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Mary Ann Jenkins

Oh Karen I LOVE the photo of everyone at the table looking at Josh on the computer. Now that is an amazing family photo. Totally took my breath away..felt like I was watching a Hallmark commercial.
Again I am reminded how grateful we all are to Josh Downs and his service to our country.

libbi m.

I couldn't agree more with Mary Ann's comment. Thank you so much for sharing these photos.


Thanks for sharing your family with the world. Love that Josh was able to 'join you'. May God continue to bless your family. Thanks Karen!

Amy B

Beautiful documentation of a special occasion for your family. What is the print on top of the piano?

Robin healy

Ahh Karen, Thanks for the peek into your amazing family. Your family and your husband were specifically mentioned at our thanksgiving table. Your photos as always are breath taking.


Love...especially the place card for Josh! SO glad he could join you for part of your day!


Hi Karen!
Teacher Kelly in Missouri here. Apples to Apples is a classroom staple for way to teach those analogies!
Love your pics!


So grateful for you...and your timeless posts. We are blessed by you.

Nicole Ellisn

oh was wonderful seeing Josh's face at the table even if it was on a moniter!! What great timing that was!!!!!! I am so happy that you have such a great family to be there for you when you need them most! My Thanksgiving's are not as full as yours!!!! I would love to have such a close family like that!!!!! Annie's hair looks so cute!!!! as always!!!! Hugs to you!!!!

teresa b

Such a great share Karen!! Loved all the photos esp the ones around the table with Josh on the computer..!!

Nina Delaney

beautiful pictures ... but no dancing?


Karen, I always look forward to pictures from your Thanksgiving celebration. Sorry there wasn't a football game this year but great pictures none the less. Thank you so much for sharing.

mandy friend

karen, i swear by all that's holy that i NEVER cry, EXCEPT when i read your posts! that was such a beautiful shot of your moms together, amazing! and we played apples to apples too @ robyn's. i brought it. i won;). and, this morning, before this post even, i got weepy as i heard this song because i thought of you and josh ( and yes, i know it talks about adoption/orphans, but still ) p.s. i made too many mashed potatoes too;)


Looks like a beautiful day and I loved Josh's place card in front of the cute. I know it would have been nice having him there but it looks like a wonderful family event and as usual your photos are wonderful. Love Annie's hair done as look great and I'm glad you are in some pic's as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I love the photo of Josh at the table with everyone. Made me cry! Beautiful photos as always!

Aw...what a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and family. Looked like alot of people to me! It's wonderful that Josh could join you all! Ah the wonders of the internet.

Now, How do you have so much light in your pictures? Did you have dinner @ noon? Our pictures are grainy and have the inside orange tint....ugly...but we eat @ 430 and the sun is down.

I hope everyone got to take your mashed taters home!


Awww, Nellie. The skype with Josh Downs is priceless. I hope they fed them well over there....
Funny how we didn't have our annual "Big Game" either on Thanksgiving. I guess as we were short key family members too, it wasn't the same. But a great time spent together none the less! :)


That was so special...thank you for sharing! How awesome to see Josh "at" the table and the looks on everyone's faces. Very cool! Again, I forgot to take any pictures...I don't know what it is about Thanksgiving but I forget every year. I have a pic of my turkey on my phone :S !! I think it's because I'm so busy getting everything ready I just forget to grab my camera! Oh well....after everyone left and I realized once again that I didn't take any pics...Karen Russell's words came to mind...sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment & I did :)


Total side note for your post - have you tried the new Oceanspray Cranberry Lime juice combo? Perfect with the addition of a little vodka. Happy holidays to you and your family both near and far. ps - annie's hair looks cute.


Love this Thanksgiving replay. I was going to comment (before I read yours) on the fact that mom and step-mom were in the same house. Our version of blendedness doesn't work this way. And how much easier it COULD be it they get along better. What a lovely gathering.

Jona Panesa

happy thanksgiving!!! awesome photos as always!


So, so many thanks to you and all miliary families. Your sacrifice and dedication to the USA is something we should all stive for. Thank you, thank you and most importantly, may God bless and watch over you all!!!!


PS My Dad was a vet in WWII and I am only beginning to understand the dedication.

Lisa G

Karen, I wish your Josh Downs was sitting at your Thanksgiving table, but I'm happy to see that he was able to be a part of your day. I loved the photo of you with the kiddos...just beautiful! It's nice to see you on the other side of the camera for a change.


Oh, I have tears in my eyes. What a beautiful Thanksgiving! To have Josh Downs 'at' your table...the next best thing to having him there, don't you think.

Can I just say I think I'm in love with Uncle Brad - is he available? ;)



I'm always blown away by photos of your family events. Everyone's having such an AWESOME time! You have a beautiful family.


I love your blog and I don't comment as often as I probably should. But this one seemed to require a comment. :) I have been a single mom, so I feel you. I have had a new, real, love of my life plopped down beside me by the hand of God when I least expected it (and probably didn't really want it). He was in the Navy then so I understand. But the best part about this post is that my ex-husband's family and my own blend pretty wonderfully most of the time. We all get together for Halloween and share the holidays and weekends quite nicely. Everyone thinks divorce is awful and evil, but sometimes it's what you need to make things be good. I'm glad to see your Mom, Dad, and Stepmom navigating it so beautifully. Not every relationship is like that but it's nice when some are. Hang in there. I'm cheering for you all.

Jacque Green

I love reading your's been a l-o-n-g time since I've had time to read and catch up! I love this Thanksgiving post...all of it! The shot with your step-mom and mom grasping hands across the table got me all choked up! And I haven't even had any fru-fru Vodka drinks! :) I love your family! And feel like I'm a little part of it....even thousands of miles away! You inspire me! To be lots of things....but, to be a mom and a wife....and everything else....while your Josh Downs is away is amazing to me! Keep it up, Karen! You ROCK! (I've known that for a long time! But evenmore so now!) <3
PS.....a triatholon?! WOW!


Been looking for thanksgiving photos and fate just brought me here. I am always blown to to see how kids get to enjoy events like these. Great shots you have here.


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