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Elizabeth C,

Aren't the recordable storybooks the best? My husband made three, so we rotated through them and listened to one every night.


"An abundance of high-drama" from 4 girls, really?! LOL! I have 2 daughters and 2 nieces and there is never any drama at all - sigh, I wish.

mandy friend

love the quilts. and aqua pillow. and tate's dress. :) if i had known robyn was going to be there yesterday i would have sent down my care package! blessings to you, praying for josh's safe return (and your sanity meanwhile).

Terry Oler

I'm a blog stalker:)...Did you make the hanging hearts? If so, did you already do a tutorial and I missed it? If not, where did you get them? I feel like I know your whole family...and appreciate Josh's service and your sacrifice to have him gone so that we can live in the good ole'USA! Thanks! Terry in Idaho:)


Funny,(especially since I wasn't there.) It's interesting how brave one single little girl can be, but you put them in a flock, and the chicken littles come out.

(I started following your blog right when my nephew was born. I think he and your niece, "Tater" have a couple of things in common. It was certainly God's timing for me. It warms my heart to see her grow and thrive and be such a cutie. )


love the shot of Annie kissing her cousin...soooo cute!!! And all the yawns :)

Kelly C

Soo cute.. always.

Karen..where did you have your mounted 12x12 pictures (i'm guessing that is the size) printed? I'm looking to hang unframed pictures up on the wall. thanks in advance!


annie's room is so cute! where did you find the heart mobile? please share!


Love Annie's room! It's so great the girls have cousins to hang with.
I don't know how you can listen to Josh's voice without having a melt down. My cousin recorded my Grandpa talking about his garden and about growing up Japanese in this area, he made a movie "One Big Hapa Family" and it's been traveling around the world, anyways, just hearing Grandpa talk causes major sobbing here.
Thanks for putting out your Making the Shot when you did. Later, I fell down the stairs and it's been nice to have something to listen to and look at while in my drug induced stupor.


I love Annie's room. Did you know if you stare at the hearts above her bed, they become an optical illustion? After staring at them for less than a minute, they began to move! So fun!


I love Annie's room. Did you know if you stare at the hearts above her bed, they become an optical illusion? After staring at them for less than a minute, they began to move! So fun!


Funny! we just got home and my kids asked to watch "Frosty the Snowman" and so on a beautiful fall afternoon, we're watching that and Rudolph....
Now, let's talk Annie's bed, did you follow a pattern to build that out of old doors? or what? I love it! and have a few old doors in my garage that need a purpose, that is an excellent idea! would love to know how you did it.


look at that wish I could do something that clever for my photo...

ellen patton

I love all those hearts!


Four little girls, what could be cuter?! You are so very blessed!

 ♥ Debbie

Such fun times and great memories for these girls to share!! I love the hanging hearts in Annie's room! Is her bed made from an old door?


Please post details about the hearts! I love them!


yes, would love to hear about the heart mobile too!

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That's a milestone worth keeping, Karen, although $1000 might bankrupt the Tooth Fairy, LOL. The first lost tooth should always be at the bottom-middle part, which is called as mandibular central incisor. It should be followed by the top two middle teeth, then canines, first molars, and second molars. By the time she reaches 11 to 13, all baby teeth should be gone.

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