after reading this post...i love everything that you have to say and how you share yourself and your family so generously with your readers. i think that faith sometimes shows itself to us when we're least expecting it and appears in some of the last places that we'd have ever thought to look.


You make me stronger


Karen, I read each of your words because everything you write is such a wonderful message. Please never stop witnessing - it is such a blessing to each who read. :) I have had countless experiences like yours with the CD and each time it is like a huge hug from God, reminding me so CLEARLY that He is there caring for me. Amazing.


Ditto on just about every comment above. I have read, still read and will continue to read. Thank you so much for sharing ALL of you with ALL of us. Your love for your family, God and us makes me even more excited to be with you in October next year. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to that adventure and seeing God's beautiful creation alongside you and the others joining us!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations

Amen! You won't lose me as a reader. In fact, I admire you all the more because of it! I wholeheartedly agree that God truly cares about the little things. He wants us to come to Him in the every day as well as the life-changing. I regularly pray for a parking spot {the girls' dance studio has street parking only, and it can be terrible to find parking within a mile}, as well as whether or not God would like me to go to a cookie exchange, or maybe He'd rather I stay home, lol! I think the more we talk to Him, the more we learn to listen to Him.


I just got more out of your blog post than I have the last month at my church. :) Thanks for sharing something I really needed to hear.

Tracy Dayett

Shout it from the roof tops is what I say!!!!!

darlene melvin

I will ALWAYS read your post from beginning to end for the very fact that you are REAL.. and God is Real.. and you acknowledge that. I am grateful for you and the sacrifice that you/Josh are making on behalf of our country. Thank you just never seems to be enough. but anyway..thank you. Just as HE is mighty .. so are you. thanks for sharing!


What a cool story (about the tree and cd!) thanks for sharing them...and writing them down to remember. He is faithful, and reminders like this are an encouragement to us all! And what you said about talking with God all day...was something I needed to hear today...!


Thank you! Like many others I am guilty of reading your blog and not taking the time to comment. Please continue blogging about your experiences with God. I haven't been in a great place with my relationship with our Father- haven't been talking to him like I should be. THANK YOU for sharing your life with us through your blog and for the reminder today that He is interested in the small things in our lives just as much as the big things. You and your family are constantly in my thoughts. This post was just what I needed. THANK YOU!


As usual . . . you Rock!


Thank you for sharing your gift of clarity...I'm eager to share this same line of thinking with my own two boys. My best to you and your sweet family, Elizabeth

tamara dunkin

THANK YOU, Karen, for being so open, honest and real. thank you for sharing your faith. thank you for talking about God. about your relationship with Him. thank you for being true and open. i appreciate it. it encourages me. it pushes me. it inspires me. and it preaches to me. thank you.


Just what I needed to hear today. I started reading your blog a couple years ago for the photography tips but have always kept reading because of your honesty. Please thank your husband for the selfless job he is doing every day for us.


I read it and totally believe God wants us to talk to Him all the time about everything. Thank you for reminding me.


Well said! And I always read to the end!

Kim Holmes

You are an inspiration and your journey with the Lord and everything he is teaching you is wonderful and inspirational! I will always read till the end...


I read all the way to the end too Karen. I definitely think this was a little message from God letting you know he is there for the little things too.

Kirsten J

Girl. You are magical. But I think Josh knows that :)

Allison Waken

You are so right and I love those out of the blue revelations. I had one this week as well while pondering how on earth God loves each and every one of us (especially the seemingly impossible to love) and then I remembered how there is nothing my own children cannot do that could keep me from loving them. He is amazing and I love when He answers my little prayers too :)

Julie Long

I've been a big fan of yours for a long time....even part of your workshop.....but I didn't always read every post because although you are one of my favorite blogs, I have so many I like to being a mom and wife, etc, etc. keep me from reading them. Anyhow, I may be mistaken, but I feel like somewhere recently you've made a change (become a beliver?) and I love reading your post and read them to the end....because most of the time it's something I need to hear myself or the reminders that I have needed too. I love this post and I appreciate you writing it! Thank you too for your husband serving our country! :)

Michelle T.

