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Nancy Wyatt

Holy Smokes these are AMAZING!! Thanks for taking us along and the entire time I was thinking but Josh isn't there :( Hugs to you all from Conroe, TX

Jona Panesa

awesome photos!!! your photos way back in 2007 are still great. Annie was such a baby then.


Karen your photos are wonderful....funny looking back on the old photos...your editing is so much nicer now and more natural too. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

diane herman now I am thinking I need the 85 mm f/1.4.
OMGosh...the list gets longer xx


I'm loving the pics!! PLEASE!!! In 2007 your photos were still AMAZING!!! (hey, notice I'm a big girl now and commenting directly on the blog!!!;) My friend's husband just got deployed to Korea for a year...he left yesterday so I am going out for the day with her to try and keep her mind busy....You ladies are amazing and so very strong!!!


Wonderful wonderful! Merry all the way. Snow picnics are such fun....and next year will be even more fun!

teresa b

Great pictures Karen.. and I love looking back and seeing how the kids have grown!! It all happens so fast!! Great share as always Karen!!


The vignetting in 2007 doesn't bug me, probably because I'm we bit of a vignette addict. But it does have a different feel. Your current post processing is light and bright with a lot of clarity, like a hi-def TV. It creates a super-happy mood when you look at them. I have poor vision, and vignetted images look closer to how I see the world, darker and somewhat obscured.

Jen Gallacher

Some days I just come here to get lost in your photos and leave feeling happy and at peace. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us, Karen!

Sarah Edelman

I think I would like to be a part of your family! You guys look like you have so much fun!

Kelley Wenzel

I'm freezing looking at your uncle (right?) in short sleeves out in the snow. Love Courtney Lee's marshmallow branch. And 2007? I think you should get bonus points for the consistency in your vignetting from one shot to the next.


We sure live and learn don't we Karen!!? LOL...2007! Love your pics from this year...and yes, I agree Josh does owe you a nice, long walk in the woods and won't that be the most awesome walk ever? :)

Sandra Lamb

Looooooooooooooooveeeee the pictures! Your photos are AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! Seriously, can I just Photoshop my families faces into your photos? HA! You’re such an inspiration to me personally. What wonderful family memories.:)

Nicole Ellison

wow your pictures are great as always....and about the vignetting....we all did it! LOL!! I can't beleive how grown up the kids look!!!!!

Kelly B.

The weather looked beautiful and I love how your whole family does this each year. Noticed Courtney Lee's personalized cookie box and wondered where you guys found them...Thanks again for your help this week!You are amazing!


Hahah about the vignetting...just remember it could have been could have used SELECTIVE COLOR!!!


Funny,about the vignetting, i was using it a lot 2 years ago and now i don't care for it much either;)

You all always look like you're having so much fun. I almost want to go out and get a real tree just to take the pictures-perhaps i will adopt a family that does and take pictures and pretend!

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