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I'm so glad you got some rest, Karen. And what a delightful sight to wake up to!

Cindy Welch


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Sometimes you need to listen to your body and just slow down. And what a sweet little face to wake up to. Not much better than snuggles with the kiddos!


What a lovely post. Love Annie's little creation on the floor. I always take photos of my child's play creations and drawings. I think it is a wonderful record of their development at that time. Hope your rest has been restorative:)


Such precious moments...holding a child.


The light on Annie's face is just beautiful! Hope it's not too long until Josh gets back home.


Loving this post and the jenga/domino creation is priceless. Can I ask......where did you get your couch? I am in love with the pattern on the fabric!


I LOVE THE HALLOWEEN PHOTOS THEY ARE SIMPLY DIVINE :) Annie and Cole they had lovley costumes.

I LOVE ANNIE'S Patchwork quilT... SO SO SO beautiful, I decided to do similar to my daughter- I LOVE THESE THINGS I really do :)

and Annie is designed to pictures, is charming and delightful and looks like a sleeping beauty on these photos...


I can totally relate to that... monday morning and I am already ready for friday :-)
I love the colors on your quilt and cushion. What is the cushion pattern called, if I were to look for it? Thanks for inspiring with your pictures


Glad to hear you got some much needed rest and was able to wake up with a smile! : ) That second shot is just a beautiful shot of you two!


I had stopped reading your blog for a I realize how stupid that was of me. ;)


Oh Karen..that photo is just precious! I even said "awwwwww" out loud. Isnt it amazing when you find beauty in even the most quite, uneventful moments? Maybe you need to slow down and take it easy. Make some more time for you! Im praying that your husband will be back soon, safe and sound.

teresa b

Sweet moments!! Tears!!


Ahhh, the good life!


What a lovely photo!

Julie in Aust.

Sounds like a pretty much perfect day to me...glad you had the beautiful 'quiet' time. That child is just so must spend a lot of time just watching her sleep. My baby is 30 now but I do still vividly remember sitting beside his bed in the quiet just watching him sleep and listening to him breathe...unforgettable.
And Yeah.....made me realise how much I miss quilting....and how the heck did life get so beepin' busy that I havent quilted for so long...what a waste!
Hugs from Oz Karen...

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