Awesome post Karen! He does care about every detail. 1Peter 5:7. I'm praying for you both.


We are called to share our faith, and you are doing so through your heartfelt blog posts. Some day you will hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant" from the only One whose opinion matters. May God continue to bless you and your family.


I read all the way to the end, too. Always do. Your blog is my favorite. I love how you explained talking to God to your kids. How true. Just because He knows it--does that mean we shouldn't say it? Wow. Simple, but true. Extra prayers for you and yours this Christmas season--blessings, joy, and hope.


That's exactly what I needed to hear, thank you.


that photo is amazing. God does work in mysterious ways :)


Thank you for sharing!


You know how the heart you found in your tree was unexpected but needed.....that's how this post
was for me.

Lisa V.

I read it all the way to the end, Karen. I always do - you're a very insightful woman. That was a message I needed to hear and said in such a way that it made complete sense. Please don't think you talk about God too much - ever. I think we all know your faith is what keeps you going, especially now. Thank YOU for sharing it with us!


I have to tell you I read through until the end even though I'm not believing in Him (like the church says)...I think it doesn't matter what your believe looks like as long as you feel save and loved for a reason! And it's just awesome that your believe helps you through this tough times and that it makes you see those little signs on the way! You know, I believe in a higher being and that everything happens for a reason, too. :) And I know, that when I stumbled upon your blog years ago, there was a meaning, too... Because you've been one of the reasons I started taking pictures back then.. And I'm really thankful for that! :)
Hope you're having a good day full of little signs of love today!


Thank you for a beautifully written post. At Mass last night, the priest reminded us to thank God for all the good AND the bad in our lives. So really, we should be talking to Him all the time. That heart? Beautiful symbol that God is ever present.

deAnne Wakefield

Karen -
Thank you for including our loving, ever faithful God in your posts.It is one reason I faithfully read and enjoy your blog. HE is a part of our every day lives and deserves to be in our blog posts. I completely and fully understand exactly what you just shared and it opened my eyes to a new perspective about having simple little conversations with HIM all day long. Thank you for sharing your life, even when its not perfect. There are many, many people who so very much enjoy reading what you write. And you and your family are included in our conversations with our awesome GOD every day.


Faith,Hope and Love and the greatest of these is love. You know the source of the quotation and it's how I try to live my life.Never apologise for your faith- it's what makes you the wonderful, strong woman you are. If you look on u- tube you can hear the British Army wives choir singing a special song written for them and using the words from the letters they send and receive. It's called "Wherever you are" and it makes the hairs on the back of my neck tingle ever time I listen. i have pre ordered it on Amazon to support all the troops in Afganistan. Loved your post.

diane herman

I read to the end...
But allow me to wonder if an insect ad a hand in the heart but God lead you to that particular tree xx

Cyndi Speelman

Karen -
Love your photos, but really love your honesty and your faith. Thanks for being real with us with sharing your perspective on God through the good times and bad. Your posts frequently make me tear up as I think about your brave man off in a faraway place fighting for our country. Praying he will be home safely as soon as possible....
Cyndi S


you are pretty awesome!


Awesome post!


Def. don't stop writing about God on your blog...what a privilage if YOU are the one to point someone to HIM!
Deut. 6:4-9


While I don't always comment, I always read to the end, and I'm so glad I do! That was a beautiful post!


Beautiful...thanks for the reminder Karen...

Theresa G.

I will always read every word to the end....and thank you for showing me that God wants us to communicate with him - big and small - and not just at meals and bedtime!


Don't ever stop sharing your thoughts about life. Or God. Which is the same, as you know.

Beth W

This was the most beatiful post I have ever read. Thank you for saying what we all need to know. And now are reminded. Peace.


I read all the way to the end.... and am truly thankful that you posted such a beautiful message, one that I really needed to hear today. Thank you.

Terry Oler

Karen....that's one of the reasons I read your's always uplifting and I always recognize a blessing....and my heart aches a little each time I think of you and Josh being apart. Thank you both for your sacrifice!


