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Awwww. That is love.

Robin healy

This just makes my heart glow like ET!!! :)
Karen, you are so creative in expressing love and home. No wonder why Josh Downs loves you so!

Nicky from Canada

So perfect. Karen make some fabric ones for you home they will last forever. I have the ones my girls made with me 20 years back and it still excites me everytime I bring it out!! If you want instructions let me know.


Delightful. Josh Downs will LOVE it, and I have a feeling that the chains will be the hit of his battalion. Love Nicky's idea of making fabric ones...The smiles on the kids' faces says so much...what a great post.

Nicole Ellison

Cute!!!! I love paper chains! and note to your blog BEFORE i apply mascara!!!! Your note to Josh at the end always brings tears to my eyes, and usually your whole post does too!

tara pollard pakosta

so pretty!
what a great wife/mommy you are!
and coley, he just kills me!

teresa b

Awh how sweet!!


I want paper chains too!
What a great idea to write notes on them for Josh.


gosh, i just love your little family!! sending you more friendly love from California Josh Downs!!

Sabine from Germany

Annie is so cute while she is "sleeping" :-)
Many greetings from Germany to you, your family and Josh Downs!


Your daily posts and pictures make me smile. Thank you!


What a great idea!! I'm sure Josh will love them! Paper chains are the coolest :)


Brilliant!! I love that you added little notes on the chain.. HOW do you come up with this stuff?!! The pictures are gorgeous. Love, love love the light in that room! My daughter made herself a paper chain and has it hanging all over her room. They are so sweet and magical. And Cole is just adorable, he reminds me of my 10yr old son (they should totally be pen pals).


Beautiful shots of beautiful children - I lOVE this post. It inspired me to make paper chains with my son this afternoon - so much fun just being together & crafting.

Josh Downs if you're reading this...thanks so much for serving our great country!

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