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"and I thought it was a brilliant plan until I saw Annie placing the peanuts on the ground and smashing the shells open with her shoe before handing them to me."

I'm crying, that's hysterical. As is the close-up. Our Roadhouse stopped letting us throw the peanut shells on the floor - something about peanut allergies? Although I can't imagine anyone with peanut allergies stepping foot in that place!


That last shot just cracked me up!! So funny!


What lovely color and having leaves on the trees..lucky you. Thinking of you at Thanksgiving, and know that your heart will be with his will be with you. are both under the same sky and looking up at the same moon. Happy Thanksgiving.


Wonderful shots Karen! I LOVE the one with Courtney & Annie on their scooters, beautiful yellow leaves on the road, with the golden tree on the right side of the frame. Of course the last one had me laughing hubby is sitting next to me laughing too!

Josh if you're reading this...thank you for your service to our great country! Happy Thanksgiving!

Julie in Aust.

Love the Fall photos over there Karen...we dont get the fabulous colours everywhere here in Oz...we have to go to a Open Garden to see a good display...rather envious of your Fall.

Could we have some more leafy photos please? And I wonder what the Aussie version of Coastal Strawberries is, I like the idea of using them as ground cover.

Giggling a bit at Annie cracking open peanuts for you....

teresa b

your line about Annie smashing them on the ground made me laugh out loud!!! hahahaha Great pictures Karen!!

Diane Herman

love the photos BUT love the girls smiles more :)

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