I'm loving the new God centered posts. I'm trying to find my way back to a God centered life but it's difficult without a good church nearby. Thank you for your posts as they encourage me to keep looking and hoping that I'll find one soon.


I see your talents as gifts He's given you, for Teaching. Bravo! Encore!


Beautiful, Karen. You just keep sharing your heart and let God decide who will read it and follow it. You have a successful business... God gave you amazing talents and you use them well. This blog may also act as a ministry as you are touching hearts with your words. Blessings on you.... from a long-time follower!


what a great t hing to get up and read on a Sunday Morning. You keep it up karen, and we will keep it up right with you and praying for your little family and o urselves as we try to teach our children right from wrong and try and make it through another day regardless of what we are all going through. You only want readers who want the real you anyway!!


It's your blog. Write whatever you want. Thanks for writing this. It's a good reminder and something I should make sure to teach my kids too. Thanks for being you.


I read it until the end and...I must say Amen! I have never really thought about it like that, you have changed my perspective. Love it. And I hope John Downs knows how much we appreciate his sacrifice and the sacrifice of your family.


Ummmm... I think that your post about your walk with God is real and encouraging. It's the small things like that, that makes people realize how important our Father in heaven is. Thanks for being honest and real with your daily walk! Keep posting... because I read to the end and so did these 149 other people and left comments!

Thanks for being an army wife too! God is Good! All the time! He will be with your fams and Josh Downs, even when you guys are far apart in distance. God drew your two hearts together!


Amen Karen. Read it all. Been following your blog and your crazy wonderful adventures. They often make me smile in a cruddy day and this post is no exception. Thank you for a wonderful reminder during a season where it's easy for that to get lost - and continued prayers for Josh and his group that they get home soon. xoxoxo


read all the way to the end...couldn't wait to hear what happened next...thank you for talking about God...because He is amazing and deserves our praise.


Great reminder to keep on praying. Tim Tebow said the same thing. I think I've just read both of these recently to remind me that I need to have a few more conversations with the Big Guy. Thank you!


Be true to who you are. I'm struggling with many things right now and this post was exactly what I needed. Thank you.


i appreciate this post so much, and appreciate your boldness in posting it. Sometimes i need a reminder that prayer IS important- even though God can hear your every thought. He needs us to show how much faith we have, how much we need him. And your "i love you" analogy is exactly what i needed to hear to put this together.
thank you.


I have read you blog for a couple of years now, have never commented, but this deserves one. Bless you Karen for your honesty, your love of family and your love of God. I hope your family has a wonderful tradition filled Christmas and that Josh Downs is home safe and sound very soon. God Bless you and yours.

ana roat

Would you stop taking about him if it meant that more people would read your blog? What if the one person that needed to hear HIS word missed it because public opinion said different? God is the giver of all good things and if the readers that don't have a relationship with him are willing to support you here then keep on posting. He is working with and thru you to reach someone who needs him more than you will ever know!

You are lovely and loved by many!

ana roat

This message is for Josh Downs...

Dear Brother in Christ-
Yesterday my husband and I spent the day at the mall with our daughter and new grandbaby. We shopped, laughed and marveled at the good will that was present in the day. Although we never mentioned your name, we knew in our hearts it was because you chose to leave your family behind this christmas season to serve that we could receive this gift of peace even if for something so simple as an afternoon with no worry. Thank you. Thank you for serving. Thank you for being a man of conviction. Thank you for being brave enough to call upon God when you need comfort and feel discouraged. Thank you for your sacrafice to God and country. Be encouraged. Be happy. Be full of hope and good faith. Know that we miss you, love you and look forward to the day you return home to Karen and the children. And in return we will continue to pray for each and everyone of our brothers and sisters in arms, and fellow vetrans this holiday season and beyond.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Josh Downs!
Pete and Ana Roat
Tracy California


Yesterday I had one of those moments too - as soon as I said Amen after I finally realized "you should pray about this" the problem resolved itself just like that.

