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So cute and those paper scarfs (I think) look adorable!! Kathy A, Brisbane


Just Adorable. Love Annie's little hands cupped in that photo...looks like she is holding blessings in her hand...So Sweet! I am not able to get your exif info any it my computer? Happy Thanksgiving to you...and yes, it will be extra hard to not have the chief "turkey" in your home this Thanksgiving. Thinking of you!


Cutest pilgrim ever. :)


oh, my, stinking adorable!! I also do not know how the holidays are upon us--does not seem possible.


Next week will be dental week from you know where...ha. Love Annie's pink Pilgrim boots!

Sorry Josh Downs will not be home for Thanksgiving....I hope they are fed well over there. :(


Hi Karen,
My students put together the cards for Josh Downs and the troops and I am mailing this weekend. We made over 100 cards for everyone so I hope this works out. I also had my 5th graders do a special set just for Josh Downs. They had to incorporate an Oregon Beaver head into his Christmas cards. I have a blog that you can see a few pics if you would like. I have taken your photography classes but please excuse the pics on the blog...I HAVE to use a school camera and it is very old. ;0)
There are pics from a couple of classes. If you scroll down the 1st/2nd graders made festive red, white, and blue ones! Thanks for helping us send some cheer with a special service project!

Cindy Welch

Love it, heard from your josh downs today, he received the packages and made me smile. My mother in law passed away and today is the funeral. Makes you realize how short life is and all the memories you post and photograph will mean that much more to your family. I try to do the same.


Those are some great shots! Blessings to you and your family during this time!

Heidi Bork

Oh, she is SO adorable!!! Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks to you and all military families!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

so cute! adorable!!

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No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.

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