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Corrine A.

Amazing pics Karen!! Not only did they make me feel like I was there but I love how you caught great moments of personal connections! You are a fantastic photographer! Thanks for sharing!


Your Christmas tree hunting pics are always a favorite of mine. Looks like you do not have as much snow this year. I am sure it was bittersweet without Josh Downs, and I am sure that it is almost as hard for him to see the photos. Good for you carrying on the tradition and "keep on keeping on". You are a wonderful model for all the kids! Merry merry!


My heart aches for you Karen. Hang in there...Josh will be home before you know it!! But let me tell you, you are doing an awesome job and your kids will never forget the special times with you while their Dad was off serving our country! God Bless you both.


You have lots of snow! And it's so clean!


Awww, that always looks like can you aunts go without coats? brrrr.

Sorry Josh Downs was busy defending our country against foreign enemies. We don't like him being out of the pictures either. :(

Robyn :)

I was wondering when you were going -- you always get the best trees :)

we are not that adventurous but we did go to a Christmas tree farm (all the way across the interstate from where we live LOL) to get ours this year.


It looks like a lot of fun. I am sure you miss Josh. Hoping he will be home soon!! I love the photos! There is one of Courtney looking at someone (grey plaid jacket).. the expression on her face cracks me up.

diane herman

ARHHHHHH!!!!! 12 days till we land in Canada and my girls get to see and experience snow for the first time. Man I hope we get clear days like this to put my new found knowledge into practice :)


The photo of Courtney and Uncle Brad (I think that's his name)is the best of them all. Is she giving him her puppy dog pleading look and he is trying to be stern? Or is he giving her heck about something and she is giving him a "yeah, uh huh, sure" kind of look.


your children are going to have the BEST memories of tree hunting when they are adults. It looks like so much fun with extended family!

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