God is Good! All the time.


Your message is very inspiring! Thank you Karen for a very insightful post!
Wishing you, Josh Downs, and your family all the best, always!


Wonderful post! Thanks for the great illustration of how we can have such a personal relationship with Christ. It was encouraging to me!


.. I BELIEVE that the "everyday miracles" are those which sustain us the most. Thank you for sharing yours.

Nicole Reid

I read every word and am inspired by how open you are about your relationship with God. I'm working on building my own with Him and love reading about your journey.


I'm still here! :)


Truer words were never spoken... we all, God too, love to hear, "I love you."

Nine years ago my husband was gone over Christmas and I kept trying to make sure all of the traditions were kept, that I did everything with our three boys. Then right before Christmas I realized it was different. Christmas was not going to be the same no matter what I did. So, I let up a little and we did some things differently. We all made it. But oh my, it's hard. I'll be praying for you and all the military families whose Christmas won't be the same this year. Take care, God loves you lots!


What a great post - I am so glad I read it to the end, along with the hundreds of others who did too ;-)


Karen, I have followed your blog for probably 3 years now & I am absolutely LOVING what you have been sharing lately...the world needs people like you to be so bold in their faith! What an encouragement you have been to my life :) Thank you! And Josh, if you're reading this...thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your service.

Jennifer C

I read it to the end :)

God Bless


Still reading. God speaks to me through you. Gotta keep listening.

Robyn :)

I read the whole thing. I like hearing your thoughts on God and faith. You are not preaching and saying others should believe what you believe, you are just sharing your faith and testimony and I think that is really sweet and effective :)

BTW, I love your tree. You always find the best ones!!


I read to the end.


Wow, Thank-you, very much, I needed this story. I loved it.


I was originally drawn to your blog because I love your photos. I'm not married and do not have children; but I love beautiful photos. I came seeking photo inspiration yet I found so much more. I rarely leave comments but I read each post to the end. I needed to hear these words today. This post reminded me that you are an authentic person. Thanks for sharing your life, as well as, your beautiful photos.


Thank you for sharing that special story!


I will read even MORE now that God is a bigger influence in your blogs! Keep praying!

Becca W.

I don't comment much, but I wanted you to know that I read your post all the way through and LOVED it. Thanks so much for the reminder.

young nanny

Hi Karen, I always read your posts to the end. I imagine that the way you write is exactly the way you talk. And I love how God is working in your life. His love for us never ceases to amaze me. I love to hear how God is working in anyone's life. Thank you so much for sharing. I thank God that He opens our eyes to Him in every. little. thing. every. single. day. Blessings


I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog before, even though I've read it for years. However, today I felt I had to comment and say thank you - your post was just what I needed, and I don't think that's a coincidence either.

tara pollard pakosta

I read it to the end too!
I love your blog and I think I love it even more so that you are even stronger in your faith.
it encourages me and inspires me. and this story is perfect and how you taught Annie to talk to God all day long, perfect analogy!
she should remember that forever!
Keep posting your heart and I can't imagine you will lose any readers! You probably only lost readers when you were rarely posting, people
like to read something every day or they think you aren't coming back!
but that's okay, you do what YOU WANT/CAN do! I will always come back!

Kimberly L.C.

I read every last word and now I'm sitting at work, on a Sunday afternoon, crying. See, I took a break to regroup my brain and try and not be angry for being at my office, in a silent building, on a Sunday during the Christmas season, and then I read this. So, I just thanked God for my job and asked him to help me be super productive so I can go home. I personally go through spurts where I'm thankful all day long to God and then spurts where I stop talking... and that's not good. You keep talking and writing and sharing. It's so good for so many of us reading every last word.

Cathy k.

Read all the way to the end, sometimes I talk to Him all day long, and feel so much better for having done so.

amy jupin

it must be so hard to be away from each other for so long.
you are both heros in my book.
but knowing that God is with you both, and continues to show up for you both, must mean something.
i personally love that you share your faith with us.
faith is something that is meant to be shared. :)


Lurker here! Just wanted to pop my head out and say thank you for the beautiful post, and a much needed reminder. This is a truth I want driven way down deep inside my heart so I live it every day. Our God deserves that! You are doing an amazing job, thank you for sharing it here for even us lurkers to read! =)

Gina f.

