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Thank you for starting my day off with a smile! Annie is too precious ...

Nancy Boothe

An imagination like that will take her far. Parenting is simply (simply- HA) pointing her in the right direction. What a delight to watch those imaginations.


ROFL! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. It's the simple things...LOL!


Hahahaha! You totally have to make sure this gets put in a photo album for her to remember when she's older! :-)


She is going to laugh when she reads this a few years from now. I'm glad you've blogged about it so that you can enjoy the memory with her later.


Maybe it's just resting ?????


Ha! Kids are a hoot.

I like the way the fly is sitting on Put Me in the Zoo.

Desiree Chandler

LOL I love it!!!


That's GREAT!!! Annie has a HUGE heart!!! I'm so glad you post these things, not just for us readers, but for your kiddos to be able to read later in life...


by-the-by...when we were litle, my step-dad would hold a fly with tweezers and "drown" it in water. I swear the fly was dead! But, then, he'd sprinkle salt on it and it would miraculously come back to life!!! I swear!! Weird, huh?

Before I hit "post" I Googled it just so I wouldn't sound like an idiot!!! It's TRUE!!!


here's the video I found!


Oh Annie!


Bahahahaha!! That is awesome!!!


Oh miss Annabanana...that is too cute!! Funny but cute ;)


That's so cute...glad you are documenting these stories because after a while you forget them...adorable.

LaVonne Bateman

When my little Kimmie did this a few too many times, we finally decided it was time to get a family pet. So, we found our dog Rocky....but, seeing as you already have a dog....not sure what to tell you! (And, given the fact that Kimmie still brings in Stink Bugs and LadyBugs and Worms...not so sure that the Dog idea helped that situation so mcuh after all!) Guess I am really no help at all. HMmmmmmmm....


that is both hilarious and also documented from a great momma..

Tammy Mellish

Ridiculously CUTE and and a memory so well preserved! It made me smile WIDE!!


I LOVE THIS STORY!!!! This is one to cherish forever :) Just the sweetest girl ever! Thinking of you and your family being apart this holiday!I miss you!!! NikkiM :):):)


Oh my that is so hilariously gorgeous!

Julie in Aust.

So cute...and do you believe you actually took a photo of a dead fly? What happens when it starts to ummm...decompose in its swimming pool? My boys had a collection of bugs glued into a shadow box once...imagine my horror when I discovered the bugs were still alive...I did not know what to do...

Corrine A.

That is so cute...and very very funny! What a cutie she is!


Hahahahaha!!! So hilarious! The story was precious and the great shot of "girl-lily" in it's dead pose made me spit my coffee out!! those precious little moments in our youngsters lives!


So cute..and I am giggling thinking about how Lily is placed in the "light" so its photo will be wonderful! Love her giving, thoughtful soul, making sure that Lily was taken care of in her absence. Tis the season!

Carrie P

Just getting caught up on your blog and your comment about blog guests dropping like flies came to mind after I read this post.
Isnt God so good to care about all the little details of our lives, and not worry about the ones that are offended because you have a relationship with God, they were offended with Christ also, and crucified Him because of it! Love how you're growing in the Lord!


That's so precious. Love Annie's antics.

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