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She sure looks like an angel....Kisses from Greece!


Oh how I love looking at your pictures. :) Thanks for sharing. And yes, you are doing a fantastic job keeping the family going while Josh Downs is taking care of our country. Thank you to both of you because your role as his wife is just as important.


Karen - Can I scrapbook your photos for you?? Love your pictures.

Jessica W

Those pictures look straight out of a dream! Gorgeous!

Corrine A.

The most beautiful angel I have ever seen!

Heather Crawford

Love that angel daughter wants to be one next year and I haven't found any good ones..where did you get it?


I love all of them - especially the one of Annie looking over the fence with the lights. Gorgeous!


Please share where we can find an angel costume like that! Absolutely stunning photos, as always - LOVE THEM! I check your blog every day hoping you have posted - best blog around!

Mandy Smith

You're my photography hero. Just saying!


OHHHHH MY GOODNESS!!! these are breathtaking. YOU are amazing! still praying for you guys -- hang in there MOM>


These are beautiful! I always love your Halloween pictures.

Julie in Aust.

Oh Wow Karen...the colours, the light, the season...those gorgeous little faces! Those two together are magic together but my favourite, and the one that made me gasp has got to be the one with Annie by the fence.
Like SusanC I check your blog everyday...agree that its the best blog around...esp for the photography.
Sending another Hi! to Josh...


I love how Cole holds Annie's hand and the one with his arm over her should is so sweet!
Their costumes are great! Love the Cole stays in character for them!


Love all the pics! The kids had great costumes! Hope all is going well! Hugs!

Libbi M.

Karen... that's the neighborhood where i grew up. i absolutely love that road. did you know, at one point the city of medford almost cut down those trees to widen the road? so many people protested and the beautiful trees were saved. thank you so much for sharing.

teresa b

You did awesome Karen!! The kids were adorable!! Keep your head up!!


I just have to say, wow those costumes are AMAZING - WOW!

Hugs to you - I pray for you and your family often.


LOL My 5 yr old was looking over my shoulder and she said, "Ooooh, who's that creeepy looking guy? He looks creepy." She wasn't just happy with knowing that he was a vampire, though. She wanted to know his name. When I told her, she said, "Hi Coley!"

Then she saw Annie's picture and said, "Wow, she's so beautiful and glow-y. Who's she?"
"An angel"
"Yeah, but WHO is she?"
"Oh, Annie."
"Hi Angel Annie."

Gorgeous photos!


You really make these pics look magical...


I look forward to this post all year! beautiful pictures! Are there any other trcik-or-treaters around there - it always seems like you have the place to yourselves...


Best photos ever! Thanks for sharing Karen xx


Your Halloween shots always look beautiful and magical. Coley and Annie look awesome. Fun!

gina f.

great costumes and beautiful photos!!

Kim P

I wish we could trick or treat in that neighborhood too! There are so many gorgeous fall settings and you got some really amazing shots. Oh and is that the third time you've curled Annie's hair this year now? ;-)


Love their costumes! You never cease to amaze me with your awesome low-light shots.....I really need to take your most recent tutorial!!! :)


Karen, those shots are STUNNING..sure some of the low light ones there wasn't a lot of light but fantastic memories. I love the outfits and the character (Coley). You are very clever and I'm glad you made the effort for the kids sake including doing Annie's hair....which we all know is a special treat. Kathy A (Brisbane, Australia) student


Oh merciful me....these are the very BEST ever. MAGIC!!!

Kelly B.

I was thinking the same thing about Annie's hair! So, where did you find her costume? ..or did you make it? :)Keeping you all in our prayers!


you captured such fabulous pictures. my favorite is of annie by the fence w/ the bokeh lights. agree w/ everyone else - love the angel costume. adorable!

erin yamabe

hi karen, these are just amazing! i come by almost daily, but had to say what a beautiful costume your daughter has! if you should decide to sell, please email me, i would be so happy to purchase it!


Now and then I get a 'girl twinge' the mom of two boys, a moment when I just get a little ping of jealously that I won't get to do girl stuff! Don't get me wrong, I am so happy I have boys!! But this post gave me that 'twinge.' Annie's costume is lovely!


Absolutely adorable. You did very well, Mama!

Kim Hastie

Hi Karen!

Your Halloween photos are always just gorgeous...sigh...I could look at them all day long. So crisp and clear and glowy. I just adore them!!

Tell your Josh that my daughter's girl scout troop is collecting Halloween candy to send to our troops...hopefully some of it is coming his way to remind him that everyone is thinking of him and his fellow soldiers and hoping they are home soon.

BTW,, where did you get annie's costume? You always pick the greatest costumes for your kids.



Your children are so blessed that your are documenting their lives! If they are anything like my daughter, you hear complaining now and again for always having that camera documenting their every move. . .BUT, they will be thankful someday. (: I am in AWE of the evening photo of your daughter along the lit picket fence! Absolutely stunning and amazing.


your pictures are amazing! i LOVE annie's gorgeous!

Cindy Welch



Oh! those pictures are adorable :-) I love Annie's costume. Where can I get angel wings like her?
Thanks for the halloween picture tips email, it came in handy. I am waiting for a few things in life to settle down so I can dig into your low-light tutorial.

Thanks for sharing so generously :-)

Barbara Frake

These are gorgeous Karen, inspiring really in so many ways...not just the photography which is beyond my imagination but the emotion and feeling in every shot.


Cole was really getting into character by doing his "blending in with the darkness" thing that vampires do. LOL Our prayers are with y'all.


OMGosh that is the most adorable angel I've ever seen! Coley is the coolest Vampire too! And your photos just make me drool! We have snow on the ground here and no foliage and our trick or treat has been delayed over a week due to the storm so it doesn't even feel right anymore!

Anita G.

Love those pics! They look like they had a really great time trick or treating...I just love how Cole looks out for Annie....soo sweet! :)


Your photography is amazing. I love seeing your pictures and being inspired.


You are so awesome as usual! Love the way you framed the photo of Annie in the right hand corner with the glowing pumpkins and twinkle lights! And the one of Annie with the skittles looks like an Ad!


When I read the last of this post it struck me that is EXACTLY how I feel about my hubby. Yes, I could do it all on my own if I had to, but nothing would be the same. I think that is how soul mates are supposed to feel:) Praying for you while yours is far away.

Cv LOve

So cute!


no - really - PLEASE share where you got or how you made that angel costume!! {{love!}} - and, as always - your shots are beyond wonderful, and I love how you share your life with us - thank you!!

ghd flat irons

summertime means it's pouring with rain.That's the UK for you!My new camera and lens were stolen from a burglary at my house this week.It took lots of camera envy during your workshop to buy it,and now I'm back to a point and shoot,again.Just as I'm off to Paris and a holiday with fab light in Spain.

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