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Gayle shrader

I love how you have them wearing Santa hats to decorate the tree! I make my kids do that too! Love it!
I also have them wear christmas shirts! I figure they're still young enough to do what I want right now! I know in a few years they won't!


I love these, and just so you know... Norman Rockwell is over-rated. The shots where Coley is pulling up Annie's hat made me laugh. I am continously blown away by how you capture such real moments so beautifully. Ho! Ho! Ho! :-)

Theresa S.

If I had only HALF of the talent you have I would be beyond giddy. Your photos are GORGEOUS. I must commit to putting some money aside so I can take your class and learn how to operate my camera properly. I had a totally frustrating photography experience today. I just love seeing pictures of your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.


Keeping it real...that's what I love about reading your blog. Mine tree decorating was the same...fights between James and Sienna (twice) before we started, then 10 mins they were done. My sister and I enjoyed the peace and quite of finishing off the tree when they went to play. Didn't get as many photos as I had hoped but you get what you get. Beautiful shots. xxxx Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Tree surgeons London

Your pictures are lovely, You can tell the is a real happy family and a proud mum behind the camera for sure. Ps love the tree aswell


And I am smiling, because as Josh Downs reads this...he will be content and happy that things are "well, on the home front". Yea for you Karen..I know that the twinkle of Christmas is a bit far off this year, but you are sustaining the magic and the love! Beautiful post.

I always love your Christmas trees. It’s my vision of THE perfect tree.

teresa b

You killed me with you last line!! Sniff sniff....I'd take your household over the Rockwell's any day girly!! I love that you share these moments! I wish my kids were little again.. I really miss these moments with them.. at 16 and 18 I still make them decorate the tree with's doesn't turn out the way I have it pictured in my head but I'm thankful they still entertain me and decorate the tree...

libbi m.

Oh Karen... How I love that you keep your posts real. This made me laugh. Thank you so much for sharing.

Kim P

LOVE it. Real life. I stress out about the ornaments and their boxes which was passed down to me from my dad. Maybe there should be a kid tree and a grown up tree. :-)


love the hats!!! love your blog!! smooch!! Merry Christmas to all of you!! and Josh Downs and all his commrades in arms!!

Rachel Z

Cole's expression in the last picture is hilarious (sorry, made me laugh because I totally understand how kids get like that!). Merry Christmas!

Sara Mangan

I LOVE that last picture. Love Cole's look. Love Annie's kisses to Josh and I love that you can see the tattoo on her leg.
If it makes you feel any better decorating the tree at our house never is as fun as I expect it to be. FIghting, tears and a little yelling by me is usually how it ends up. :)

Sarah K

You have such beautiful kids, and I think your blog is beautiful too because you just put yourself out there without pretense. I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas. I can only imagine how hard it is for you to have Josh away, especially this time of year, but I know you are strong. And when you aren't, God is. I'm lifting you up in prayer.

Rachelle S

Love the photos! : ) And Norman Rockwell is over-rated : ).
BTW~ just wanted to let you know. I read your post about the lady paying for the stuff to be shipped to Josh, and how you paid it forward by offering a class to somebody. Well, today is my 35th birthday, and I've decided to do 35 random acts of kindness to celebrate~ partially inspired by your post. So just think of all the goodness happening today~ from which you were partially responsible! : ) Have a great day!!!


Isn't that always how it goes?? We get this picture in our heads and it never turns out that way. Beautiful pics anyway! Again, remember Karen you are doing an awesome job and you are a great example to all. Hang in there, be strong...God is walking with you everyday!

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