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Nancy Wyatt

What a nice surprise! And a fun time! I have a few forgotten GC's too, thanks for the reminder! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Julie Pilch

What a lovely afternoon to have with your kiddies. I love hearing about your days and think you are doing an AMAZING job coping without Josh Downs. Big hugs from the UK xxx

;) Leigh

Love the pictures, but if possible include a picture of the cute boots. A big tease for a shoe enthusiast!


What fun...and to know that you have more fun in your pocket, just waiting to be captured...all the better! Love those smiles especially you three girls in the bathroom. Enjoy your day!


where's the pic of the new cute boots? ;)
(and I thought I was the only one w/ bathroom pics lol)

Tina Schiefer

I'm not a shoe enthusiast, but I was hoping for a boot photo too!

I noticed yesterday we're getting a boot barn... Over on Biddle...and a Trader Joes ... Finally!!! Yay!!!

libbi m.

I hope that one day, your kids know and appreciate just how lucky they are to have such a fabulous mom like you.


Sounds fun. I do love gift cards, but I have trouble remembering them too. My wonderful hubby got me a $100 spa gift certificate for Mother's Day that still sits in my wallet. What is wrong with me???


Looks like a fun day! Isn't it fun to find gift cards??? Let's see those cute boots :)


It is a crime against fashion AND photography to mention new boots and not show a photo of them!! ;)

tara pollard pakosta

I am a terrible one at forgetting to use gift cards!
I esp. hate when I use almost the whole thing and it has like 3.00 on it!
cute cute pix!

Debbie Helton

Hey Karen, When you are through with all of your gift cards I can take them off your hands!! I own a Recycled Arts and Crafts Studio (in Florida) and I use used/expired gift cards for arts and crafts!!! LOL


What a great day!

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