I read every paragraph and loved it and will read your blog for as long as you have one! Hope you and Josh and your family are having a good day!!


You'll not lose me. My mother said that she never said Amen because she never closed her talks with God. All day they talked about everything. I love the picture.


Please know that I seldom leave a post (because most of them do not go through). I believe you have far more readers than you realize, and they will be the exact ones who are here for a reason.

Thank you for sharing from the heart.


I love you and look for you every day. Write what you want to write about, this is your blog. Be true to yourself and forget about numbers of readers. Merry Christmas. gayle

Patricia Ellis

I can see by the number of comments left that MANY of us read all the way to the end. I guess sometimes we just don't take the extra few minutes to leave a comment. Sorry for that Karen. Thank you for the beautiful message in this post. I'm glad you post from your heart...always, because you make me look deeper into mine. Thank you for that gift.

Leigh Ann Brown

You are amazing! There is a Stephen Curtis Chapman song that is called "Let us Pray" that says, in part, "Let us pray, let us pray, every hour of every breathing out and breathing in, oh let us pray." Your post made me think of that. It's a relationship--He wants us to talk to Him--even if he already knows what we're going to say.
I am thinking about your family and praying for you. I was an Army wife(my husband is out of the military now), and I understand the frustration, worry, and loneliness of a deployment. God Bless you, Josh, and those amazing kids.
Thank you for sharing your faith and feelings.


I read it to the end....thank you for me a lot to think about! Love what you are teaching your kids!

LaVonne Bateman

Read it through to the end (But of course, you knew I would....). Don't stop writing things like this does serve as a lovely reminder for yourself on those days that you don't feel quite so "understood" and "cared for". AND: as far as losing readers, look at all the other readers that you will gain by sharing a glimpse of your faith, and the others who read and come back for more, because this touched them in a way that nothing else has ever before.
Keep the faith.


I loved this post! I had tears in my eyes and when I got to the end I realized you were right, I'm sure lots of people didn't read teh whole thing. But I did, and I Loved it.
Thank you for posting, and reminding me that I need to be having that daily dialogue that I haven't been doing much of lately.



I needed that. I'm sure God knew I needed that. I know that God just used you to give me something I needed because I'm not real good at listening to Him lately. Thanks.


Know what? I think you're right. I think God DID leave that little heart for you. Just this one tree, this one year when your hubby wasn't around. That's just what He would do. He created you and loves you so much. Just imagine Him waiting in anticipation for days and days for you to find that stinking heart! Thanks for sharing.

Cara Lieggi

I always read your posts to the end. If people stop reading, so be it. Please don't stop writing about your faith in God. So many people do, because it idn't supposed to be talked about. Please don't stop being your authentic self. Loved this post, so needed to read this today. God Bless you and your family!


My first response was to write, "Love you!!" That might sound a bit awkward, since you don't know me personally. Hee. But as an avid "fan" of yours, I am extra happy that you're writing about your faith. The topic of witnessing to others has come up several times this week, and I think God has been sending me a message! Please don't ever feel like you have to hold back what's in your heart! You're a beautiful, graceful soul!


I read to the end, every single time, because I love your blog and your notes to Josh Downs. And because I aspire to be in the kind of relationship you and Josh are in. And because even though I'm Jewish, I believe in G-d the same way you do and firmly believe he's holding on to someone amazing for me.


Well I'm still here and even if you're not reading all the way to my post, I have to tell you that I have always loved your blog and I love even more seeing you post about how God is working in your life. He needs people like you to testify to His greatness! I have been on my own journey with Him working in my life over the past several years and He has done some wonderful things in our lives in that time. It has been a rough road but He has also shown me that He has been there every step of the way. And I really like your analogy about saying "I love you." I need to be better about showing Him that all day every day.

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